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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill welcomes Steffy into his office. He says she just missed Liam who is on his way to Spectra now. She laments that she married him because he was such a good guy so she does not like they have different views on Spectra. Liam comes in as Sally is talking to Coco and telling her again how terrible she feels for getting her in trouble at Forrester. He is not sure he should interrupt but Sally says to come on in. She asks if he is writing this piece of his to trash her and get her out of L.A. Eric looks in on Sheila in bed. He tells her they had a room a long time ago but now she is here because she may be suffering from a concussion. She says she is confused as she was having the most pleasant dream of when they were married. Eric says he has been looking in on her to make sure she doesn’t sleep too long. She will be staying here until she is better then he will send her back to her hotel or an apartment, whatever she wants. She starts to get up and he says she does not have to leave now. It is too soon but he cannot watch her 24/7 as he has a wife to attend to as well. She becomes dizzy and falls over in his arms and he puts her back in bed saying again it is a little too soon. He says he will get her some water and be back in a minute.

Steffy tells Bill that she is okay with his trying to keep Sally and Thomas apart but if he pushes Liam he might tell Sally the entire truth and he won’t get his precious Sky. Liam confides in Sally that his dad loves him but often he is a huge disappointment to him as he has a conscious and that is bad in Bill Spencer’s eyes. He rarely believes in his dad’s motives so he would like her to judge him on his own merits and not his dad’s. Eric brings the water to Sheila and she says he is being so kind. He says again it is the least he can do since all of this happened in his home and at the hands of his wife although both of them should have exercised more control over their emotions. He tells her the doctor from yesterday cannot return so he is calling in another doctor they all know. Sheila is surprised to see Dr. James Warwick. He says he will examine her and give them his opinion. Sally tells Liam this is not even a battle. Bill is a major player in the fashion industry and she is just trying to stay afloat. It is like David and Goliath. And now with Thomas gone she has to do everything to keep the doors open. He says it sounds like a lot of pressure. She says it is okay but she would like to know it is an even playing field and not with Bill still up to something to get rid of her. She needs Liam to tell her the truth.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne tried to convince a cop that she wasnít Bonnie. Hattie met with Bonnie to get ready for their plan. The police officer didnít believe Adrienne. She told him that there was a switch with Bonnie. He wanted to know how it happened. Hattie gushed over Roman to Bonnie. Bonnie wanted to know how they met. Hattie explained how she met Roman. Anjelica showed up and wanted to know what happened with Lucas. Chloe was with Lucas and he realized that Adrienne dumped him. She wanted to know if Brady was drinking with him. Brady talked to Victor about Eric killing Deimos. Victor wondered if Brady would have a problem turning Eric in to the police. Brady said it would be hard, but part of him was willing to since he was with Nicole. Victor wanted to know about his drinking. Nicole told Eric that Brady thought they were having an affair. Nicole told Eric why Brady that nothing would ever happen between them. Eric told her that someone trashed his room. Nicole asked him if he thought Brady did it. Brady wanted to go to a meeting. Victor was proud that he fought his addiction for years. Brady was determined to make Victor proud again. Chloe wanted to know if Brady was drinking with Lucas. He flashed back to being at TBD with Brady. Lucas tried to downplay what happened. Hattie ran into Roman and he advised her to work things out with John. Hattie didnít want to work it out with John.

Adrienne tried to retrace her steps and realized that Anjelica was behind her being in jail. Bonnie wondered why she couldnít be with Lucas. Anjelica didnít want her with him because he would have noticed the differences in their bodies. She wanted her to focus on the plan. Chloe listened to Lucas while he talked about how hard his life has been. Lucas decided to stop drinking. Roman didnít understand how Hattie could throw away her life with John. Hattie recapped what happened with how she hooked up with John. She said that she regretted what she did to him. The cop didnít know who Anjelica was. Adrienne realized that her latte was spiked. Anjelica gave Bonnie tips on how to handle Justin. Bonnie thought she could make love to Justin, but Anjelica didnít want that. She wanted to pick up the pieces. Chloe showed up at the Kiriakis mansion to see Brady. She wanted to talk about his drinking. Eric talked to Nicole about nothing being out of his room. He wanted to go to the police, but she wanted to talk to Brady first. Victor told Chloe that Brady was with him all night. Brady confirmed the story. Hattie slipped up and forgot that Eric and Sami were twins. Roman didnít really pick up on it. They ended up talking about raising their family. Bonnie ran into Lucas and begged her for another chance. Bonnie couldnít give Lucas another chance. Adrienne pleaded with the cop to call Justin. He was getting annoyed with her and threatened to put her in solitary. Hattie kissed Roman. Nicole found Brady and wanted to know where he was going. He yelled at her and told her to ask Eric.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Felicia and Mac show up at the Metro Court for lunch with Anna and Emma. Mac doesn’t want Anna finding out about them in the park because she will never let them see Emma again. Felicia doesn’t think that will happen but goes along with it. Anna shows them all baby pictures and Felicia has to go meet Bobbie. Anna wants them all to get together soon to catch up on the gossip of PC. Emma goes to talk to a boy on the phone. Mac gives Anna a flash drive of all the thins Valentin has been up to since she left. Mac assumes that Anna is going to give up on Valentin. She spent a year of her life trying to take him down. Amy finds Nathan at Kelly’s and they discuss how their summers have gone. Amy has been taking care of Chet. She missed Nathan. Nathan missed her. He tells her all about Mac and Felicia as well as Maxie being adamant about finding out about who Man Landers is. Felicia shows up at Kelly’s and thanks Nathan for what he did for her and Mac. She later sees Amy and Nathan hugging outside and clearly suspects something.

