The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 9/5/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill says enough apologies. He’d do it again with no regrets to get his niece and Thomas back together. He warns Liam to tell the truth and tell all of them this is not true. Quinn tells Ridge that if she has to be stuck with anyone in the elevator it might as well be with her best friend. Sheila continues to stand over Charlie’s shoulder looking at footage and he tells her it is time to let them out of the elevator. She says no it is her that gets to decide that. She urges Ridge to go ahead and kiss Quinn; she knows he wants to. Justin comes into Bill’s office but instead of being in Bill’s corner he says according to bylaws if Bill cannot run the country then it falls to Liam. Bill puts his hands out and tells them to take him away as quickly as possible and get this over with. Liam says he is calling the shots now and he will not let this company be run by a criminal which is what Bill is. Ridge tells Quinn that it feels nice for her to say she missed him. He hopes they can remain friends now that she is back with his dad. She puts her hands on his shoulder and says she too does not want to lose that bond. And she is going to make it her life mission to help him with his quest with Eric and Brooke. Bill tells Lt. Baker he will have to question him right now. He is not leaving this Bozo in charge for one more second. Then he starts in on Sally, the character witness. Lt. Baker reads Bill his rights to remain silent. He shouts he will not remain silent. He turns to Liam and says he was the son who came out of nowhere and he gave him the keys to the kingdom and he will be sorry for this.

Steffy calls out Liam’s name and he comes out of his foggy fantasy as she asks if he really wants to put his father through this by turning him in. Sheila is disappointed that neither Quinn nor Ridge are making a move toward each other. Charlie says she has photos and that is as far as it goes. Suddenly the elevator is open; Quinn and Ridge are free. Quinn says she will go find Ivy to say she is still alive. Ridge goes to find Charlie and he says it was just unfortunate timing. It won’t happen again. Liam says he is not doing this just for Sally but for himself as well. Thomas comes in and says he is heading back to New York. He wanted to give Caroline a little more time to say goodbye to Bill. He does not know when he will be back. Steffy says it sounds like he is leaving permanently. Thomas laments it feels right. Liam asks about Sally. Thomas says he is doing what he has to do and Sally knows that. He has to be with his son; that is the most important thing. Steffy hugs him but Liam tells him to wait. When Ridge leaves, Sheila comes out of hiding and tells Charlie they have the pictures that will come in handy but get ready for his next assignment. He retorts that he is not working for her. She says now he is. CJ calls Bill and says something unfortunate has happened. There was a fire at Spectra. He has been talking to his mom a lot and they have come up with a plan. He’d like to meet if Bill still wants the Spectra property. Bill plays coy and says okay, just set up an appointment with his secretary and they can discuss it. Thomas says goodbye and Liam asks Steffy why did she stop him from telling Thomas. Liam says no he doesn’t want his father in jail but he did wrong and needs to be held responsible. He holds onto his sword necklace and says that once meant something to him but not anymore. He is not his father and never will be. She says she knows he wants to do the right thing but she does not believe that means Bill going to prison. Liam says he does not know. He knows he has power now for the first time in his life….power over his father.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla wasnít thrilled when Tripp offered to donate his inheritance to the hospital.  Steve asked her what happened.  Kayla let him know that she saw him celebrating with Tripp at the pub.  She wasnít happy that Joey was in prison while they were drinking.  She didnít want blood money. She blamed Ava for why she lost Joey.  Eli and Rafe looked in TBD when they saw the police line was broken.  They looked around and Eli found the envelope Dario sent.  Rafe noticed Gabiís pocketbook.  Raines took Gabi to a cabin.  He wondered what he would do to her.  Kayla argued with Steve about Tripp.  Hope told Bonnie and Justin that Anjelica was dead.  Justin wanted to know why Anjelica was in her hotel room.  Rafe was ready to kill Raines if something happened to Gabi.  Raines let Gabi know that her family was trouble to him.  He pulled his gun out and pointed it sat her.

