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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric bends down over a still Sheila and then up to Quinn and says she killed her. He hollers at Quinn to call 911 and for Sheila not to die. Bill tells Justin that more and more each day his Sky is becoming a reality. Justin says yeah because he lied to Thomas about Caroline dying; that is pretty cold. Bill says just business and he is sure Liam is telling Steffy as they speak but he thinks she will appreciate all he is doing to keep Thomas and Sally apart. CJ comes to Bill’s office. Bill gloats that all is fine and he will bail him out by taking that building site off his hands right now. CJ says he cannot do that. Bill says he knows his mom wanted to give Sally the chance for her legacy but they all gave Sally that opportunity. Now like a lame horse it is time to put that horse out to pasture. Grams argues with Sally that Thomas has left her high and dry. He should be here with her designing. Sally says no, he is a father and that comes first. Sheila comes to and at Eric’s insistence he asks Quinn to tell him what happened. She says he knows how Sheila is. Well she showed up in the house uninvited of course and she found her staring at her portrait. She asked her to leave and Sheila didn’t. Sheila says she couldn’t as Quinn threw something at her after calling her a bitch. Quinn reminds Sheila that she left out the little thing about her attacking her first. They differ and finally Eric says just stop it; he’s heard enough. Quinn cannot believe he is even considering listening to Sheila’s side of it.

Bill offers CJ $5 million dollars more for him to just sign the original contract and get this ball moving. Bill is glad when Brooke shows up as the other woman in his life, besides Sky. He loves both of his beloveds. CJ drops by Spectra and Grams says he must be here to celebrate Sally’s success in Monte Carlo. He says there is no easy way to say this. He is selling the building and needs them to be out as soon as possible. They all argue that he can’t do that. Sally says they have another showing already in place and they still have time on the clock even without Thomas although he is still on the team. They just need one more chance and then if they fail they will leave without a word. CJ remembers the extra $5 million and says sorry he can’t extend any more time. A doctor checks out Sheila and says the good news is that she does not need stitches. But he wants her to be careful and make sure there is no concussion. He warns her that she cannot be alone. She needs to sleep and be looked in on every two hours. Eric speaks up and says no problem; she can stay there. He thanks the doctor and says he wants to keep this between the two of them. Quinn argues that he cannot let Sheila stay here. Even Sheila says she does not want to be a bother so she can take a cab back to her hotel room. Eric and Quinn argue when she begs him not to let Sheila stay here. He rants that it is because of her that Sheila is hurt so he is not going to turn her away. He gave the doctor his word they would look after her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve talked to Roman about Joey, Tripp, and Kayla.  Tripp wanted to talk to Kayla.  She didnít want to talk to him alone.  He wanted to apologize.  Lani told Eli that she didnít want to work with him anymore.  Rafe talked to Hope about Eli keeping quiet about the case against Dario.  Hope thought that Dario was working with someone they wouldnít suspect.  Abe was upset that Theo destroyed evidence.  He warned Theo that he could be in trouble.  Abe went off about how the DiMeras were evil.  Tripp explained why he wanted to kill Kayla.  He asked her to forgive him.  Lani told Eli that Raines was upset that she was keeping things from him.  Eli didnít seem to care about it.  Joey told Claire that he wanted to come clean.  Steve told Roman that Joey wanted to turn himself in to the police.  Roman reminded him that he would go to jail too. Steve didnít care what happened to him.  Kayla decided not to go to the police and ruin his life.