Maxie is in Portland and watching Georgie at the park with Spinelli. Maxie states she wants to expose Man Landers to get a job promotion as well as get Nathan to move here. Spinelli is hesitant because he really likes Man Landers. He will though if it helps her out. Maxie decides that instead of exposing him she wants to blackmail him to get herself a promotion. At GH, Finn begs Curtis to find Hayden. Curtis says no. He doesn’t want to find Hayden if she doesn’t want to be found. Finn leaves angry. Franco confronts Obrecht asking what she knows about Hayden. Obrecht admits she brought her ex-husband to town to mess with her. Elizabeth tells her off and Finn over hears this. He cannot believe she did this. Curtis shows up and breaks it up before either of them do anything stupid. Curtis agrees to find Hayden but he isn’t going to force her to come back home. Franco and Elizabeth go to her house and have sex.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club, Juliet joins Hilary. Hilary tells her that she had just gotten back from New York and her modeling gig. Juliet tells her that she was finally able to start wearing maternity clothes. Juliet and Hilary see Cane walk in and sit down at the bar. Juliet goes over to join him to let him know about her pregnancy. Cane lets her know that he has a job interview. Lily lets Neil know that she is basically unemployed since the trouble at Brash and Sassy. Neil asks her about her and Cane and how they are doing. Victoria joins Billy in the lab and asks if Victor is lurking around. Billy asks Victoria about the deal with Hochman but Victoria tells him that she hasn't signed the contract papers yet. At Jabot, Hochman fills Jack in on how things were going with Victoria. Jack tells him that he doesn't want it to get out that he is behind all this. Hochman tells Jack that Cane had approached him about a job and that Cane was willing to supply dirt on Brash and Sassy. At the Athletic Club, Graham joins Dina and lets her know that he had smoothed over her mistakes that she had made in an contract for Jabot. Ravi and Ashley spend time together at the cabin. Ravi lets her know that he didn't regret last night but then asks her if she was having second thoughts. Lily lets Neil know that Cane had sold his car to pay the children's college tuition. Lily also fills him in that Maddie had been seeing Reed and Cane had caught them. Neil tells Lily that she should forgive Cane. Cane and Juliet discuss his job offer. Jack tells Hochman that he was about to hire Cane but at the last minute had backed out. Jack urges Hochman to close the deal with Victoria. Victoria tells Billy that she wants to look through the contract with Hochman one more time. Ashley lets Ravi know that she has no regrets about last night. Dina gets a text from Jack that he needs to see her as soon as she comes in. Jack gets a call about Brash and Sassy and their lease. Cane meets with Hochman in his hotel room and wants Hochman to hire him but Hochman demands that Cane gives him the dirt on Brash and Sassy. Cane refuses to do this until he is hired. Cane leaves him his name and phone number where he can be reached. Billy offers to help Victoria with the contract when Jack joins them with a new lease agreement and also a raise in the rent. At the Athletic Club, Hilary tells Lily about the photo shoot and how that Lily once had it all but just look at her now. Victoria gets more than a little upset when Jack raises their rent without notifying them first. Dina gets off the elevator and meets up with Billy, who gives her a grand tour of Brash and Sassy. Dina wants a rundown on what they are working on but Billy refuses to tell her anything. Ravi and Ashley arrive back at work at Jabot and Jack immediately tells her about the mistake that Dina had made. Victoria meets with Hochman in his hotel room and sees Cane's name and phone number on a slip of paper on the desk .Victoria demands answers. Victoria becomes angry and tears up the contract with Hochman. He follows her out into the corridor where Hilary is lurking behind a closed door with her phone and gets a major scoop on Victoria and Hochman.

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