The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/25/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas calls Sally and wishes her well at her showing tomorrow. He saw her designs and they look great. She says she knows he has a lot to deal with in New York but is there any chance he could be here tomorrow. He says sorry, he would if he could. But he cannot leave his son even one day. He will be there in spirit. Ridge asks Steffy if Thomas is going to be here. He and Sally were doing well so he is surprised that he picked up and practically moved to New York. Liam tells Bill that he hates to remind him of this but Jarrett thinks Sally does have talent and he has seen her designs and thinks the showing will go well. Bill may have to accept finding another spot for his skyscraper. Bill tells Justin that he already has plan B and it will start tonight. That showing will never happen. Liam tells Ridge and Steffy the same; Sally’s designs are pretty damned good. He thinks she can give them a run for their money. Ridge says it sounds like he is rooting for her. Steffy adds that no matter how good they are, they will not be on Forrester’s level. Liam assures them that his dad says he will not interfere this time. It was not okay before but they have all moved on from that. Without Thomas let’s see if they are indeed up for the challenge.

Sally thanks Coco for being there for moral support. She notices the fire extinguisher and they fill her in on the fire the day before. They cannot get any new wiring in meantime but have the extinguisher just in case. Coco tells Sally that even without Thomas she knows she can pull this off. No one, not even big bad Bill is going to stop her now. The non-electrician tells Sally that his suggestion is the same as yesterday – just turn off the power and get out of the building until they can get it re-wired. Bill tells Justin he wants the building gone. He wants it quick and clean and no one killed, but get rid of Spectra Fashions. He wants them to disappear. Sally tells her troops again she is so grateful for their never-ending support and they are all ready for tomorrow. Somehow they survived Bill the first time. Now is their big moment – Spectra Fashions is here to stay. They all grab their coats and purses to go out and celebrate, leaving Sally behind to turn out the lights and shut the door. Liam thanks Steffy for not being mad at him. He thinks Sally deserves her chance so let her do it without more interference from Bill. Suddenly as Bill broods but with a smile on his face, Spectra Fashions breaks out with a huge fire.




Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi was upset when she found out Chad and Abby were getting married. Marlena and John talked about what Hattie did to them. Anjelica and Hattie went to Bonnie’s room and saw Lucas in the bed. Anjelica was upset when she found out what Bonnie did. Bonnie didn’t want to walk away from Lucas. Nicole and Gabi ran into each other and they talked about Chad and Abby getting married. They also talked about Deimos’ murder. Gabi wanted Deimos’ murderer to get away with it. John wondered if Marlena remembered if Hattie said she was working with someone. Marlena asked him who could come up with plans and let others carry them out. Eric and Jennifer talked about Lucas’ drinking problem. They were worried about him. Anjelica reminded Bonnie again that she and Adrienne were different. Bonnie told her that Lucas realized that he wasn’t Adrienne, but she was able to cover it up. Bonnie thought that Anjelica was wrong to do her plan because he started drinking again. Marlena thought Stefano was responsible for what happened. John suspected someone else might be responsible. Bonnie and Hattie warned Anjelica not to talk to t hem the way she was. Gabi went to see Abby and saw her with Chad. Gabi saw Abby’s ring and Chad told her he should have said something to her about it.

Nicole read that there weren’t any new leads on Deimos’ murder. Eric and Jennifer talked about Brady being jealous of him being around Nicole. John thought Alex North could have did it. Marlena thought it was possible until they crossed him off the list. Hattie and Bonnie threatened to tell Justin what Anjelica did. Gab left Abby’s room so Abby suggested that Chad talk to her. Chad went to Gabi and she pretended to be okay. Gabi realized that Chad belonged with Abby. She wanted to handle it her way. Anjelica apologized to Hattie and Bonnie. Anjelica reminded them about Andre and Maggie. Hattie reminded Anjelica that she didn’t get Roman. Anjelica told them that they would go back to prison if didn’t help her. John realized that he and Marlena weren’t the targets. Anjelica told Hattie and Bonnie that they were the ones who kidnapped Marlena and Adrienne. Anjelica said her hands were clean. Bonnie told her that she would go to Justin and the plan would be done. Anjelica didn’t think Justin would believe her. Bonnie showed her the “bible” with her DNA all over it. Anjelica and Bonnie fought over the book. John promised Marlena that he would get them out of the sanitarium. Bonnie and Anjelica fought until Anjelica fell down. Hattie checked her pulse and she was dead.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nina promises Valentin she will have his answer tonight at dinner. He leaves and Nelle comes in to help her find a dress. Later, however a model calls complaining and Nina realizes the two of them have to go to Morocco. Lulu tries to have a romantic night with Dante involving her dressed like a ball player with hotdogs and ribs. They end up kissing passionately but Valentin shows up with Charlotte. He says that something major came up and he has to go for the evening. He wants the two of them to share custody though. He feels that he deserves to be in Charlotte’s life. Lulu is annoyed with him after he leaves. She feels that Valentin is trying to manipulate things. She doesn’t want Charlotte to know who Valentin really is this young though. Dante thinks that things will work out.