Raines asked Rafe and Hope about Dario.  They didnít have any info.  Hope didnít want Raines to know what Eli knew.  Hope still thought it was someone in Salem working with Dario.  Abe wanted Theo to stop working for the DiMeras because he would go to jail.  Theo told him that he wasnít going to quit.  Joey went to the pub to tell Roman that he was quitting.  Steve was concerned that he was going to the police.  Lani told Raines that she was loyal to the Salem PD.  Eli and Valerie met for breakfast.  He noticed the expensive jewelry.  She told him that Abe was being generous lately and that he used cash for her gifts.  Steve asked Joey if he was sure 5that he wanted to come clean.  Kayla and Tripp showed up at the pub.  Eli met with Abe and asked him about the jewelry.  Tripp told Joey, Steve, and Kayla that he wouldnít go to the police.  Eli met with Hope and Rafe to tell them who Darioís partners.  Abe pulled out a wad of money to tip the server.  Kayla wanted to get counseling instead of going to the police.  Steve asked Joey what he was going to do.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Alexis and Kristina are having a picnic in the park when Alexis wonders how Kristina’s class scheduling went. Kristina claims fine when Parker shows up. Alexis cannot believe that Parker is in town and asks if Kristina knew. Kristina admits she knew but isn’t in a class with her. Molly is. Alexis tells her that Molly will change classes. Kristina tells her she cannot do that because it is a class Molly has to take this year. Alexis goes and tells Parker off but Kristina finds them and tells Alexis to stop. Alexis leaves because she is not happy. Kristina asks if Parker wants some company and they sit down together. Elsewhere, Nelle and Michael are also at the park for a concert when Nelle gets a call. It is the police and they want to discuss the bullet Nelle found. Joss meets up with Oscar at the bride and he asks if she wants to go to the concert. Joss agrees to it and they find Nelle and Michael. Michael informs Joss that Nelle cannot keep the secret and longer and they have to tell the police the truth about the bullet. Oscar goes with Nelle to inform the police what really happened. Griffin convinces Ava to go to the concert with him but then he gets stung by a bee. Ava takes him back to her place and rubs lavender on his back. She clearly has an attraction to him.

Sam has a dream that Carly found out about her shooting Sonny and Carly tries to strangle her. Sam wakes up to find that Carly was sitting at her bedside. She was getting Sonny’s medication and saw that she was asleep. Jason shows up and asks to be alone with Sam. Jason tells Sam that he has everything set with getting the gun from the PCPD. At the police station Nelle and Oscar talk to Dante and he thanks them for coming in. Dante then goes and talks to the gun seller who admits that it was a woman who bought the gun but doesn’t know her name. The lawyer shows up before he can get a description. He is then informed the gun is missing and that Jason was here earlier. Jason is at the park on the bridge and drops the gun into the river. At Sonny’s house Carly shows up and he wants to tell her something but Joss and Michael show up. Joss admits she was at the demo site and Oscar found the bullet. Carly thanks her for telling the truth but grounds her for the weekend. Michael takes her back home. Sonny wonders if she is being too hard on Joss. Carly doesn’t think so. She wants to know what he had to say to her. Sonny claims he is going to wait on his physical therapy.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Abby tells Victoria that Victor had ousted Nick from living in the tack house at the ranch. Victoria cannot believe her ears. Chelsea and Nick discuss living arrangements and then comes to the conclusion that Nick, Faith and Connor should move in with her and Connor. Nick is thrilled by the idea. Lily comes home to find Cane there. Cane lets her know that he had come by and had caught Maddie and Reed making out on the sofa. Lily tells him that she will talk to Maddie. Lily and Cane bring it up how he is not working now and neither is she because Victoria had put a hold on "DARE" campaign. Lily reminds him that he was the cause of all this. Cane asks her had she already made up her mind about the divorce or not. Lily tells him that she is just trying to get through one day at a time. Lily becomes frustrated by this conversation and tells Cane to leave. Nick joins Victoria and Abby in the office at Newman and fills them in on what had happened at the ranch. Abby tells them that Victor had invited her to stay at the ranch. Both Victoria and Nick cannot believe what they are hearing. Sharon lets Noah know that Tessa will be living at the cottage with her and Mariah for a little while. Scott mentions coming over that night but Sharon lets him know that it is just like a huge slumber party at the cottage since Tessa is living there. Christine comes in and tells Sharon that she had news about Crystal but it isn't what she wants to hear.

Billy texts Victoria about work when Reed walks in and tells Billy that he had been forced to stop seeing Maddie. Billy tells him that that decision is her parents concern. Lily and Maddie have a talk about what is going on between Maddie and Reed which results in Lily telling Maddie not to see Reed anymore. Maddie doesn't understand and wonders why she is being punished for what Cane did. In talking to Nick and Abby about her moving in at the ranch, Victoria begins to feel dizzy and leaves them alone to work it out. Chelsea lets Jordan know that Nick is moving in with her but Jordan wonders if this is really what Chelsea wants. Cane meets Benjamin Hochman at the Athletic Club bar. They begin to talk and Cane comes up with a plan to help to destroy Brash and Sassy. Ben mentions that he had been seeing Victoria. Cane mentions to him that he may be able to supply him with information about Brash and Sassy. Victoria arrives and Ben goes to join her. Scott tells Sharon that he may have a way to help Crystal.

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