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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke drops in on Eric and they have differing opinions. She thinks Sheila should not be there to recover. If she has a concussion she should be in the hospital. Eric says she just needs to rest a few days and he is not forgetting her past but he is willing to take that risk. Brooke is suspicious and wants to see Sheila for herself. Eric says okay but he was just up there. Sheila is up and talking on phone to Beatrice about how busy she has been and she missed some sittings for her portrait but she will get paid and all will be well. She tells Beatrice that she has another call coming in and it turns out to be James who says he cannot do what Sheila wants him to. She says he damn well better keep lying or she will expose him. Sheila hears Eric and Brooke coming up the stairs and jumps back in the bed pretending to be asleep. Eric knocks then goes on in and Sheila does not budge even when both call her name. Brooke tells her to open her eyes. Sheila tells herself she will pretend to be asleep and they will go away. But Brooke talks louder and tells Sheila that she knows she hurt herself and must rest but it cannot be here. And she is not leaving until she talks to her. Two doctors have examined her and said she is in no danger so she cannot stay here. Pretending to be groggy Sheila asks Brooke what she wants. Brooke says to get her up and moving; she cannot stay here. Brooke tells Eric to go take care of Quinn and she will handle Sheila. She tells Sheila again to get moving as she will not let her put Eric in this position. However when Sheila follows Brooke’s orders she feigns a fall on rubbery legs so Eric makes her get back in bed. He says James is at the front gate with some medication so he will let him in.

Liam laments to Steffy that if his dad did not come up with this ridiculous scheme that Thomas would not be in New York right now with Caroline. She comments that lying does not make her feel good either but seeing Thomas with his son does. Thomas is a good father and if this is what it takes to get him to see his son then it cannot be bad. They need to give him a little more time. She agrees they may not agree what this is doing to Sally but she has to think about Thomas, Caroline and little Douglas. And she does not want to be at odds with Liam because of his father’s lie. Wyatt comes over to Katie’s who has offered supper, but he is loaded down with papers as if he is planning on working. He asks what she is fixing as he is famished. She says it is a new recipe. Then she comes out in a sexy teddy with stockings and says she lied. They will have to order out. Wyatt is speechless. Finally he says he likes it but it was so unexpected. He likes how unpredictable she is. And she is so incredibly sexy right now. He will have to check her out more often if this is what she wears underneath her clothes. They waste no time in making it to the bedroom and start taking off each other’s clothes. Lovemaking is bliss. Katie says this is a pretty big deal with her. She gave her heart away once and pretty much got it stomped on. He echoes that sentiment. But says he has no doubt their time is now. Brooke wants to stay while James examines Sheila. Sheila does not talk but is making grimacing faces where Brooke cannot see her. She is thinking that James better not let her stay. James completes his examination and says Sheila seems to be improving and under no stress so the recent fall did no harm. But with all involved he would not recommend moving her. And if all goes well he will not have to come back. Brooke starts in harder for him to ask more questions or examine Sheila more. She demands to know the truth if Sheila is really needing this care or manipulating Eric into staying here. She wants to know if James is helping or protecting Sheila.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad proposed to Abby. Roman and Kate kissed and Andre saw them. He walked out of the pub when he saw them kiss. Nicole held on to the amulet and had a memory of holding it in Eric’s room. Marlena wanted John to get her out of the asylum. John went to Hattie’s door to find out why he kissed Roman. Abby was surprised by Chad’s proposal. Nicole continued to have flashes of the night Deimos was killed. Nicole remembered Deimos coming towards her and grabbing the knife. She said Deimos provoked her. Deimos told her that he was why she lost Holly. John walked into Hattie’s room, but she didn’t want to talk. She wanted him to accept that they were over, but he didn’t want to do it. Anjelica found Bonnie shopping and told her that she should have been at Sonny’s hearing. Sonny was about to propose to Paul, but Justin showed up to tell Sonny that he was free. Abby told Chad that his proposal sounded wonderful, but she couldn’t marry him. Chad was hurt that Abby couldn’t marry him because she’s still married. Roman talked to Kate about wanting love in his life. She thought he wanted her back. Justin and Sonny were worried because Adrienne wasn’t at the hearing. Anjelica demanded that Bonnie go to the courthouse. Hattie called Anjelica to tell her she was done playing Marlena. Nicole continued to remember things Deimos said to her. He let her know that she wouldn’t see Holly because he was taking her. Deimos cursed Nicole with the amulet. He was going to leave to get Holly. Nicole was determined to stop him from taking Holly. She grabbed the knife and they fought over it. He slapped her and she stabbed him. She told Brady that she killed Deimos.

Nicole explained to Brady how she stabbed Deimos and watched him die. She remembered throwing the amulet in a corner. Brady remembered finding it in a corner. Abby told Chad that she would marry him. Kate reminded Roman that she was married. Roman knew the marriage wasn’t real. Kate turned down the chance to be with him. Anjelica was able to convince Hattie to stick with the plan. Hattie told her that Marlena called John. Anjelica wanted Hattie to go to the sanitarium to deal with Marlena. Bonnie went to the station and saw Justin. Justin told Bonnie that Sonny was free. Bonnie let Justin know that she dumped Lucas to be with him. Bonnie told Justin that she wanted him back and hoped he wanted her too. Abby wanted to get an annulment before they got married. Chad realized that he had to go. John followed Hattie around. Nicole was upset that she was the killer. She wanted to go to the police, but Brady didn’t want her to come forward. He said she would lose Holly for good. Sonny proposed to Paul while they were in bed. John followed Hattie to the asylum and found Marlena. He went in the room and hugged her. Marlena told him that Hattie was responsible for what happened. Hattie locked John in the room with Marlena. Nicole wanted to turn herself in, but Brady didn’t want her to do it. Justin wanted Bonnie back and kissed her. Paul accepted Sonny’s proposal. Chad brought Abby’s ring to put on her finger.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

GH did not air today due to ABC's coverage of solar eclipse

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

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