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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Justin tells Jarrett that he might want to check the terms of his contract before he writes the Spectra review. Jarrett says they just need to let Sally have her chance. Grams tells Sally not to change a thing. Saul has been working on all the details for days. Thomas had nothing to do with this collection, only her. Sally says she is beginning to think they might make it this time despite Steffy and her father-in-law. Liam tells his dad that if the Spectra collection is as good as the preview Sally will do fine. They laugh among themselves about the electrifying preview until Bill pulls it out of Liam and Jarrett that there was a small electrical fire in the wall socket. Justin asks Bill if he meant it when he said if Spectra does well and Thomas finds his way back to Sally then he will accept it. That is all he can do. Bill says hell no; he did not mean what he said to Liam. The electrician who really is not an electrician says Sally cannot use that plug. The entire building needs to be re-wired. Liam laments to Steffy that he and Jarrett agree - Sally has a shot.

Steffy says Bill is not going to stop and he will not lose. Liam says well his dad says he will wish Sally well if this is a success. And she seems to be doing it. He more than sings her praises. Steffy says she does not have a problem with Sally as long as she leaves her brother alone and makes her success on her own. Bill wonders what he has to do to put that ragtag out of business. Bill grouses that he offered CJ $5 million dollars and what does he do but go crying to his mommy. Justin mentions Liam putting out the fire at Spectra and Bill says he could kiss him right now. Electrical issues – that is not something he had thought about. Sally tells Grams and Darlita that she could not do this alone. She worried if she could do this on her own when Thomas left, but says she has the most loyal and dedicated team in the business and they are doing this for all the people who have been pushed around. She is a Spectra and she has heard that her entire life until she started to believe it. But Spectra Fashions will rise again. Bill talks to Sky. That building is a dump and that fashion show is not going to happen. His dream will come true, one that will grace the skyline forever. Spectra Fashions and those Bozos who occupy it now are not going to stand in the way. This time next week he will be standing in that parking lot with a photographer and a gold shovel. He tells Justin he knows what has to happen now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby was talking to Jennifer about the wedding until she noticed she was distracted. Jennifer told her that she was thinking about Lucas. Lucas showed up at the inn to see Bonnie. She wanted him to leave, but he stayed. He started to see double so he wanted to sit. He almost fell and knocked her book on the floor. He saw that her book had info about everyone. Anjelica met with Hattie at the park. Hattie told her that John followed her and found Marlena. She also told her that she locked John in the sanitarium with Marlena. Anjelica thought that was a bad idea. Marlena thought about when John was in the room with her. She told John how she ended up in the sanitarium. Marlena wondered what happened to John. Victor asked Brady why Eric wasnít in jail. He told him that he was wrong about Nicole and Eric having an affair. Victor thought she would still hurt him. Victor didnít think Eric should get away with two murders. Brady told Victor that Eric didnít do it.

Abby was able to understand what ďAdrienneĒ was going through even though she felt sorry for Lucas. Bonnie begged Lucas to give her back her book. He wanted to know if she had a file on him. She told him that it was hard to get over the past. Lucas kissed her and she kissed him back. Marlena remembered the guards grabbing John. Victor realized that Brady was covering for Nicole. Brady admitted that Nicole killed Deimos. He told Victor what happened between Nicole and Deimos. Anjelica was afraid that John would tell the people at the asylum the truth and their plan was ruined. Hattie wasnít worried about that. The guards took John because Hattie told them that John had split personalities. Bonnie and Lucas had sex. Lucas realized something was different with her. He knew she wasnít Adrienne. She was able to entice him so he didnít care that she wasnít Adrienne. Victor was glad that Nicole did what Xander couldnít do, but he couldnít forgive her for what she did to Sonny. Brady was willing to say he did it. Victor caved and agreed to keep quiet. Brady had to hold on to the amulet. Victor told him that he was the one who had to save Nicole. Anjelica and Hattie went to see Bonnie and saw Lucas passed out in the bed. Marlena found out that John was in the next room from her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Anna comes to visit Finn. She finds him in Hayden’s office. She actually wanted to see Hayden and can wait until she gets back. She sees that Finn is waiting for her too. Lucy shows up and asks if Finn still wants the house considering that Hayden left town. Finn gets angry and tells her that he does. Lucy leaves. Anna is so sorry and didn’t realize that Hayden had left. She asks him about the diamond. Finn knows nothing. He suggests that she talk with Hayden’s father. Hayden’s father is not taking visitors. She suggests that Finn come along and maybe he will listen to reason. Valentin shows up in Nina’s office along with Charlotte who is taking a dance class downstairs. Charlotte wants to know why Nina divorced Valentin if they were in love. She feels that love should be enough to keep two people together. Nina thinks it was complicated. Charlotte wants them to all live together again. Later alone, Valentin wonders if Nina will come back to him and Charlotte. Nina will give him an answer over dinner.

Carly is angry not as Sam but at Sonny and Jason. She could almost forgive Sonny for being shot but not Jason. He has been her best friend for 20 years. She thinks that they have a connection. Jason feels that things are different now that he is married. Carly guesses she will have to accept that. Jason and Sam leave. Carly just thinks that things are so different with Jason now but she has no choice but to accept that. Jason tells Sam that things will be fine and she is not to be blamed. Sam just wonders if the connection they once shared has been lost. Jason doesn’t think that is the case at all. In court, Julian decides to put himself on the stand. Scott doesn’t think that is a good idea. Alexis feels that it might be though. Scott allows it and Julian tells his side of the story. The judge goes into recess but then Scott quickly gets a text saying that court will be back in session within a half hour.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club bar, Hilary warns Cane about Lily and Jordan spending so much together and it may just develop into something. Jordan walks Lily to her house and they discuss them going back to work. Both Jordan and Lily get texts that they will be going on the road. Nick explains to Sharon about him moving out of the ranch and how it will affect Faith when she comes home. Tessa goes to check on Crystal but finds the hotel room empty and before she can leave, one of the "goons" stops her. Mariah joins Noah at the Underground and they discuss Tessa's whereabouts. Victor visits Faith at camp and tells her what is going on at the ranch and how that Nick had moved out and had moved in with Chelsea. Neil and Devon fill Mattie on the layouts and thanks her for the good job she is doing there. Hilary warns Cane about Lily and Jordan getting too close when Mattie comes downstairs. Cane tries to get her to eat dinner with him but Mattie tells him that Lily is cooking dinner. Jordan answers lily's door and it is Charlie, who is texting. Charlie and Jordan get to talking about photography which interests Charlie. They discuss Charlie's trying out for football but that Lily is against it. Lily assures him she will be at his games. Tessa demands answers about Crystal from the goon but he refuses to tell her where Crystal is. He finally gives in and lets Tessa talk to Crystal.

Mattie and Cane take a table and try to talk civilly but Mattie sees through this and wonders why he is being so chummy since he wouldn't let her see Reed. Mattie gets up and leaves. Devon and Hilary have a civil conversation just like they used to did before everything messed up between them. Hilary tells him that she had enjoyed talking to him just like they used to did. Sharon tells Nick that she is happy for him about moving in with Chelsea. Tessa joins Mariah and Noah at the Underground but she will not let them know what had happened.

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