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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sally says she needs to know if Thomas is back for good. Brooke picks up on something Liam says and wonders if he knows something that she doesn’t about his dad. Liam mumbles that he has learned that nothing in life is always the way they think it is. Brooke says she was with Bill earlier and he is more determined than ever to see his Sky go skyward. Liam wonders if she goes along with Bill no matter what he does. She says no they do not have that kind of marriage. Liam and Steffy continue to throw glances at each other not saying what is on their minds. Bill tries to convince Caroline that Thomas came back but only to see Sally and he will return to his family. He starts talking about his Sky and Caroline wonders if Bill knows more than he is saying. He tells her she better get over there and see where she stands with Thomas. She says no. She wants to know his involvement in Spectra being torched. He says the fire could have broken out any time as it almost did with Jarrett and Liam on Spectra’s preview showing, so he will state for her that he did NOT torch Spectra. He hopes she is satisfied. As Sally pleads with Thomas to say he is going to stay and help her since CJ did not have insurance, he replies that she knows Caroline is dying and he has to be with her in New York with his son. He wants to be with Sally but he just can’t. She cries that she is scared for her future and she is afraid she cannot bounce back. He tells her she can. The fire did not take away who she is. She has passion; she is Spectra Fashions so she needs to pick up that pen again and get started. They kiss and one last time he says he cannot stay….and she understands.

Liam and Steffy are at odds. Liam doesn’t think he can just sit back and let his dad get away with this scheme this time. Bill continues with Caroline that she needs to focus on Thomas…..get him back on that plane and make sure Thomas is totally committed to her and Douglas and then she will have her miraculous recovery. She asks what will happen if she can’t. He retorts that she will be giving Thomas back to Sally. Steffy tells Liam that she can not condone what Bill did, it was a crime but he is his father. If Liam tells this could destroy their relationship forever. Grams and Saul come in and ask Sally if Thomas is leaving and going back to New York. When Sally says yes they think there is more to it than she is telling. She cries it really hurts but Thomas has to be with his son in New York. Thomas joins Caroline in Bill’s office. He says he has never seen Sally like this and she really needs him but he told her he had to go back to New York. Bill says he made the right decision. Sally has a family just like Caroline has hers. Thomas collects everything up for Douglas leaving Caroline and Bill alone. She rants at him that this has nothing to do with her and Douglas; it is all about that damned skyscraper. Bill has to restrain her hand when she makes a swipe at the skyscraper model, then storms out.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Raines overheard Hope and Rafe talking about arresting him so they had to cover up what they were saying. They told him about another case they were working on. Raines wanted them to solve their cases so they told him about the dead body at the inn. Lucas talked to Chloe about not remembering being with Anjelica. He mentioned how he thought he was with Adrienne. Justin heard part of the conversation. He approached Lucas and they argued over it. Hope and Rafe realized that the body at the inn was found in Adrienne’s room. Bonnie was at the Kiriakis mansion and talked about getting revenge on Maggie. Maggie overheard Bonnie wanted to know who she was talking about. Bonnie told her that she was talking about Anjelica. Bonnie slipped and said that Anjelica tried to take the Intruder and Maggie corrected her. Bonnie asked her if she had a problem with her. Gabi tried to get in TBD when Eli stopped her. He told her that there was an investigation going on and she couldn’t go in there. They talked about Dario and the fact that Chad ended up with Abby. Hope tried to figure out why a half naked woman was found in Adrienne’s bed. Rafe found out that Anjelica was the dead body. Hope was concerned about whether Adrienne killed her. Maggie wanted to know why she broke up with Lucas.

Hattie talked to Andre because he wanted her help with his evaluation. She asked him questions about Roman and he got confused. She asked him about why he hated women and mentioned what he did to Hattie. Andre wanted to know how she knew about Hattie. Justin told Lucas that “Adrienne” moved in with him. Lucas realized that Adrienne wasn’t in her room. Justin told Lucas to move on with his life. He reminded Lucas how he had people who cared about him. Hattie told Andre that Hope told her about Andre’s run in with her. She didn’t want to sign his form. Rafe assured Hope that they would get Raines. Bonnie told Maggie that she loved Lucas. Maggie was angry at the way she dumped Lucas. Bonnie asked her if she remembered Mickey. She compared her situation with Maggie’s situation. Bonnie felt that Maggie wanted to be the only woman in the mansion. Justin walked in on them. Andre thought he should find another doctor. Hattie stopped him from leaving. He refused to talk about Hattie so she changed the subject. Maggie explained to Justin what she and Bonnie were discussing. Justin told Maggie that Lucas was falling apart. Dario called Rafe and he wanted to know where he was. Rafe told Dario that he knew Abe wasn’t his partner. Gabi signed for a package for Dario and snuck into TBD. Hope went to the mansion to interview “Adrienne”. Andre wanted Hattie to sign his certificate, but she wanted to “analyze” her notes. Hope asked Bonnie about Anjelica being found dead in her bed and wanted to know what happened. Rafe told Eli that Dario sent a recording to himself incriminating Raines. Gabi listened to the recording and was surprised that Raines was in the club.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Finn and Anna go to visit Hayden’s father at prison. He meets with them and Finn asks if he has heard from Hayden or has any idea where she is. Her father has no idea though would tell him if he knew. Anna asks if he knows anything about the diamond. Her father realizes she is the lady who tried to talk to him the other day. He doesn’t know anything about a diamond. He would never have gone on the black market. In Africa, a police officer questions Nina and Dillon about Nelle who is suspected of stealing the sapphire as Valentin is nowhere to be found. Nina and Dillon don’t think that Nelle did it though. While this is happening, Nelle and Michael discuss how she is not guilty. Michael gets a call from Carly about Jason. Michael needs to be there for him. He leaves Nelle who is then arrested by the officer.

