The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/28/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Spectra blazing and Bill with a drink in his hand adoring his Sky, he basks in the glory of his victory. Eric tells Quinn that she has not touched her martini. She says she is not in the mood for it tonight. She adds perhaps if they had something to celebrate like a certain guest leaving. She’d like to go up and see how Sheila is doing with her examination with James. Eric reminds her of why Sheila is there in the first place. Quinn says yes she realizes she could have had more restraint. She is finding it hard to not believe this is one big fat lie. When James watches Sheila he asks how long is she going to drag this out. She replies as long as it takes. He adds until she becomes Mrs. Eric Forrester so she will have to fake this concussion the rest of her life. A little concussion does not deserve to be in bed this length of time. Sheila replies that she won’t have to do it forever as Eric will see how horrible his wife is and kick her out. James says okay but it does not require her to be the injured houseguest. He wants to tell the truth. She says okay if his career doesn’t mean anything to him. She threatens him that if he mentions one word to Eric his nasty little drug habit will become public. She tells him to think about it – losing his practice over this. He better think long and hard before he says anything. He should have thought of his reputation before he self medicated. He comments that he’s been in treatment and that is over. She says okay they need to keep it over. Nobody has to know so do not make her tell.

Sheila hears Eric coming so she hops back in bed. Quinn starts in right away wanting to know how she is and if she is ready to be moved tonight. She has a spot all ready for her. Sheila pretends that Quinn is so sweet but she couldn’t possibly impose upon her to get her a place to go. Eric tells Quinn they need to trust James and he asks if Sheila is ready to go. James says she has improved but he would hate to turn her out and the press get wind of it so he thinks she should stay put a little longer. Eric tells Quinn they need to trust James’s judgment. Sheila feigns her act of feeling so grateful that Eric is there to make sure she wakes up every morning. It shows what a wonderful man he is by putting her needs first. Quinn jumps in and says it shows what kind of woman she is by putting on this act for a kind man like Eric. Eric tells Quinn there is no harm in letting Sheila stay a little longer and yet potential harm for releasing her too soon. James nods yes. Eric says it is settled, Sheila will stay. Bill tells Justin that Sally will thrive on this, she lives on adversity – think of the comeback she will have in a couple of years and can relocate in some little warehouse far from down town L.A. He does not wish Sally to fail forever, just for right now. Justin says no problems, no one is going to be hurt tonight except a couple of dreams dying. Bill adds and a couple of tacky dresses. Quinn tells Eric that she feels violated in her own home. Sheila managed to con both him and James. Eric hugs her and says just a few more days and he will feel better knowing they did the right thing. So just leave her alone and do not do anything to stir the pot. Sheila will recover and they can all move on. Sheila tells James that she cannot do anything about the past but Eric is too trusting and she can do something about his future. Eric needs her here for protection. She says that bitch will betray Eric again and thanks to James she will be here to take her down. As they are saying their goodbyes, Saul smells something and they all rush inside to find the place going up in smoke. Sally cries as she tries to rush in to get the fire extinguisher. Grams calls 911. Quinn looks in on Sheila again while Eric is downstairs with James. She finds her out of bed and Sheila says yes she got up to get some water but felt a little weak so she needs to go back to bed. Quinn says she can get her own damn glass of water from the vending machine from the hotel where she is going to be tonight. She knew it; Sheila was faking it. She caught her in here dancing around on her own two feet. And Eric will kick her out of here tonight when she tells him what she walked in on. All she really needed was a band aid on her boo-boo but instead she is milking it for all it’s worth. Sheila hurls a comment at her – it doesn’t change what Quinn did to Eric. Quinn mocks her that Eric forgave her for that so Sheila can quit bringing that up. Eric will see her for who she really is. She turns and Sheila jumps out of bed and follows. She slams her against the door then follows through by throwing an expensive vase at her. Quinn gets mad and Sheila asks what is she going to do about it? She throws her on the bed and they begin pounding on each other, then hitting each other with pillows until there is feathers flying everywhere. Quinn tries to get away but Sheila struggles with her until she has both hands tightly around her throat. While Grams, Saul, Darlita and Sally stand transfixed the firemen try to put out the fire. They tell Sally she must leave otherwise they can do enough to save it. She says they have to. Bill looks out the window just waiting.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope and Rafe talked to Abe about Raines. Raines showed up and wanted to know why they were talking to him. Justin told Victor and Maggie that Abe wouldnít be in jail for long. He also told him that he was getting back together with Bonnie. Hattie and Bonnie were panicked when they couldnít get Anjelica to wake up. Valerie ran into Eli and told him that Abe was innocent. Eli didnít tell her the plan, but he didnít want to let him go. Hope and Rafe talked to Abe about getting the proof that Raines was Darioís partner. Abe flashed back to meeting with Eli. They talked about setting Raines up. Hattie and Bonnie wanted to get rid of Anjelicaís body. Lucas started to stir. Maggie told Justin that she felt bad for Lucas. Justin wanted to move in with Adrienne. Lani and JJ met with Eli at TBD and he was upset.

