The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/29/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sheila continues choking Quinn and tells her she will get what she deserves. Quinn dares her to go ahead and prove to everyone how crazy she really is. Sheila finally lets up and Quinn berates her and says she knew she was faking it all along. She is as strong as an ox and Eric will know soon how she has been playing him. So she better pack as she will be out of this house tonight. Liam waits while Steffy finishes work and she says he looks troubled. He replies it is that lie that his dad keeps perpetuating and telling Thomas that Caroline is dying. He is going to keep the lie but it is so stupid. Pam rushes in to tell them that Sally Spectra is in the hospital due to a fire at Spectra. Steffy tells Liam they need to go check on her. The doctor at the hospital tells Sally that she is one lucky lady that she just has smoke inhalation. Next time she sees a fire – run. Sally comments that it could not be any worse; her entire future went up in flames. They lost everything. When Liam comes in he says he knows it does not mean much now but he is so sorry. Steffy says the same, they deserved a shot. CJ rushes in and says he was freaked when he saw the remains of the building so thank God they are all alive. Justin reports to Bill that the fire is out but Spectra Fashions is out of the game. Bill is pleased and says finally, Spectra is no longer a sorry dilapidated obstacle to progress. And his dream will be a reality as Sky goes up and up and up. Those clowns should have listened to him and just moved out when he asked them nicely. He wants to know how soon he can start rebuilding. Justin says he needs to have patience as now is not the time to bring attention to Spencer Publications. Quinn runs down the stairs with Sheila in hot pursuit. Eric demands to know what happened. Sheila starts trying to make apologizes but Quinn tells him that Sheila is a murderess witch who tried to kill her and she wants her out of this house tonight. She tells Eric again that Sheila has been faking her symptoms and she has proof.

Sally tells her group that this is all her fault. She had been warned of the wiring but had put it off until after the showing so they would have enough money to have it fixed. She takes a big breath and says they have been thrown a lot of punches but nothing has knocked them out yet. Thomas will come home and he will save everything. It will set them back but CJ can collect on the insurance and they can rebuild. CJ looks guilty; he finally says there is no insurance. He thought the sale of the building was inevitable and the date came and went and he just forgot to get the insurance. Liam tells Sally do not break her spirit. She can come roaring back and get that recognition she deserves. He leaves Steffy and says he has to go. Eric wants to hear details but Sheila contradicts everything Quinn says. She says she was just practicing to see if she could walk by herself and she would never take advantage of Eric as Quinn keeps claiming. And it was Quinn that attacked her not the other way around. And Quinn is making it so much more dramatic than it was. Quinn tells Eric that Sheila is psychotic and crazy and they cannot let her stay here. Eric wants to know what the truth is. He doesn’t want to hear that she was faking so she could stay longer. Sheila says of course not. She was just pushing herself to see what she was capable of. She thinks they both ought to be happy. The more she pushes herself the better she will be and the sooner she will be gone. Sheila then sees Eric is listening mostly to Quinn and says she does not trust Quinn and her relationship with Ridge. She tells Eric that she knows Quinn is going to hurt him again she just knows it. Eric says he does not need her protection from his wife and it really is none of her business. And seeing her move around like this he agrees with Quinn that it is time for her to go…..immediately. He will call a car and she can wait outside. She says she knows he does not want her to but she will always want what is best for him. He goes toward the door while she stares down Quinn. She takes one last long look at the portrait on the wall. Eric holds the door and tells Sheila goodbye. Then he holds out his arms and hugs Quinn. Outside Sheila says she will be back and it will be her portrait over that fireplace. When the other ones leave Sally tells Steffy that she did not want to say it in front of the others but Spectra is really dead; it will not come back this time. Liam walks into his dad’s office to make sure he heard the news. Bill says yes, too bad. Liam says it seems almost poetic. Spectra goes up in flames the night before their big showing that could have put them on the map, the very thing that Bill did not want to happen. Bill says he is sorry when Liam tells him Sally is in the hospital and Liam is surprised that Bill even cares. Bill says he is no fan but he does not want to see any harm to the woman. Liam says this could have been arson and his dad knows he loves him but this sounds like it might be tied into the lie that he told Thomas. And he keeps telling himself there are limits but it is getting harder and harder for him to tell that to the pit of his stomach. He shakes his finger at Bill and says that was no electrical wiring fire. Bill sent one of his henchmen to start it and do his dirty work and burn that place to the ground. He might as well admit it. Spectra burnt to ashes tonight because of him!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas woke up and found Anjelica in bed with him. Hattie talked to Bonnie about Lucas, Anjelica, and Andre. Andre told Kate that he passed his psych test, but Kate didnít believe it. Lucas promised not to drink again. He wanted her to get up and realized she was dead. Marlena was busted by an orderly talking to John. He wanted to know who he was talking to. Andre ran into Hattie. He reminded her that he changed. She said that he got her killed. Lucas called someone for help. Kate ran into Sonny and Paul at the hospital. Kate wanted to speak to Paul. The orderly wanted to know what Marlena was doing. She lied to him. The orderly told her that she couldnít talk to anyone. She told John that they werenít getting out of there. Chloe showed up at the hotel and Lucas told her what happened with Anjelica.

