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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tries to reason with Eric that Sheila isn’t as bad as he thinks and cannot stay with them. If she is, then she needs to be in a hospital. She is not taking the blame for all of this. Sheila herself says she does not need to go to the hospital. But Eric says he remembers all she has done in the past but he just wants to pay her back for her kindness since she has been back in L.A. so she stays here until she recovers. Liam drops in on Bill while he is with Brooke. Bill gloats that Spectra is going down while his Sky is going up. CJ stops in at Spectra and says he gave Sally a decent shot to make this work, but it didn’t and now he has no choice but to close her down. He asks why has Thomas left her in this critical time. She says he will return but he needs a place to come home to. This is not how his mother raised him. This is not the time to jump off the Spectra train. Do not take that offer from Bill. He knows what he has to do. Eric says he is going to check in on Quinn but he wants to show Sheila how to use the intercom and says she can find anything she wants in the kitchen. She was helpful to him and he can do the same for her. She says he has helped her believe in herself. Sally explains to Grams and Saul what might be happening. Grams wonders if having Thomas here would help….call him and get him back to this dust post. Sally says Thomas will come back when he can but until then they are on their own.

Liam has to admit that he told Steffy and she told him to forget all of this. CJ comes back and Bill asks if things went badly with Sally. CJ says she did not sign; he is giving her one more chance to keep Spectra afloat. She has another showing on board. Eric tells Quinn that he will keep his eyes on Sheila and if she does anything wrong then she is gone. He will never completely trust her but he can give her a place to stay for something that Quinn caused. She says there has to be another solution. He promises it will only be a short time and then he will send Sheila on her way. He can handle her. To herself Quinn says she will handle Sheila first. Liam cannot believe his ears that CJ is turning down Bill’s first very generous offer plus an extra $5 million tax free dollars. CJ thinks Spectra deserves another chance so Bill throws him out. He tells Liam that without Thomas one more shot and they still will fail miserably. So now to Plan B. Caroline cannot be cured until that building is his. The group rejoice as Sally tells them that CJ is giving them one more chance. Quinn goes to Sheila’s room and says she will not get away with this. Just how long is this recuperation going to last; Eric is never going to take her back. Nobody is buying that she has changed or prison has made her better. She will see to it that she will recover and be out of their lives. Sheila says she will be watching her too, the cheating wife. She knows Quinn as she was her at one time and she knows she will do something to prove she is not worthy. Sheila tells her not to ever underestimate her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eli told Hope about Dario’s partner. He revealed the partner off screen. They were surprised by the person’s identity. Abe was leaving a tip when Valerie showed up. She wanted to know what was wrong. Kayla was okay with Tripp agreeing to keep quiet about what Joey did. Joey wanted to know what Steve thought about it. Abe told Valerie about the work Theo was doing for the DiMeras. Hope and Rafe showed up while Abe was talking to Valerie. Steve said he supported Joey’s original decision. Kayla went off on Steve because she thought he wanted Joey to go to prison. Steve tried to explain what he was doing, but she wasn’t willing to listen. JJ approached Raines about Lani’s job when Eli showed up, Eli told Raines that there was a development in Dario’s care. Rafe and Hope found Abe and arrested him. Joey and Kayla went outside to talk. Kayla told him that everything would be okay if he didn’t turn himself in to the police. Raines wanted to know if Eli had proof that Dario’s partner was in Salem. Eli wanted Lani to prepare himself for what happened. Abe wanted to know why he was being arrested. Rafe told him that he was named as Dario’s partner. Valerie didn’t want to believe that Abe was involved. Hope read Abe his rights before they took him to the station.

