The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/23/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Andre confronted Kate about kissing Roman. Andre put Kate on notice about kissing Roman. He planned on watching her. They were arguing when Chad showed up. Bonnie got out of making love to Justin by telling him that she just broke a manís heart so she couldnít go to bed with someone else. Lucas approached Eric and told him about cheating with Nicole. Eric tried to explain that it was a misunderstanding, but Lucas didnít believe him. Lucas thought Eric was in love with Nicole. Nicole didnít feel right keeping the truth from the police. Brady tried to convince her that she could keep quiet. He told her that Sonny and Chad were let off the hook so an innocent person wouldnít go to jail. Nicole believed that the police would keep investigating the crime. Justin thought Bonnie wasnít sure if she wanted him. He believed they should wait a few weeks to see if they wanted to be together. Bonnie kissed Justin. Lucas continued to point out how he and Eric loved people who wanted others. Lucas wanted to drink with Eric, but Eric tried to stop him. Lucas left the pub. Chad told Andre and Kate about remarrying Abby. Kate wondered if he was doing the right thing.

Nicole thought the curse Deimos put on her was real. Paul told Brady and Nicole that the cops only had to find the amulet and they would find the killer. Nicole got uncomfortable and walked out. Abby told Jennifer about being back with Chad. Jennifer wasnít sure if she was doing the right thing until Abby convinced her that she wanted to be with him. Kate didnít like what Chad did to Gabi. Chad told her that Gabi ended it with him. He told her that Abby was the one for him. Sonny showed up at Bonnieís room. She slipped up and called him Jackson. Sonny brushed it off when Bonnie told him that she and Justin were back together. Lucas went to the DiMera mansion. She noticed that Lucas was drunk. He told her what ďAdrienneĒ did to him. She reminded him that she would do that. Kate told Lucas that she knew Adrienne would break his heart. He knew he couldnít count on her for help. Kate wanted him to get clean. Lucas blamed Kate for why he drinks. Kate threatened to fire him if he didnít get sober. He stormed out of the mansion. Paul told Brady that he was getting married. Nicole came back in the room and assured him that nothing was going on with Eric. Brady told her not to tell Eric that she killed Deimos. Lucas showed up in Abbyís room with a bottle. Bonnie slipped up again and called Paul a football player. Sonny overlooked it and focused on his proposal. Sonny left so Bonnie told Justin that she wanted to move back in the mansion. He eventually told her that he would wait for her, but she wanted to move back to the mansion. Jennifer tried to help Lucas, but he didnít want her help. Later, Lucas showed up at Bonnieís place because he couldnít live without her. Brady ended up drinking again.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Elizabeth admires a picture that Franco painted and he comes back in the room. Elizabeth admits how much she likes it. She thinks it is different than the other ones. Franco gets a text from Ava. She is letting him have his showing. Elizabeth is excited for him. She thinks the one she likes will sell quickly. Franco isn’t going to sell that one. He admits that he painted it based on a memory he had of when he was a child. He used to have an imaginary friend that lived in an alternate universe than him but was parallel. He used to help him with things growing up such as tying his shoes. He felt like at one point there was a reality to him. Elizabeth understands and agrees he should keep it. Ned meets Alexis at the Metro Court. He wants to update his will and make Leo his son. Alexis will not be the lawyer who does that. She thinks it not be fair to Julian. She admits she still has feelings for him. She knows she shouldn’t though. Ned thinks he knows why. Alexis knows it is because her father was a bad man and never loved her so she keeps going after bad men who will. Ned promises her things will work out. He kisses her before he leaves.

Sam admits to Carly that she shot Sonny. Sonny assures her that it wasn’t her fault thought. Carly doesn’t understand because she was in the hospital when he was shot. Sam knows but she followed him and then shot him. Then she collapsed at home and Jason brought her to the hospital. She didn’t remember anything that had happened at first. Carly thinks they have an issue if the police get involved. She wants to know why Sonny and Jason never told her the truth. They have been friends for twenty years. In court, Rudge is called as a witness against Julian. He is lying on the stand claiming they were best friends and Julian was part of the inner circle while he was the hired help. Julian loses it and the judge tells him to calm down or he will be held in contempt. Scott calms him down and Campbell has no further questions.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jordan breaks up with Hilary because he thinks he has a chance with Lily after they kissed but he tells Hilary its because he doesn't want a serious relationship with her. Hilary knows the real reason and when she sees Cane she tells him that she thinks Lily and Jordan are already hooking up. Juliet tells Cane their child has a genetic marker for cystic fibrosis and since it runs in her family the baby has a twenty five percent chance of being born with cystic fibrosis. Cane tells Juliet that he is estranged from his parents and doesn't know his full medical history so when Juliet asks him to take a blood test to see if he carries the genetic marker for cystic fibrosis he agrees to do so then when he sees Lily later he tells her the news. Lily tells him he will continue to be a good father even if this baby has health issues when it is born. Tessa continues to worry about Crystal since she doesn't know her whereabouts and she continues to lean on Mariah for emotional support. Sharon sees Crystal in a jail cell at the police station since she has been arrested and when her pimp comes to bail her and another girl out of jail she follows them to learn their location but she soon loses track of the car the pimp is driving. Chelsea tells Nick that she likes taking care of her and Connor's needs and he doesn't have to pay her bills for her. Chelsea advises Nick to tell Faith about their new living arrangements at Sharon's house which is familiar to her and give her the choice of where she wants to stay. Nick thinks its best to bring her to their home and explain everything to her calmly before Victor has a chance to tell her his side of the story. Victor on the other hand since he knows Nick well decides to go to camp and visit Faith before she comes home tomorrow and tells her his side of the story and turn Faith against Nick.

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