Lucas told Chloe that he didnít kill her. Chloe told him that she didnít show up there dead. Lucas retraced his steps. Chloe wanted to know why Anjelica was there, but Adrienne wasnít. Chloe told him that he would have to remember it if he were going to get out of it. Kate told Paul that ďMarlenaĒ kissed Roman and John found out about it. Paul didnít think that made any sense. Andre asked Hattie to give him a clean bill of health. Hattie told him that he married Kate so he had to deal with it. He told her that Kate was having an affair. Hattie didnít care until she found out it was with Roman. John promised Marlena that they would get out of the asylum. Kate told Paul that Marlena would know where to find him. Hattie told Andre that they had to stop Kate and Roman. Chloe told Lucas that he had sex with Anjelica to get back at Adrienne. Chloe wanted to call the police, but Lucas didnít want to do that. Hattie agreed to help Andre. Andre wasnít sure how that would stop Kate and Roman. Hattie wanted to figure that out. Marlena wanted John to hold her. John told her to imagine it. Lucas said his life would be over if the police knew what happened. Chloe agreed to call anonymously. He left the room before she called the police. Paul approached Hattie because he knew what she did to John.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ned tells Olivia about Michael giving him a position at the company as VP of new business. Olivia thinks that is a good thing. Olivia can see that her pizza oven has arrived. She goes to check on the installation. Ned sees that Michael is actually on vacation with Nelle instead of going on business meetings. Olivia walks back in and explains that Monica hired a new Cook. They won’t even let her use her pizza oven. Ned promises her that things will be fine for both of them. In Morocco Nelle and Michael take selfies together. Nelle admits that there was a time in which she didn’t want any photos taken of her. Michael wants to spend as much time as possible together when possible on this trip. Carly tells Bobbie that she doesn’t want to look into Nelle’s past anymore. Bobbie doesn’t think that is a good idea. Carly insists because Michael actually looks happy with Nelle. Bobbie later informs Felicia that Carly doesn’t want them to go any further into. Felicia tells Bobbie that she might want to rethink that when she considers Nelle was involved in murder.

Sonny meets with the five families along with Jason. Things seem to go well. Sonny wants to distribute the land between the five of them equally. A mob boss later after Jason leaves holds Max hostage and wants all the land for himself. Jason ends up showing up and telling him to back off. Sam walks in and Jason tries to cover her. He ends up getting shot in the chest. Maxie shows up at the Floating Rib and Felicia informs her that she saw Nathan and Amy at the Metro Court earlier heading to a room. Amy and Nathan are in a meeting with their publisher Quinn. Quinn informs them that Nathan is contracted to be at a party for this. She leaves. Nathan and Amy leave the room and Maxie walks over to them and smacks Nathan across the face.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Mariah finds Tessa in the barn and wonders what is going on with her. Tessa is reluctant to talk. Nikki is visiting Faith at Nick's. Nikki comes downstairs to talk to Nick about Faith. Alice Johnson comes into the Underground and Noah seats her at a table. Hilary visits Cane at the Chancellor mansion and learns that Cane had witnessed Lily, Jordan and the children having dinner. Jordan brings Lily flowers as a thank you for dinner. Mattie walks in and sees them together. Tessa tells Mariah all about Crystal and the man whom she had talked to in the motel room. Mariah urges her to go to the police with this information but Tessa is reluctant. Sharon visits Paul in his office and is upset that he isn't doing more to try to find Crystal. Paul orders Sharon to stay out of this but Sharon is reluctant to follow his orders. Sharon declares that she will help Crystal with or without his help. Nikki and Nick discuss Victor and him using the grandchildren to get back at Nick. Nikki reminds Nick that he is acting just like Victor. Victor and Abby discuss her moving into the tack house and how that he had sent someone over to help her move but Abby tells him that Zach had helped her and they had gotten it done pretty fast. Victor feels something is going on between them but Abby lets him know that they are only friends. Hilary denies knowing anything about Jordan and Lily having dinner but she encourages Cane to do something to save his marriage. Mattie confronts Lily that Cane is just barely out of the house and she has a new boyfriend. Lily is upset by her insinuating that Jordan is her boyfriend. Mariah interrupts Sharon and Paul and tells them what Tessa knows about the men who has Crystal.

Tessa reveals all to Paul about the man in the hotel room. Chelsea comes home with a bag full of groceries and tells them that she had gotten some things that Faith may like. Nikki is impressed but feels bad for Chelsea that she had gotten involved in this mess. Victor warns Abby to be careful of Zach and getting too involved. Charlie comes home but he is less than happy about football practice. Cane also arrives. Cane asks Charlie to go out and eat but Charlie is reluctant to go but then decides to go with him. Nick sees Alice at the Underground. Nick calls Sharon and lets her know who is in town.

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