The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/30/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge pops in at the office and finds out from Steffy that Spectra burned to the ground last night. Bill glares at Liam who says it is nauseating to have to ask Bill this but he needs to know if he was responsible for torching Spectra. Bill says then don’t ask. Liam asks anyway if Bill set that in motion. Quinn is still overwrought and Eric reminds her that Sheila is gone. Quinn says yeah and not a moment too soon. She says she is glad to have her house back. She was beginning to feel like a stranger here. Eric again halfway takes Sheila’s side by saying Quinn is partly responsible for what happened here. Quinn admits Sheila brings out the worst in her; knows how to push her buttons and she will never trust her. She’s crazy. She does not want to debate this. At least she is gone now and that is all that matters. She can go spread her poison elsewhere. Meanwhile the manager of the hotel shows up at Sheila’s and tells her she is behind on the rent and he is there to collect or he will have to throw her out. She says as the manager of this fleabag he should find out who fired a gun in this room as she did not forget and neither will corporate office when she calls them. She barks at this poor guy that he better get out and work on that as she can bring it. Bill tells Liam that his accusations are dangerous and he needs to stop right here and right now. Eric tells Quinn that he is not worried about Sheila any more but he is concerned with Quinn’s behavior. They have had two altercations right here in their home and he does not want to see her fall back into her old patterns. Quinn says she won’t but Eric is familiar with Sheila and knows she can push, and taunt and instigate and even fake her own condition. Ridge tells Steffy that it is ironic. They lost their collection to Sally and now she has lost her collection on the eve of her big showing. Steffy says she ought to feel some justification but she doesn’t. Ridge says she just touched a nerve of compassion; he knew she had it in her. She says she is sure Bill Spencer is riding high on this. Ridge says yes he will get the building now for pennies on the dollar and kick CJ while he is down. This fire could not come at a better time for Billy.

Sheila looks at the start of her own portrait and vows she will be back. She will not let that woman destroy Eric. Bill feels threatened by being accused of the torching, all he wants is a little respect. Liam says sorry but he has to know. And respect for what? Bill says for the life he has given Liam. ….the beach house, the expense accounts, he doesn’t have to give him a laundry list. Liam says he loves Bill and there are many things he admires about him but this is not one of them. Bill says he can accept that so why can’t Liam and move on. The conversation gets more heated as Bill calls Sally a thief and a hustler plus knockoff queen. Liam says not this time. This new collection would have turned them around so he wants Bill to look him in the eye and tell him the truth if he was behind that fire. Bill looks at him and says okay if he wants it straight, yes. Bill says he put that bottom-feeder company of Sally’s out of their misery and he will not look back and regret it for a minute. He wonders why Liam looks so bewildered when he already suspected he was involved. Liam is shell shocked and wonders how Bill can be so glib about this. Then Bill gives him more cold hard facts of life that he is a businessman and swims with the sharks and he has done everything he can to build SP into the power house that it is and Liam has enjoyed the luxurious spoils of that. It has given Bill his life and thousands of employees that depend on him for their life. Liam says there is still a line and Bill crossed it. Bill reminds him that is the funny thing about lines. They can get blurred and murky just like when Sally stole from the Forrester’s. Liam says yes Sally committed a crime but one crime does not justify another. Bill says he might call it a crime; he calls it touché. Bill chides him for taking sides just because Sally bats her eyes at Liam. She is still a thief. Liam says well she is trying to turn her life around. Bill quips well then she will have a good chance when she starts again from scratch. Liam barks at him and asks if there is anything he wouldn’t do. Bill says no……well maybe short of murder and he made sure the building was cleared out. He doesn’t know what Liam wanted him to do since that freak show would not close down despite him making two great offers to CJ. So he eliminated an eyesore that should have been gone in the first place. Liam says all of this because he shipped Thomas off to New York and that didn’t work. Bill says sure it did. Caroline has her family back. Liam says Bill does not get it. He doesn’t even know what he has done as long as he gets what he wants and he gets that thing done. He points to Sky and says it does not matter who gets hurt as long as his ego is intact. And that is the legacy he wants to leave his kids; that is the jackpot. Bill stares at him and says Liam has been living very well ever since he showed up on his doorsteps…. and if he doesn’t want that any more then…….get out and he points to the door. Liam says no, he is just getting started. Eric continues to berate Quinn that she is acting like this is no big deal but it is a big deal. He does not want the press to get wind of this. Ridge walks in and asks Eric why he is shouting at Quinn when it was all Sheila’s fault. Eric tells him that Sheila is gone and this is not Ridge’s business. And he and Quinn are fine. She says she let things get a little out of hand with Sheila. Eric tells Ridge that he does not want him here so he needs to leave. Ridge says he loves Eric and wants him happy and he thinks that is with Quinn. Bill laments to Liam that he will pay CJ more than the burned building is worth. Liam asks about Sally as she lost a lot more than a building. Bill finds that odd that he chooses to champion her. Liam says he does not have to defend Sally as she is a victim of Bill’s crime. Bill laughs and says she is no one’s victim. And when Liam says the end always justifies the means to Bill he answers yes. Liam says he knows he is tough in the boardroom but that should not be the case here. And he says he hated it but he went along with the lie about Caroline and kept his mouth shut but this is different. Bill smirks and asks what is Liam going to do, turn his own father in and put him behind bars. Liam says Bill has his principles and Liam has his. Bill looks him in the eye and says Liam is a Spencer and he will tell no one, he will act like a Spencer! He picks Liam’s sword necklace up by the tip and tells Liam that you live by the sword and die by the sword. Be true to his father or go and never come back.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Raines wanted Myron to get the info on Abe. He was trying to get it. Rafe and Hope interrupted their conversation. They knew he was talking to Raines. Rafe let him know that they were on to him. Paul confronted Hattie about breaking Johnís heart. John told Marlena that he planned on getting them out of the asylum. Hattie tried to defend what she did to Paul. Paul thought what she did was horrible. She thought John should move on with his life. He couldnít believe she would say that. Paul wanted her to finish what she was saying. Hattie lied and told him that he had to go back to the ISA. Paul didnít believe her. Chloe called the police, but someone surprised her. Rafe and Hope continued to get Myron to tell them about Raines. John explained to Marlena how to get out of her straightjacket. She couldnít do it. John was able to get out of his jacket. Eric was the one who surprised Chloe. She asked him if he heard her conversation. He only heard a little so she lied about the call being about Dario. They talked about his feelings for Nicole. Nicole thought Justin could help her get Holly back if she told him what happened. Brady didnít want Justin involved after what happened with Sonny. Justin showed up and wanted to know what happened. JJ and Lani talked about Raines setting Abe up. Myron finally blurted out that Raines threatened to kill him if he said anything. Justin told Brady and Nicole that her hearing was pushed up. Justin wanted Eric to testify for her.

