The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/22/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke begs James to tell her the truth. She is not a doctor but wants to know if James thinks she is up to her same old tricks in trying to stay in Eric’s home. Sheila does not speak but she is thinking that he better not dare tell her. Bill asks Justin where Wyatt is as he needs a report. Nothing could be more important than mergers and discussing it with his old man. Wyatt is in bed with Katie and I assure you they are not thinking about reports. Bill tells Justin that he has not seen Will in a few days so he thinks he will pop in and see his son. Brooke keeps badgering James and he says he will tell her the same thing he told Eric. He thinks it will be better if no ambulance comes to take Sheila to hospital yet she needs a few more days of bed rest. Brooke finally says okay she will go but just know that she will be back and she wants Sheila gone. Sheila gets out of bed and tells James he better play along because she will not think twice about revealing his dirty little secret. He better do as she says or he will pay. He wants to know what is in this for her. Wyatt defies Katie that she is not boring. He has gotten to know her in a brand new way and she has a sense of knowing who she is…..and seriously she is an incredible woman and probably not fully appreciated until now. Brooke asks where Quinn is and Eric says she went for a run as she is trying to stay away from Sheila as much as possible. Brooke says she knows he was upset with Quinn and going to divorce her but then she came back home so she wants to make sure he is okay. He says she was totally loyal and supportive until she turned to Ridge and he believes her that it will never happen again. But he honestly thought Quinn had killed Sheila when he walked in and found Sheila on the floor. Brooke says he cannot forget everything Sheila has done and forgive her for everything. Sheila goes on that Quinn had an affair and not just with anyone but with his son. That is why she needs to protect him. James tells her she does not have a chance with Eric so get that out of her mind. She says she will have her chance and her portrait will hang over that fireplace. She will make it happen!

Bill slips into Katie’s house and only moments before Katie hears him and manages to get Wyatt to scoot off to the bathroom and hide. Bill is surprised to find her all cuddled in bed and wonders if she is feeling badly. She smiles and says no. Quite the opposite she feels just fine. He sees the clothes and realizes a man must be there. He says that is okay; he just hopes he will like him. Katie grins and says she can easily say she thinks he will. Eric tells Brooke that he appreciates her interest but in a few days Sheila will be gone. Brooke says she will be back and she hopes Sheila is gone for good then. James scoffs that Sheila thinks her portrait will hang in this house. She says Eric loved her once and he will love her again when he sees the woman she is trying to be and she is better than Quinn. Life is not just worth living without Eric. James says there is no way Quinn is going to allow that. She laments that she is Quinn’s worst nightmare in more ways than one. Her days are numbered and it is just a matter of time before Quinn will be the one to leave. Bill chides Katie but gives her a thumbs up when he leaves. She throws something at him. Katie tells Wyatt that Bill still has a key so she will have to do something about that. On the way out Bill spies a Spencer folder on the kitchen cabinet and begins to wonder how or who put it there.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve went to see Adrienne so Bonnie had to brush up on Adrienneís history with him. He talked to her about Joey, but she kept slipping up. Steve didnít question it. Joey talked to Roman about going to prison. Kayla overheard them. She said she was okay with him going to prison now. Joey didnít want them breaking up. Theo went to see Abe at the station. Jennifer wanted answers from Hope about Abeís arrest. Julie was upset with Eli for arresting Abe. He told her that he didnít want to do it. Kayla wasnít sure how things will work with Steve. Abe denied the charges against him. Theo asked him if he took his laptop to help Dario. Eli defended what he did to Abe. Julie told Eli that he turned his family. Jennifer couldnít believe Hope was investigating Abe. Justin showed up and said he wanted to represent Abe. Hope told them that Abe didnít want Justin as his lawyer. Justin told Hope and Jennifer that he and Adrienne were back together. They were surprised to hear the news. Steve told Bonnie that Kayla kicked him out because of Joey. She told him that Kayla would get over it. He wanted her to go to Joeyís party. She didnít think she should go. Steve wanted her to go and told her Lucas was invited. She let him know that she broke up with Lucas and that sheís back with Justin.

