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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Steffy that the truth is always the best thing. He calls Wyatt in who is worried it might be against him. Bill comes in and says it can’t be a party as it is not his birthday. He wants to know what this is about. Ridge catches Quinn humming and asks what is up with her, humming and smiling. She says she is back home, no one is shooting at her and Sheila has moved out. Of course she is happy. Sheila sneaks into the office and wants Charlie to help her again. He retorts that even if Quinn still has some feelings for Ridge that she is keeping them in check. Sheila says that is not good enough; Eric deserves better than that. Sally walks into Bill’s office. Thomas cannot imagine why she is involved in this and why she is here. Liam says she in particular is involved so Bill will tell them or he will. Bill tells them to all get out and for Liam to forget this. So Liam speaks up and says Caroline is not sick; she never was. That was Bill’s plan. Bill asks them again all to get out. Thomas shouts that he has been in New York all because of him. He left Sally and Spectra when they needed him the most. He says this is insane and apologizes to Sally. He starts in on Caroline for going along with the lie. Liam tells Bill he is not going to stop until they know everything. Bill planned all of this just before Sally’s fashion show. He looks at a very angry Bill to fill in the blanks. Sheila looks over Charlie’s shoulder at the camera views and sees Quinn and Ridge get on the elevator. Sheila suggests they are probably going to their secret love nest. Actually Quinn got a fax from Ivy to come help her in shipping. Sheila hits the stop button to the elevator trapping them inside.

Lt. Baker walks into Bill’s office and wants to know why he was called. Liam says to arrest his dad – he is responsible for the arson at Spectra. Both Ridge and Quinn pound on the elevator button but nothing. Sheila won’t let Charlie make a move or she will tell his Pammy. Quinn sits down on the floor and says they are going to be here for a while. Ridge joins her. She says this gives her a chance to say a few things to him. She says she loves Eric but she missed Ridge; they had bonded and she had told him things she told no one else. Sheila tells Charlie that look how close they are. It is happening. Sheila takes her phone and takes pictures. Ridge tells Quinn that he will always be there for her but he does not want to go back to the way they were. He just wants to be happy for her and his dad. Sheila is there with her phone egging Ridge on to give her the kiss of death – to her marriage. Lt. Baker cannot believe what he hears – all for Bill’s skyscraper. Liam tells Bill that he does not just love money and that skyscraper; he actually worships them. He says Bill committed a crime and he thinks he deserves to pay. Lt. Baker says this could mean years in prison if Liam goes along with this. Liam says while Bill is in prison he and Wyatt can lead this company and make it what it could be. Bill looks at Liam and begs him not to do this; to tell the truth.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

No show today due to Labor Day!

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Today's show is a re-run due to Labor Day!

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tessa defends Mariah against one of Hilary's snarky remarks and Hilary tells Tessa that Mariah was once in a cult and knows how to defend herself. Alice talks to Zack on the phone and sends him a picture of the girls in the sex ring and tells him that Sharon has been asking her a lot of questions about her job but she didn't say a word to her about it because she wants to keep her job. Zack asks Alice about "Rainbow" girl aka Crystal and she tells him that she is one of the most requested girls but she has been causing a lot of trouble. Graham offers to finish Dina's Parker beauty report because he knows she won't be able to finish it by today when it is due ad he tells her he will e-mail it to her later. Ravi installs new software in Dina's computer when she gets to work and he and Ashley notice when Graham sends her the e-mail with the Parker Beauty report and Ashley wonders why Dina is letting Graham see confidential Jabot information. Jack persuades Hilary to feature the Parker Beauty line on her show when they are ready to launch the line. Victoria stops the elevator between floors to confront Phyllis and tell her that she knows the she pushed Benjamin Hochman to pursue both her as well as Brash and Sassy. Victoria also tells Phyllis she knows about Jabot's plan to try to get Brash and Sassy out of Fenmore's Victoria tells Billy that she suspects Phyllis is working with Jack to put Brash and Sassy out of business. Victoria tells Billy that she is very grateful for his loyalty to the company and that they can support each other personally. Victoria also tells Billy that she appreciates how much he has matured since they first met and latter married. Victoria gives Billy a passionate kiss and quickly apologizes telling Billy she doesn't want to cause problems in his relationship with Phyllis.

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