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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam wants to hang around in Steffy’s office, not be in the way. He just does not feel like going to work after seeing Sally last night and all that she lost. She says she knows he does not want to talk about it but that he thinks his father was responsible. Liam says yes, he knows he was. Bill even told him. The doctor checks out Sally and says since her cough is almost gone and if she does not go back to work maybe she will release her today. However as soon as the doctor goes, Sally starts coughing again. Grams says what they need is a miracle……and in walks Thomas. Sally perks up but wants to cry at the same time. Thomas gives her a hug. Steffy asks Liam if he is saying arson. She thought it was an electrical wiring problem. Liam says it was and that is probably where Bill got the idea. His dad always hires the best people and even the electrical investigators will think as much unless someone says something. Ivy, Rick, Maya, Coco and RJ come rushing in and want to know about the fire. Maya says she was not her most favorite person but this is so unfair just the night before Sally’s big showing. Rick says call it karma or bad luck. Liam and Steffy just glance at each other. Rick says they should be looking around for someone to sue. Both Liam and Steffy say it was probably a faulty electrical wiring as the building is so old.

Brooke cannot believe Sally had no insurance and says they will never get back upon their feet. Only if maybe Thomas had stayed. Perhaps he can now set her up in another location and get back in the business. Thomas tells Sally that smoke can be dangerous so she needs to be careful. He gives her a hand-made heart with his two hands. Caroline walks into Bill’s office with Douglas. Brooke is happy to see them. But she says she is going to have to go or be late for work. So drop in later as she knows Steffy would like to see her. Caroline says it feels so good to be able to talk to someone who does not think she is dying. And Sally being torched........ Thomas is in love with her and deserves so much better than Caroline. Grams tells Thomas she is speaking for everyone that they are so glad he is back….she hopes he is back. Coco says Thomas and Sally probably would like some time alone. Sally tells him that even when things looked the bleakest and everything went up in smoke she told herself she still had Thomas. Brooke goes to work and says she was just at Bill’s office and his niece and her son were there. Thomas is here too but he did not come. She can only guess where he might be. Caroline says she never should have come to see Bill and she wants her miracle cure today before she leaves. Bill tells her it is too soon. She says hire an actor, pretend to be a doctor and cure her. Bill repeats again that it is too soon. Thomas is here still trying to rescue Little Orphan Sally so she has to give it more time. She could lose Thomas and if he gets mad enough she might lose Douglas as well. So none of this telling everyone that this is a lie. She will have Thomas raising Douglas with that crazy redhead. Sally asks about Caroline and Thomas says physically she seems fine but emotionally she is a wreck. Caroline seems to think that he is her only support out there. Even her moms do not know about her diagnosis. Sally says that is putting an awful lot on Thomas. She explains how she happened to be there and saw the place go up in smoke……and on the day her dream was to come true. And now she cannot see the future until she saw him walk through the door. Bill wants Caroline to tell him what is up with Thomas. She says he came to see Sally and if there was anything else he sure did not share it with her. She does not know what he is telling Sally. Sally asks Thomas if he is back. He tells her to pinch him to make sure he is real. She says she admires what he is doing for Caroline and Douglas and she was already in love with him but now he has this sunbeam around him. Not many men would have done what he did and then came back to check on her charred lungs and her rotten luck. She says she tries not to have expectations when it comes to him but the truth is she does. He’s going to be her champion and be there like he’s always been. She wants to know if that is still him or did that change when he left and is now with Caroline. She hates sounding needy but the truth is she is….and she needs to know if he is really back.




Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

The judge found out that Nicole saw Holly in the town square. Brady told him that didn’t happen, but Nicole admitted that she did do it. Theo was upset that people believed that Abe was a criminal. Claire asked him if he believed he was innocent. Theo didn’t think he did it. Kayla talked to Valerie about Joey. Valier told her that she had Steve to lean on, but Kayla didn’t agree. Valerie wondered if everything was okay with them. Tripp told Steve that he felt bad for what he did to Joey. Steve let him know that he was his son and that he loved him. Tripp blamed himself for what happened between Steve and Kayla. Nicole tried to explain why she violated the court order, but the judge said she may have risked her chance to get her back. Theo was upset that he wouldn’t have anyone if Abe went to prison. He realized that he was worried about himself. Claire reminded him that he had people who loved him. Kayla confided in Valerie that Steve chose Tripp over Joey. Tripp felt bad about everything. Steve said it wasn’t Tripp’s fault. Tripp knew that Kayla blamed him. He wanted to leave Salem for good. Brady defended Nicole, but the judge warned him about getting involved. Justin told the judge that Eric wanted to speak on Nicole’s behalf. Eric praised Nicole and the judge wanted a break.