Raines met with Myron at TBD. He told him how Abby was hit by a car. He threatened to kill Myron if he said something about the partnership. JJ threatened to go after Myron if he didnít talk to them about Abe. Eli told him not to go inside. Lani slipped inside and Raines saw her. Hattie and Bonnie wanted to dump the body when Justin knocked on the door. Lucas started to wake up so Bonnie went to him. Lani lied and said she wanted a drink. Raines didnít believe her and knew she was investigating Abeís case. JJ was determined to go with Lani, but Eli refused to let him go inside. Raines warned Lani not to mess up again. Rafe told Abe that Raines knew that he wasnít Darioís partner so they had to be careful. Maggie was worried about Lucas, but Victor thought Justin and Adrienne should be together. Maggie hoped that Adrienne didnít change her mind again. Justin wanted to go inside, but Bonnie was able to keep him waiting downstairs. Bonnie went back inside and talked to Hattie. She still wanted to get revenge on Maggie. Lani told JJ and Eli that Raines was in TBD with Myron. JJ wondered why Eli was outside spying on Raines. JJ thought something didnít add up. Valerie went to see Abe and got upset when he defended Eli. Lani was mad that Eli kept the truth about Abeís innocence from her. JJ asked Eli if Raines was Darioís partner. Raines asked Hope and Rafe if Abe told them anything. They said he didnít and had to be let go. Justin took Bonnie to the mansion. Bonnie and Maggie had a chilly greeting. Hattie put Anjelica in bed with Lucas.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Kristina tries to get Sam to go clubbing with her but Sam wants to stay home and just relax. Alexis shows up and Kristina leaves. Alexis tells Sam that Julian is in prison as he lost his court case. Sam is sorry for Alexis. She knows that she will miss him even if Sam herself wonít. At Perks, Lucy meets with Sonny to discuss selling his restaurant. She leaves and Jason walks over. Sonny says he is meeting with the five families tomorrow. He is going to wrap up loose ends. Jason isnít sure it will end well. Sonny assures him that it will. Jason goes back home and Alexis leaves. She wants Sam to tell Jason about what happened. Sam tells Jason that Julian is in prison. Jason tells Sam that Sonny is meeting with the families. Sam wants him to go there to help Sonny tomorrow. Jason reluctantly agrees.

Kristina and Valerie go to The Floating Rib and Valerie notices that there are no men. She asks if Kristina invited her to lesbian night. Kristina needed a wingwoman. Valerie is fine with it. She gets to drink without getting hit on by drunks. Parker shows up. Valerie thinks that Parker still wants Kristina. At the Metro Court, Scott informs Carly that Julian is in prison. Carly is so happy she is going to give him a month to pay his rent and his meal is on the house. Lucy walks over and she tells Lucy her meal is free too. Carly walks away. Scott gives Lucy a letter. It was left to her by Lee in his Will. He has given her his law offices in the hopes that she is a successful real estate agent. Sonny shows up at the Metro Court and Carly gives him the good news that Julian is in jail. They celebrate and Alexis shows up. She assumes this is about Julian and doesn’t think Sonny is much better. Carly reminds her about all the times she acted as if she was better when she got back with Sonny. She wants Alexis to think about that. Sonny and Carly leave. Alexis sees a wine bottle. Franco moves into Elizabeth’s house and Jake finds the portrait of the imaginary friend. Jake asks him all these questions. Then he goes to bed. Franco tells Elizabeth he would rather not talk about the friend anymore. Elizabeth goes upstairs. Franco finds an envelope with two pictures. One of a brown-haired little boy and then one of the same brown-haired little boy with a blond little boy, wearing the same outfit.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack persuades Phyllis to help him beat Brash and Sassy, so that when the company closes down, Billy can get another job, and he won't spend so much time with Victoria. Jack and Phyllis try to persuade Lauren to dump Brash and Sassy from Fenmore's and promote their new acquisition Parker Beauty products but Lauren says no but does agree to give Parker Beauty prime shelf space so that they can see if the new line can compete against Brash and Sassy. Nick sees first hand how much influence Victor has over Faith when after a visit with Victor, Faith agrees to give living with Chelsea a try. Chelsea and Jordan vent to each other about their relationship problems. Chelsea is determined to blend her and Nick's family while Jordan admits that no matter how much he was in love with someone, he wouldn't take on an angry kid. Billy tells Victoria he stole Dina's Jabot password but still can't get into the Jabot computer system. Victoria tells him that the password will only work if he uses a Jabot-issued computer. Victoria tells Billy to use Phyllis' computer to get the information they need. Billy hesitates but agrees to do it. Victoria goes to Jack and asks him to be friendly rivals. Since he is dating Nikki, there is no reason for them to be so cutthroat. Ravi is hurt when Ashley doesn't want to tell him the reason why she is upset with Dina. Ashley assures Ravi that he is the first person she would confide in with a problem, but some things just have to stay between her and her mother. Billy comes home early and after he and Phyllis make love, and she is in the shower, he uses her computer and Dina's password to break into the Jabot mainframe.

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