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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Steffy that things are not over as long as Bill still does not think he did anything wrong. And if Liam overlooks this then he is no better than Bill. Steffy says he does not have to do this as that is his father. He says his father thinks his conscious is weak but he is about to find that it is the strongest thing about him. And he is not afraid to use it now. CJ drops in on Bill and admits it was a sentimental but monumental mistake that did not work out and now he is here to sell Spectra. But he does not agree when he looks over the new contract that Bill drew up. Of course it does not include the extra $5 Million but it also does not include the original selling price. Bill says surely he did not expect that for a pile of rubble, so take it or leave it. He says CJ made a mistake with no insurance so now he will have to take what he gets. Spencer Publications is a business, not a charity. Liam starts to go in when he hears this. Bill tells CJ to take the offer and that this is none of Liam's concern. Liam says no, CJ needs to hear this before he accepts Bill's bargain basement offer. Bill says he deals with his personal problems privately so he excuses Justin and CJ so he can talk to Liam.

Bill tells him he is sticking his nose into something where it does not belong. Liam laments that he is tired of all the lies. He will stop him no matter how he has to but he will stop him from getting the land for that tower to lord over Los Angeles. Maya tells Rick that it happened again – Lizzy called Nicole mama. She knows the adoption papers have been signed and all is well but she cannot help feeling concerned. Zende tells Rick and Ridge that he appreciates this great promise they have made and he is excited about this great future they have given him. He relays this to Nicole who is happy of course for his opportunity. Maya says she is not worried that Nicole would take Lizzy away from them but she is afraid of the attachment and they need to do something now. Her instinct is to protect Lizzy. Maybe it would be a good idea for Zende and Nicole to work in the Paris office. They need a replacement there anyway. Steffy tells Ridge that she is worried about Liam. He has always been on his dad’s side but now he is wanting to buck him. Ridge says good, it is about time someone stood up to the great Bill Spencer. Bill tells Liam that he will not say anything or save anyone. Liam says maybe Bill did not hear him. He will do anything he can to keep Bill from getting Spectra. CJ does not have to sell to him. And he is not going to shut up or keep his secret any longer. He suggests Bill take a leave of absence. Bill laughs in disbelief. Bill says he is going nowhere. Liam says then he will call the police and tell them Bill crossed the line and had Spectra torched….and he will have to step down. Bill keeps saying this is all his. Liam says no more, now they are in a new era and he will be at the helm.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe, Hope, and Eli found out where Raines could have taken Gabi.  Gabi begged Raines not to kill her.  He put the gun on her and she tried to fight him off.  Brady was about to tell Nicole about what happened with Judge Thorpe when he saw Hattie.  He wanted to talk to her about John.  John wanted to prepare Marlena for their escape.  An orderly went into Johnís room so he put the guy in a sleeper hold.  Raines was able to shove Gabi on the couch.  He was about to shoot her when Rafe, Hope, and Eli showed up.  They put their guns on him, but he kept hid gun on Gabi.  Rafe and Eli demanded that Raines put down the gun.  Raines refused to do it.  He reminded them that he had a gun on Gabi.  John took the keys sand went to Marlenaís room.  They were about to leave when another orderly showed up.  Hattie didnít want to talk to Brady at the time, but he insisted that they talk.  The orderly demanded that John get back in his room.  John tried to fight the orderly, but the orderly tazed him.  Brady wanted to talk about John, but Hattie told him about wanting to be with your first love.  Raines demanded that Rafe, Hope, and Eli put down their guns.  Rafe put his gun down, but Eli shot at Raines. 