Nicole told Brady that Eric was with her when she saw Holly. Brady wasn’t too happy about it. He said he had to do something. Steve realized how much Tripp was like him. Steve told Tripp that leaving wouldn’t help. Steve wanted him to stay in Salem. Steve believed Tripp could regain Kayla’s trust. Theo realized that he and Claire needed a roommate. She suggested that Tripp move in with them. Theo reminded her that he ad his own place. Claire thought he would do it. Theo wondered if she liked Tripp. Claire thought Theo was jealous. Tripp wanted to donate his inheritance to the hospital. Brady went back to the judge’s chambers and demanded that he give Holly back to Nicole. Brady threatened to destroy him. The judge threatened to throw Brady in jail. Brady told him that he knew that he was working with Deimos. Brady wanted him to give Holly back or he would expose him. Justin told Nicole that the judge made his decision. Theo denied being jealous of Tripp. He said that he and Claire were just friends. Claire didn’t seem to believe him. Steve thought Tripp’s gesture would keep Kayla trust him again. Kayla saw them together. The judge decided to give Holly back to Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Kiki shows up at Ava’s house as Ava is out the door for a therapy appointment. Kiki is so glad that she is actually going. Ava doesn’t want her to act so shocked. The two discuss Julian’s court case. Ava thinks he deserved it. She is glad that she is able to leave her house though. The two arrive at the hospital where they run into Griffin. He tells Ava that he has to tell a little girl that she is going to die. Ava feels awful realizing the life she has been able to live. Ava wants to give the family money for operations. Griffin explains that there is nothing they can do. Griffin tells the father, while Kiki tells Ava that she is going to be doing rounds with Doctor Bench. Ava is proud of her. Bobbie shows Carly the news article about Nelle. Carly doesn’t want to think about it. She isn’t going to tell Michael. Carly just wants to give Nelle the benefit of the doubt for the time being. Bobbie isn’t so sure that is a good idea. Carly thinks it is the best thing for her children right now. Carly gets a call from Sonny about Jason.

Sonny is at the police station with Dante. Sonny tells Dante that this is the exact reason he cannot just so easily walk away from the business, like Dante wants so badly. He tried to do it for Carly but it didn’t work out. Sonny leaves. At the hospital, Sam tells Elizabeth what Jason did to save her. Monica shows up and goes to see Jason. Carly and Sonny then show up and hug Sam. Sam is so sorry that she got Carly’s best friend shot. Carly promises that Sam is fine. Sam is a mess and Carly wants her to get cleaned up before seeing Jason. Carly and Sonny go to see Jason and want him to hold in for Sam. Sam then begs Jason not to die on her again. Jason is then carted off to surgery. Nina is informed that the sapphire necklace has been stolen and goes to check on things. She sees that Nelle was the last one to wear the necklace. Nelle thinks she is accusing her. Nina thinks everyone is a suspect. Nelle wonders if Michael agrees.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael and Lauren try talking to Scott about his involvement with Sharon but Scott refuses to divulge much information. At the Underground Nick and Sharon discuss Alice Johnson and her involvement with Crystal. Sharon shows him a picture of the car that Crystal had left in. At the offices of Brash and Sassy, Victoria and Neil have shushi and discuss business. VIctoria gives Neil a file on work she had compiled concerning the sales of Brash and Sassy. Billy downloads a file off Phyllis' computer concerning Jabot. Phyllis yells and asks him what is he doing but he lies to her. Ravi lets Ashley smell his cheek where he has just used some of the new moisturizer. Ashley and Ravi come up with a new product line. At the condo, Chelsea paints Faith's fingernails and they share girl talk. Faith then puts a damper on their fun by asking why Nick had moved in here instead of her moving into the ranch. Chelsea doesn't really know how to answer her. Sharon and Nick discuss how that Alice could be the head of the sex ring which has Crystal. Billy lies to Phyllis as to the real reason he was on the computer. He then makes up an excuse so he can go and tell VIctoria what is going on at Jabot. Chelsea lies to Faith as to why NIck really moved in here. Faith lets her know that this will never seem like home to her. NIck comes in and overhears their conversation. Nick tries to explain things to her but Faith still doesn't understand and goes upstairs. Lauren lets Scott know that she is interested in his life with Sharon. Scott gets a text and leaves abruptly. MIchael and Lauren go back to their dancing when there is a knock on the door and it is Phyllis. Phyliis rants and raves about they had a romantic evening planned but Billy suddenly had to go and see VIctoria. Victoria thanks Neil for his help and gives him a hug just as Billy walks in. Billy lets her know that he has something to show her.

Nick tries to explain to Chelsea that none of this is her fault but Chelsea still feels guilty about it. Al knocks on the door and tells them that he has a delivery from the ranch which is Faith's bedroom furniture. Faith is thrilled when she sees the things that Al had brought over from the ranch. Billy and Victoria discuss the possibililty that PHyllis may be involved in this. Ashley and Ravi discuss the new product line when they are interrupted by Billy and VIctoria. Victoria asks Ashley if Jack is involved in trying to sabotage their company by having Brash and Sassy products removed from the shelves of Fenmore's. Ashley will not divulge any information but Billy asks Ravi and Victoria for a moment alone with his sister. Billy asks Ashley if Jack was involved in this would she tell him. Ashley is reluctant to answer. In the outer office, Ravi lets Victoria know that Benjamin Hochman had a meeting with Jack and Ashley and also had met with Phyllis. Sharon shows Scott the picture of the white car which she feels had taken Crystal.

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