Eric explained to Chloe that Nicole was in love with Brady. Chloe let him know that if she could see how heís in love with Nicole that anyone could see it. He didnít want to hurt Brady. John tried to talk Marlena into getting out of the jacket. She finally got out of it. John came up with a plan to get them out of the asylum. Paul couldnít believe how cold ďMarlenaĒ was about John. Hattie continued to explain that John broke her heart. Brady was sure that Nicole would get Holly back. Chloe and Eric showed up at the hearing. Brady apologized to Eric for trashing his room and for thinking that he was with Nicole. Eric accepted Bradyís apology. Myron was surprised that Rafe and Hope knew about Raines being Darioís partner. Hope assured him that they would help him. Hope told Myron that they wanted him to create evidence to set up Abe. Rafe and Hope thought the plan would work. Myron didnít want to go along with their plan. Hope wanted to go after him. JJ made it seem like he believed that Abe was guilty. He offered to help Raines with the case. Hope told Myron that he was on his own if he didnít help. She asked him to help the police get Raines. He finally agreed to help them. Chloe asked Rafe about her job at TBD when he got a call about a dead body at the inn. She snuck out of the club. Raines called Myron to find out if he was going through with the plan. Justin told Nicole and Brady that the judge found out something.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nathan and Amy discuss the conversation they just had with Quinn involving Nathan going to a book launch party. Maxie walks up from around the corner and smacks him across the face. She then smacks Amy across the face. Nathan and Amy take her back to the hotel room and Nathan admits he is Man Landers. Amy says that she is the actual voice while Nathan is the face. Maxie understands. When Amy leaves, Maxie wonders why Nathan didn’t tell her to begin with. Nathan decides he is going to move to Portland with her. Maxie explains that she has moved back to Port Charles. Carly meets with Joss at the Metro Court. She wants them to all move back into Sonny’s house. Joss decides that she will. At the Floating Rib, Felicia informs Bobbie of Nelle aka Jenelle and her former fiancé Zackary who she was suspected of killing. He left everything to her in his will but his parents stopped the will from coming true in probate. Carly later shows up and Bobbie explains this to her.

Nina shows up at a tent assuming she has tea with someone. It turns out it is just Valentin. He demands to know her answer if he wants her or not. Nina decides that she does and will marry him. The two have really passionate and steamy sex when Nina gets a phone call. A sapphire necklace has been stolen on the photoshoot. Nelle and Dillon are setting up for the photoshoot when Nelle spots the sapphire necklace earlier on in the day. Nelle tries it on and Dillon takes photos of her in it. Nelle wishes that he wouldn’t do that. He continues to do so though. Nelle later puts the necklace away but admires it for a long moment. Sam walks in on Jason and Sonny right when a gun fire goes off. Jason stops the bullet from hitting Sam and gets shot in the chest. Sonny shoots the mob boss responsible. Dante shows up along with the paramedics and asks what happened. Sonny and Max explain what happens as Sam begs for Jason to stay with her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Charlie tells Cane that he wasn't good enough to make the football team and Cane once again asks for his forgiveness for how he has hurt their family. Charlie tells Cane that he misses their dinners together as a family. Cane meets with Hilary to tell her that he had a good dinner with Charlie and she advises him to rebuild his relationship with the twins and Lily will come back to him. Hilary offers Chelsea a job as the wardrobe designer for the Hilary hour but Chelsea knows she is trying to get information from her about Jordan so she can figure out a way to get him back. Chelsea advises Hilary not to interfere in Jordan's life or it will end badly for her. Victor invites Zack to dinner and afterwards tells Abby that he likes him but he better not hurt her or he will have to deal with him Tessa tells Noah about her sister and he is hurt that she told Mariah before she told him. Tessa admits that she was afraid to lose him and he makes her promise she will not keep secrets from him again. Nick and Sharon enjoy catching up with Alice the woman who raised Cassie until she was five years old and when Alice leaves her credit card at the Underground Sharon runs out to try and catch her and notices that she drives away in the same car that Crystal and her friend were taken away in when they left the police station. Sharon tells Nick that she suspects that Alice is involved in the sex ring.

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