Raines explained to Gabi what he did to help Dario, but he ruined the plan.  She told him that she wasnít afraid of him.  Justin told Hope that Bonnie was with him last night.  Hope wanted to know why Anjelica was in the bed.  Justin repeated what he said.  Bonnie thanked him for his help.  He thought about when he went to her room and she stopped him from going inside.  He wanted to know if she was keeping something from him.  Bonnie denied keeping something from him.  She swore she didnít see Anjelica.  She lied and said she was having issues with her body.  Gabi tried to stand up to Raines.  He shoved her on the couch.  Raines said he liked Abby and didnít mean to hit her.  He warned Gabi that innocent people get hurt.  Steve couldnít believe that Kayla thought he was okay with Joey being in prison because of Tripp.  He told her that it hurt him when Joey went to prison.  Kayla told him that it hurts her to see Steve and Tripp.  Gabi told Raines that she wouldnít be his hostage.  He let her know that she was a witness.  Justin wanted to tell Alexander about Anjelica.  Bonne called Hattie to find out what happened with Anjelica.  Steve tried to reason with Kayla about their relationship with Tripp.  She agreed to accept the donation.  Gabi said she wouldnít say anything about Raines, but he didnít believe her.  He put the gun to her head.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Anna meets up with Andre who has information on the diamond. He explains to Anna that there is a woman in Monaco that Valentin’s men used to deal with. They still might but there is no proof that Valentin was ever involved. Anna decides that she will have to go to Monaco on her own to try to search for this woman and more information. Nelle is released from jail and into Nina and Dillon’s care. The officer is determined to find the necklace though. Valentin walks in with the necklace and hands it to the officer. The officer leaves along with Nelle and Dillon. Valentin explains that he had to get it from someone and it was part of his past. He didn’t steal it himself. Nina isn’t sure she can handle his illegal ways but loves him so much. Nelle and Dillon go back to the resort where they decide to go to the spa. Dillon eventually gets a call from Kiki though explaining that things are going well with her studying.

Kiki and Ava go for coffee at Perks. Ava is so proud of her. Ava decides to tag along with her to work. Kiki goes on rounds with David as Ava spots Griffin crying. Ava realizes that the little girl is dying. She tries to confront Griffin but he has no desire to talk with anyone right now. Ava finds a priest who explains the girl has died. Ava goes to find Griffin and he is at the gym boxing by himself. Kiki does rounds with David and she gets nervous. At the end of rounds, she learns that she is doing well and is so happy to hear that. Curtis shows up at Finn’s hotel room and gives him the news on Hayden. She was not there when he found her but her suitcase was. It only had her clothes though. He passport was in the trash. Curtis explains that means she is no longer Hayden Barnes then and they cannot find her. She left a note for Finn though. Finn reads part of hit and then Curtis leaves. When he leaves he reads the rest where Hayden says that she lost the baby. Finn ends up sobbing and pressing a picture of the ultrasound against his heart. Meanwhile, when Hayden was writing the note it is revealed that Hayden is clearly pregnant still. She also is going by the name of Madison Ford.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the offices of Brash and Sassy, Victoria tells Nikki that she had set Phyllis straight on a few things. Nikki is thrilled. Hilary confronts Mariah that she is still living at home instead of with Devon and that she is using Tessa to cry on her shoulder over Devon. Lily and Devon discuss Hilary and him having a talk with her instead of meeting Mariah as he had planned. Lily fears here we go again when it comes to Hilary. Ashley is in Jack's office at Jabot when Dina comes in to work. Ashley confronts her about sharing Jabot information with Graham. Victor and Nick have yet another confrontation, as usual, over Nick using Newman money to fund his new business. Victor warns him not to come running to him when his new business venture fails. Nikki tells Victoria that she had a talk with Jack and he had denies any involvement. Billy asks Phyllis as to why she had talked to Benjamin Hochman in the first place. When Phyllis explains to him about her involvement Billy tells her that he doesn't believe her. Phyllis explains all to Billy about her involvement with Benjamin Hochman. Mariah confronts Hilary about her breakup with Jordan. Ashley confronts Dina about Graham getting involved in Jabot business.

Dina insists to Ashley that Graham would never hurt Jabot. Nikki and Victoria go to the Athletic Club for lunch when they meet up with Nick, who lets them know that he had a run in with Victor in the gym. Victor also joins them. Victoria suggests that they have a family dinner but Nick leaves and so does Nikki. Phyllis pleads her case to Billy over her involvement with Benjamin. Billy tells her that it is not entirely her fault. Billy and Phyllis kiss. Mariah shows Hilary a text from Devon but Hilary still insists that their relationship may have already peaked. Devon explains to Lily how that Mariah had told him that she loved him but he couldn't return the sentiment. Ravi joins Ashley and Dina. Dina soon makes her departure. Ashley tells Ravi to find out all he can about Graham. Victoria asks for Victor's advice concerning business.

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