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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Bill that she is surprised that he has confided in her about his plan for Spectra. Bill laments that her husband better get in on the plan too and not sabotage it or he will be out of the business and perhaps family too. Liam tells Sally that he does not follow his father’s marching orders. He wants to hear more of her side of the story. She says she needs Thomas here but she is not going to call him back. She just hopes she has a legitimate chance now against his dad. Liam cannot assure her that but says he will write an honest article. Brooke stops by and Eric tells her that Quinn is holed up designing and they now have a houseguest as Sheila is in the guest room. James examines Sheila and asks if she is being truthful as it looks like all her vitals are fine and it is time for her to be moved from this house. Sally tells Liam that she has had to do a lot of things on her own. She was raised in a troublesome household and then raised by her Grams and she pretty much raised Coco. This is nothing like what Caroline is going through but she has had her share of tough breaks. Brooke shows her dismay that Sheila is there. Eric says he could not bring himself to throw her out and it will only be a short time. James tells Sheila that it is apparent that she is able to leave this house but also apparent that she does not want to. He says again there is no reason she cannot leave so he will go tell Eric. Sheila says not so quick, doctor, that is if he still wants to be a doctor. Bill tells Steffy that he has an appointment. She can stay but just watch out for his Sky. Sally shows Liam her designs which he says are real good. She says without Thomas she feels so empty and under a lot of pressure. She feels like she is just sitting here waiting for Caroline to die so Thomas can come back to her and that is so ugly. Liam sides with her and says he will give her a fair piece. She says great as she is listening to her inner voice and her Aunt Sally and nothing will stop her unless it is his father.

Sheila tells James that James does not know how terrible a person this Quinn is and she will not leave Eric here alone with her. She says she is not ready to leave the house and he repeats again that she is. Sheila says then he needs to change his opinion. She knows from their daughter, Mary, that he is not practicing anymore and the reason is that he is addicted to painkillers. She’d hate for them to find that out. Liam tells Steffy that this is wrong, really wrong. Douglas will be in Thomas’s life no matter where he is living. She shows him a picture of the happy family, Caroline, Thomas and Douglas and asks him not to disturb that. Sally is getting just what she deserves. James tells Sheila that he is in recovery and doing well. This is now blackmail. She says yes she will go to the medical board and tell them how he abused his license and he will not be able to get his pills again, so if he cannot help her then she will not help him. Eric comes in and James gives Eric his diagnosis. With Sheila in the background and nodding her head no, James tells Eric that for now he thinks it would be best for Sheila to stay here. If they sent her to hospital to recuperate an ambulance would have to come get her and then the press would get a hold of it and more would be told than Eric would want to deal with. Sheila is relieved; she worked her magic again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole thought Brady was talking about her having an affair with Eric when he knew what happened. Roman was surprised when Hattie kissed him. He tried to stop her when she kissed him again. Hattie told him that she should have chosen him. Sonny and Chad talked about how they wanted the judge to believe that they were innocent. Chloe went to Eric and talked about Deimosí murder as well as Hollyís custody situation. Brady wanted to know how she found out that he thought she was having an affair. They ended up arguing over Eric. She shoved the pics at Brady. Paul showed up while Sonny and Chad were talking about being innocent of Deimosí murder. John ran into Kate and told her that Marlena dumped him. Roman admitted that he thought about being with her, but he didnít want to be with her. Hattie asked him if he felt the old magic from their kiss. He didnít feel it. He said that something felt off. Chloe wondered if Eric had feelings for Nicole. Brady saw that the pictures were innocent. Nicole told him that the pictures were for Holly. She finally told him that she forgave Eric. He asked her why she waited to tell him. She let him know that she waited because of the way he was acting now.

Kate tried to convince John that Marlena loved him. He thought something was off about her. Roman told Hattie that they were different people. Hattie tried to convince Roman that she wanted to be with him. Roman wanted her to be with John because there would never be anything between them. Hattie stormed off and walked by John as if she didnít see him. Eric confessed that he loved Nicole. Chloe wondered if Eric would keep his feelings to himself. Brady told Nicole that Eric killed Deimos. Roman explained to John that Marlena was mad because of the disagreement they had. Roman told John that they kissed. John punched Roman in the face. Nicole didnít want to believe that Eric killed Deimos until he showed her the amulet. Chad went to Abby to tell her that he was free. Roman yelled at John that he didnít kiss her and he told her to go find him. John apologized for hitting him. He went to look for Marlena. Chad told Abby and Andre that Sonny was the one who saved the day with his testimony.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ava has a fantasy about Griffin and her having sex but wakes up before anything happens. Kiki shows up and asks if she is ok. Ava claims she hasn’t been sleeping and might have a fever. Kiki thinks she does and wants her to go see a doctor. Ava doesn’t want to see Griffin. Kiki says they can go see another doctor then. They go to the hospital and Ava is examined. Kiki gets a text and asks if Griffin can take Ava home. He agrees. Franco and Elizabeth go to his studio where he says he is getting his paintings shipped to him. He doesn’t want Elizabeth to stay though and asks for her to go to work. Elizabeth does. Franco starts painting and then stabs it. He then cuts himself and drops blood on the canvas. Kiki shows up after Franco’s paintings arrive and stops him from destroying them. She suggests he sell them if he doesn’t want them. He can use Ava. At the hospital, Ava doesn’t want Griffin to take her home. She will wait for Kiki. Griffin tells Elizabeth he thought he was getting through to Ava. Ava yells at Kiki at home and tells her not to leave her again. Kiki leaves and then Franco shows up with a proposition.

Anna and Emma has breakfast at Kelly’s. Anna wants to examine the diamond that Spencer gave her. She just wants to see if it is real or not. Emma say sure and it is excited over it. Later, Anna goes to her doctor’s appointment and asks Elizabeth if she knows anything about the diamond. She asks if it could be one of Hayden’s. Elizabeth thinks it is possible. Anna later meets with someone from the WSB who asks where she got this from. Valentin meets Nina for breakfast and tries to get back with her. He offers to do everything Nina asks of him. Valentin can do everything but promise to keep the law. He has a past that he cannot change. He will do everything else though.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Phyllis and Billy celebrated her return with a quickie in the Jabot elevator. Phyllis told Jack that she didn't want to be a part of the Brash and Sassy scheme anymore because she didn't want to hurt Billy. Jack told Phyllis that she'd have to get her hands dirty if she wanted the plan to succeed. Cane apologized to Mattie for the way he acted, but he still insisted that she stay away from Reed because Reed was trouble. Mattie dismissed Cane's warning. Neil loaned Victoria the money to save Brash and Sassy, on the condition that she give Lily her job back. Victoria happily agreed. Victoria and Neil thought about the time they dated. Mattie and Reed decided to date in secret. Jordan asked Lily to move to NY with him to find modeling work. Lily declined because of her kids. Lily told Jordan he deserved better than Hilary. Jordan admitted he had feelings for Lily. Lily and Jordan kissed. Dina touched a nerve when she told Jack about her talk with Billy. Dina turned in her new work report and passed off Graham's corrections as her own. Dina told Ashley she was optimistic that Jack would eventually mend fences with Billy. Despite Mariah's reservations, Hilary aired Victoria and Benjamin's fight for the world to see, and publicly revealed that Brash and Sassy had money troubles and that Victoria slept with Benjamin. Victoria and Benjamin were upset about their private conversation hitting the airwaves. Cane found out Benjamin wasn't going to hire him.

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