Abe got to the station and denied the charges against him. Abe told Eli that he fell for Dario’s lie and let Dario go free. Steve wanted to know why Tripp had a change of heart about what happened. Tripp explained why he changed his mind. Joey didn’t like how Kayla tried to emotionally blackmail him. He wanted to pay for what he did, but Kayla insisted that he live his life. He said he wanted to turn himself in to the police. Raines was surprised that Abe was involved. Abe told them that Dario lied. Valerie showed up at the station to defend Abe. Lani and JJ also defended Abe to Eli, but he believed that he did it. Eli wanted to hold Abe for 48 hours until they got proof. Joey went down memory lane with Kayla. Valerie wanted to know how Eli could do that to Abe. Eli apologized to Valerie. Abe threatened to sue the entire police department once he was proven innocent. Steve talked to Tripp about how he held the scalpel to Kayla and Joey’s throats. Steve wanted to kill Tripp, but he was family. Joey asked Kayla if she would let him do the right thing and go to the police. Rafe offered Valerie an apology, but she didn’t want to hear it. She thought Eli wanted an apology, but he wanted her jewelry. She threw them on the floor. Hope took Eli to be booked. Joey let Steve know that he wanted to go to the police.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ava rubs lavender oil on Griffin sensually and is clearly turned on by him. Ava thinks that he is very good looking and that he is perfect. Griffin doesn’t believe that is the case. Ava thinks that he is a saint. Griffin feels he is far from it. Ava asks him about his time with Claudette. Griffin says he would have left the priesthood to have a family with her but didn’t obviously. Griffin leaves and Valentin calls. Ava is not going to help him out even if her face could return to normal. Ava dreams about kissing Griffin but then wakes up. She goes to rip up the business card Valentin gave her but doesn’t. Kristina and Parker catch up in the park. Parker admits that she has left her wife because they just cannot make it work. Kristina is shocked because she left her to go back to her wife. Kristina wants them to be friends again. She felt like when they had sex it just made so much more sense than anything else in her life. The two, part ways but Kristina thinks she might sit in on one of Parker’s classes. Parker would like that.

Finn is in Hayden’s office looking on her computer when Curtis shows up. He tells him that it isn’t worth looking for her. Finn doesn’t care and still cares about her. He cares about the baby but he mainly cares about her still. Jared shows up and Finn pushes him against the wall. He tries to punch him but Curtis stops him. Curtis punches him instead. Jared claims that they were both scammed by Rachel/ Hayden. He leaves and Finn suggests that Curtis go looking for her. Elizabeth tries to find Hayden through her mother and but she hasn’t seen Hayden either. Elizabeth bumps into Franca and the two go and sit at Kelly’s. She explains that Hayden has gone missing. Obrecht shows up and Elizabeth goes to work. Obrecht mentions Hayden being in jail and Franco knows nothing about that. Franco goes to confront Elizabeth about Hayden possibly being in jail and thinks that Obrecht had something to do with Hayden leaving town.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor and Billy agree on something for the first time. Ben Hochman is a bad cooperate raider, and Victoria shouldn't take a loan from him. Billy and Victor arrive in time to stop Victoria from signing the short-term loan papers with Benjamin. Victoria doesn't want to accept a short-term loan from Victor, because he threw Nick out of his home, and she is also afraid that Victor will try to sell the company out from under her again. Victoria tells Ben that she needs a night to sleep on it before she signs the loan papers. Ben is reluctant to agree, but gives her the space she needs to think about the deal. Jack notices some mathematical errors in the report Dina turned in to him about the Parker beauty project. Jack fixes the errors and tells Gloria not to tell anyone about his mother's mistake. Gloria calls Graham and tells him what Jack said. He looks over the report when Dina arrives home after work. Jack and Ashley recall time at the Abbott cabin after Dina left home. Jack talks to Dina about how much pain John felt while Ashley talks to Ravi about the same subject.

Scott goes undercover as a john to try to find Crystal, but the pimp doesn't give him Crystal for his massage appointment. He is given a Russian girl. Since Scott speaks a little Russian, the girl tells him Crystal is in trouble for talking to Sharon the other day, but she is being taken care of by a nice lady. Tessa cries and admits to Mariah that Crystal is her sister and she feels guilty about Crystal's current situation, because she didn't help her when she needed her the most. Ashley is impressed when Ravi tells her he used to be a Boy Scout and learned how to survive in the woods. He also knows how to paddle board and sail. Ravi makes Ashley a dinner of risotto with some wild mushrooms he found growing nearby. He assures her the mushrooms are safe to eat, which he learned as a Boy Scout. Ashley and Ravi share a kiss and later make love after dinner.

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