Abe denied working with Dario. Eli told Julie that Raines was the one who wanted Hope to arrest Abe. Hope advised Justin not to rush into anything with Adrienne so he wouldnít get hurt. Steve arrived at the pub and Kayla was very chilly towards him. Steve let Kayla know that he made calls to make sure that Joey was safe at the prison. Steve realized he didnít think how Tripp would impact their family. Steve expressed how much he loved her and how he couldnít lose her again. Kayla was willing to forgive Steve and didnít want to deal with Joey alone Eli showed up at the station and wanted to know if Abeís story changed. Raines let him know that it didnít change. Raines wanted the FBI to find a way to make the charges stick. Hope and Eli exchanged weird looks. Bonnie showed up at the pub. Jennifer asked her about dumping Lucas. Bonnie was cold to Jennifer when she explained why she dumped Lucas. Justin arrived at the pub and kissed Bonnie. Eli went to check on Abe. Eli revealed that Abeís arrest was a set up. Abe revealed that Raines was Darioís partner. Bonnie and Justin went back to her room. He wanted to make love, but she stopped him. Steve and Kayla took Joey to prison.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Elizabeth calls Franco to let him know she gets off of work soon. She cannot wait to see him at his studio and look at his art together. Meanwhile, Franco has shown up at Ava’s house. He tells her that it was Kiki’s idea. Ava is reluctant to let him in but does. Franco explains he wants to do an exhibit at her gallery. Ava explains her gallery is closed and she has no staff. Franco thinks it can be a popup event. He wants to sell all his paintings. Ava admits she will think about it but she isn’t sure. She looks at Valentin’s business card after he leaves and then calls the bank. She calls to move funds to the gallery and then calls Franco. At the hospital, Elizabeth runs into Sam. She wants him to know that Franco is moving in. Jason is not ok with this. Elizabeth insists that he should be because they all love Jake. She wants Jason to get over the fact that Franco did bad things to Sam. She believes it all happened because of his illness and he needs to accept that. Jordan shows up and Elizabeth leaves. Jordan wants to know if Jason had anything to do with the gun that shot Sonny disappearing. Jason claims he didn’t.

Valerie runs into Kristina at Perks and tells her she is going on a blind date. Kristina wants to catch up later. Valerie meets up with Stella and finds out her blind date is Curtis. The two explain to Stella their past and Stella is disappointed in Curtis once she finds out the entire story. Curtis later runs into Jordan at the hospital. They talk for a few minutes but Jordan leaves. Alexis goes to Sonny’s house to talk about his shooting and Sam. Kristina overhears what they are talking about and tells them that they shouldn’t be discussing her business. Alexis says they are talking about Sam. Kristina decides not to bring it up then. Alexis wonders why they would talk about Parker and hopes she isn’t talking to her still. Kristina feels it is her life and she shouldn’t get involved. Alexis storms out angry with Kristina. Carly is with Joss at the Metro Court and tells her she cannot see Oscar anymore. Joss goes into the bathroom angry. Alexis shows up and talks to Carly about raising children. Carly later comes to a realization and tells Joss she can see Oscar. At Sonny’s house, Sam shows up and tells him she cannot lie anymore. Carly shows up and asks what the lie is. Sam admits she shot Sonny.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nikki is at the tack house with Abby. Nikki reminds Abby as to how that Victor had used Nick for his own selfish plans by letting her move in here and the way he had done Nick by letting their heated argument be televised on national television. Zach interrupts them and Abby introduces him to Nikki. Jordan joins Lily in the kitchen of Lily's home and begins to try to explain about the kiss but Lily lets him know that she is still in love with Cane. Nick gets moved in with Chelsea but they both worry as to how Faith will take the news. Jack, Billy and Phyllis discuss Benjamin Hochman and how he had failed in his endeavors to get in on the ground floor of Brash and Sassy. Billy assures them that they have another backer. Victoria confronts Mariah and Hilary about airing it on television concerning the argument that she and Benjamin Hochman had had. Mariah suggests a follow up interview with her so she can set the record straight about what really happened but Victoria refuses.

Nikki visits Jack in his office at Jabot and lets him know that Victor had threw Nick out of the tack house. Nikki asks Jack if he is only showing an interest in her to get back at Victor. Jack also asks her if she is seeing him to get back at Victor for all he had done. Jack denies this and tells her that he wants her in his life. Nikki confirms that she also wants him in her life. Abby and Zach spend some quality time together which ends up with them kissing. Chelsea puts a picture of them up on the piano and then Nick hugs her. Victoria lets Cane know that he had done her an enormous favor because she had seen his name and phone number on a slip of paper in Benjamin Hochman's hotel room Victoria bursts his bubble by telling him he is still fired. Billy tells Phyllis that he won't let Victoria's company be destroyed.

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