Sam and Carly try to cheer Sam up but they are unable to get through to her. She doesn’t think it is Sonny’s fault. She blames herself for what happened. She doesn’t know why she allowed herself to get in the crossfire. Franco shows up to take Elizabeth out to dinner when she explains to him what happened. Franco tries to say he is sorry to Sam but she doesn’t want to see him right now. Elizabeth takes him away. Elizabeth is worried about what will happen and how they will tell Jake. Franco promises her that everything will be alright. Meanwhile, Alexis and Diane meet at the Floating Rib. They discuss if Alexis still loves Julian. She admits that she does. She hates that she does but she does. She gets a text from Sam saying that Jason is in the hospital but not to worry. Alexis runs over to GH and asks what happened. Sam explains he was shot. The doctor comes over and tells them that while Jason is out of surgery they are unsure if he will ever wake up.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nikki visited Victoria, who admitted she wanted Billy back. Victoria blamed Victor for losing Billy. Victoria suspected that Phyllis set her up with Benjamin. Victoria thought Jack and Phyllis were working to bring down Brash and Sassy. Victoria vowed to teach Phyllis what happened when you took on a Newman. Phyllis gave Billy the cold shoulder because he broke their plans last night, and Billy unsuccessfully tried to smooth things over by suggesting they spend the morning together. Phyllis was unhappy when Billy wouldn't confide in her about Brash and Sassy's plans. Billy insisted that he was trying to protect her. Ashley told Jack about her talk with Billy and Victoria. She asked if he was really planning to stop Fenmore from selling Brash and Sassy products. Jack denied it, but Ashley didn't believe him. She made it clear that she didn't want Jack to do anything underhanded. Jack accused Phyllis of telling Billy about the plan to pull Brash and Sassy from Fenmore's shelves. Phyllis was adamant that she wouldn't lift a finger to save that company. Nikki took Victoria's suspicions to Jack. She vowed to sever ties with him if she found out he was undermining Victoria. Billy told Victoria about his troubles with Phyllis. Victoria note that by using Phyllis's computer, Billy put Victoria and Brash and Sassy ahead of Phyllis. She pointed out that this was why Phyllis was upset. Billy said that he wouldn't let Victoria or her company become collateral damage in Jack's crusade. Victoria told Billy that if Phyllis wasn't involved in Jack's plan, she must be aware of it. Billy decided to give Phyllis the benefit of the doubt. Victoria suggested that they fool the public into believing Jabot's new product was shoddily made. Billy didn't want to hurt Ashley's reputation.

Victoria wondered if the only way to beat Jack was to stoop to his level and do something unethical. Billy assured Victoria that he'd come up with an idea to help the company. Billy privately hired numerous temps whose job was to buy Brash and Sassy from Fenmore. Victoria confronted Victoria in the elevator. Tessa was shocked that Devon wanted her to record more songs, since her first session in the recording studio was shaky. Devon was eager to get Tessa under contract. Scott tracked down Alice's address, and he and Sharon staked out their house. They were questioned by a nosy neighbor, who mentioned that Alice had been visited by a niece. Scott and Sharon never saw any sign of Alice, so they left. Zack asked Tessa about her sister. She told him there were no leads. Zack mentioned that he'd had dinner with Victor. Abby asked Ashley for details about Brent Davis. Ashley said that Brent was not a good person, and the affair did a lot of damage to her family. Hilary let Mariah know she and Devon caught up over drinks on the night that he was supposed to meet Mariah. Mariah was icy toward Devon, and he apologized for standing her up, which Hilary overheard. Devon told Mariah about his talk with Hilary. Mariah accused Devon of being snowed by Hilary. Mariah noted that Devon never said I love you, which she took as proof that he wasn't committed to her. She didn't think he'd ever get over Hilary. Devon offered to say it right now, but Mariah told him that saying it to make her feel better was worse than not saying it at all.

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