Eli shot Raines in the shoulder so Rafe grabbed Gabi.  Hope placed Raines under arrest.  The orderly left John in the room with Marlena.  John wanted to know why she didnít leave.  Brady wanted to know why Hattie hurt John.  She realized that Brady was concerned with his relationship with Nicole.  He got offended so he left.  Brady saw Nicole with Eric and got a little concerned.  Eric left the room.  Brady told Nicole that Eric wasnít the reason why she had Holly.  John and Marlena were strapped so they had to come up with a new plan.  Brady told Nicole how he threatened to expose Judge Thorpe if he didnít give Holly back to her.  She was happy that he helped her.  Hope wanted to know why Raines did it.  He reminded her how she shot Stefano and covered it up.  She told him that he wasnít getting away with what he did.  Eli checked on Gabi, but Rafe snapped at him for taking the shot.  Eli explained why he shot at Raines, but Rafe didnít like it.  Gabi stopped Rafe from arguing with Eli.  She thanked Eli.  The orderly told Marlena that she and John had to get electric shock therapy.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu orders a dozen brownies for Friday. Valerie runs into her and assumes she is throwing a party. Lulu explains it is for Rocco’s birthday. It is just family. The two have a heart to heart about their past. Lulu suggests that they start over completely and she invites Valerie to the party. Meanwhile, Sonny is praying that Jason wake up and Dante walks in. Dante explains to him that he got off and the police are not going to arrest him for murder. Sonny is glad. Dante wonders if he is going to retaliate. Sonny doesn’t know what he is going to do next. Later, Lulu finds Dante. Dante wonders what it would have been like to grow up with Sonny. Lulu thinks that his relationship with Sonny will be fine. Sonny goes to speak with Jason. He thinks he knows what he has to do. Kristina has Scout for the day and runs into Parker outside of Kelly’s. Valerie walks out and pretends to be Kristina’s girlfriend. Valerie thinks this made Parker jealous.

Sam talks with Kristina and Molly who each agree to take one of her children. Kristina goes with Scout and Molly goes with Danny to a water park. Sam claims she is fine. Molly isn’t so sure she is. Sam promises that things will get better. Today is her anniversary. Sam goes into Jason’s room where she tries to get him to squeeze her hand. She talks with him and needs him to promise that they will grow old together. She just wants him to wake up. She begs him to wake up. Michael finds Carly at her house. He offers to stay with Joss until Bobbie gets home. Carly thinks he should be with Jason. Michael doesn’t think that this is Carly’s fault. Carly thinks it is. She feels that Michael reminds her so much of Jason before he changed. They go to the hospital where Molly is talking with Sam. Molly explains that Danny wants to see his parents. Michael offers to take Danny to the water park with Molly. They leave. Ava confronts Griffin who is grieving. Griffin doesn’t think it is fair. Ava informs him that the world isn’t that nice a place and he is a good person doing good things. They end up kissing but Griffin stops her. Ava thinks he is a hypocrite.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy and Victoria talk about the kiss and assure each other that it will never happen again and they agree to continue to be coworkers and friends. Victoria doesn't want Billy to keep looking for information about Jabot on Phyllis's computer but he says he will only do it if Phyllis leaves her computer open because he thinks its for a good cause. Billy and Victoria agree to go shopping for Kindergarten clothes and school supplies for Johnny since he is starting kindergarten tomorrow. Phyllis sees Billy and Victoria having lunch and Victoria apologizes to Phyllis for their argument in the elevator ad Phyllis feels like the odd woman out when Billy and Victoria talk about Johnny and how big he is getting and how much they will miss him when he goes to school tomorrow. Reed and Mattie continue to be upset with their parents for not letting them see each other anymore. Cane and Juliet find out that Cane doesn't have the genetic marker for Cystic Fibrosis that means the baby probably will not have the condition. The doctor also tells then the tests revealed the sex of the baby and since Cane wants to find out the doctor tells them the baby is a boy. Hilary warns Lily that she could lose Cane if she keeps stringing him along because he could get tired of waiting on her decision about their relationship. Hilary tells Lily that Juliet is just waiting for her chance to be with Cane so that she and their baby can be a family. Nick agrees with Scott that because of her past history with Alice, she is seeing trouble where there isn't any, but Sharon's hunch about Alice is strong and she won't stop until she finds out the truth. Sharon tries to find out more about Alice's job but Alice only tells her she is in medical sales and reacts strangely when she sees Zack talking to Noah and Tessa. Alice gets her credit card and leaves but Sharon tells Nick she will be back soon and shows him the spark plugs she took out of Alice's car.

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