Dillon tries to get Kiki to spend time with him. She is too busy studying though. Dillon gets naked but Kiki still wants to study. Nina calls him up telling him he is going to Morocco with her and Nelle. He tells Kiki that he wants her to com. Kiki is too busy though. Dillon understands and tells her she better ace her test. Michael offers Ned a job at ELQ. He isn’t sure how he feels about it though. Michael has to go pick up Nelle from work. He shows up and Nelle has to leave. Michael wants to go with her. Ned calls and wants to take him up on his offer. Michael asks if he can run things while he is gone. In court, Julian is found guilty. He wants to be booked now instead of later. He will be there for 20 years. Alexis cries hysterically. Ava is there with Griffin. After Julian leaves a reporter shows up harassing Ava and Griffin pushes over the camera man. Griffin thought that Ava handled things very well even with him there.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nick and Sharon tried to help Faith warm up to Nick's new living arrangement at Chelsea's. Faith let it slip that she knew Nikki left Victor, but she didn't tell her parents how she knew. Sharon decided that it wasn't the right time for Scott to meet Faith. Sharon second guessed her decision to let Nick take Faith first. Scott urged Sharon to trust her instincts about what was best for Faith. Chelsea confronted Victor when he wouldn't let her take the bedroom set Chelsea designed for Faith to the penthouse. Victor accused Chelsea of using the bedroom set to buy Faith's acceptance. Chelsea made an unsuccessful attempt to convince Victor to change the way he reacted to Nick. Victor predicted that Faith would come to the ranch when she found life with Nick and Chelsea intolerable. Nick brought Faith to the penthouse, and everyone tried to settle in to the new situation. Faith secretly called Victor, who encouraged her to tell Nick how she truly felt. Faith lashed out at Nick and accused him of ruining her life by leaving the ranch. Jack and Ashley talked about the impressive work Dina was doing at Jabot. Jack told Ashley about overhearing Dina and John argue about Dina's affair with Brent Davis. Ashley and Ravi were uncomfortable when Jack asked about their evening at the cabin. Dina and Abby talked about Abby moving to the ranch and about Zack. Abby asked why Dina left her family, and Dina told her a bit about the affair with Brent. Billy told Phyllis that he wasn't going to get revenge on Jack. Phyllis and Billy had a disagreement over whether Victoria bore any responsibility for her public humiliation. Phyllis was frustrated that Victoria hadn't hired any new employees yet. Billy assured Phyllis that he'd have more time for her soon. Phyllis griped about Dina working at Jabot. Billy offered Dina a ride to work. She accepted. Billy followed Dina to her suite, and he stole her Jabot computer password. Billy made an unsuccessful attempt to access Jabot's files. Ashley was concerned when she learned about Dina and Abby's discussion. Dina promised that she'd never tell Abby the truth about Brent. Ashley didn't want Abby to ever know the truth. Dina said she didn't regret her affair with Brent because it resulted in Ashley. Ravi might have overheard Dina and Ashley's conversation. Abby asked Victor if Ashley ever told him anything about Dina and Brent. Victor claimed he didn't know anything, and he told Abby not to ask Ashley about it either. Phyllis vented to Jack about Victoria. Jack theorized that Victoria was monopolizing Billy's time on purpose. Jack told Phyllis that they both knew Billy couldn't be trusted.

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