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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam confronts Steffy that Bill told everyone that the mother of Thomas’s son was dying and that cannot be condoned. They banter back and forth and she ends up saying perhaps Bill’s extreme measures are for the best. Thomas and Caroline are more compatible. He asks what is now going to happen to Sally. Steffy says she is not going to give her one bit of remorse. Caroline sits and tells Bill that she flew here because she cannot do this. This little charade comes to an end today. Bill tells Caroline do not kill this now. It will only be a matter of time before Caroline has a miraculous recovery but not before Thomas is deeply connected to her and Douglas and wants to be a family. Eric calls Sheila, who is more than happy to hear from him. He tells her that he is back with Quinn and he wants her to be happy too but he thinks it should be somewhere else, not in L.A. He informs Charlie and Pam that Sheila is going to be dropping by in a few minutes. Charlie says he could send someone to retrieve his watch so she would not have to be in the building. Eric says he is well aware of Sheila’s past and all will be all right. Instead of Forrester, Sheila goes to the manse and knocks but goes on it. Quinn finds her looking at the portrait and asks what she is doing there. Caroline bursts out that Bill does not care about her and Thomas. He only wants to get his hands on the Spectra building for his precious new skyscraper. He does not think there is anything wrong with that. Quinn tells Sheila just to leave Eric’s watch and get out. She never wants to see her again. Quinn calls Eric and Charlie wants to go with him to the house but Eric insists on going alone. Sheila tells Quinn that her portrait does not begin to be worthy of hanging on that wall. And furthermore she is not leaving.

Liam asks Steffy one more time what is so wrong with Sally. Steffy retorts that she is a con artist so why don’t they be patient and see if Bill’s plans work. He relents and says okay if she feels that strongly about it then he will keep his mouth shut. Bill tells Caroline to get back to New York. Her life is there with Thomas and her son. She adds and his is with his new building and his empire. She leaves in disgust. Quinn tells Sheila she is not going to stand there and let her insult her in her own home, so get out! As she turns to leave, Sheila stops when Quinn calls her Bitch. Sheila wants to hear that again so Quinn calls her bitch again. Sheila pushes her backward and then slaps and chokes Quinn and a violent fight ensues with Quinn picking up a fireplace poker and they push and shove and fight over it. It looks like Quinn is being choked. As Sheila quietly walks away Quinn comes to and throws her pocketbook as a perfect spiral pass at Sheila hitting her in the head. She falls to the floor. Quinn tries to revive her but can’t. Sheila is bleeding from the head when Eric suddenly walks through the door and sees the mayhem. He looks at Quinn with the look of shock and disgust pointed at her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady found the amulet and realized that Eric killed Deimos.  Chad and Sonny discussed the killer having the amulet.  Marlena called John for help, but he didnít hear what she said.  Eric showed up at the Inn to look for Marlena, but found Hattie.  Sonny thought that he still might have had the amulet on him.  Sonny believed that Deimos knew what he was doing when he drugged everyone.  Brady told Victor that he found the amulet in Ericís place.  Lucas talked to Chloe about Adrienne breaking up with him.  John had trouble hearing Marlena.  Marlena tried to get him to hear her.  The battery o n the phone was dying.  Chloe tried to stop Lucas from drinking, but he did it anyway.  Lucas told Chloe that Adrienne wanted to be with Justin.  Brady told Victor that Sonny had the amulet with him at the party.  Deimos took if from Sonny so the killer took it from him.  Victor thought they theory made sense.  Eric told Hattie that John was a wreck because of what happened with her.  Marlena tried to ask John for help again, but he still couldnít hear her.

Chloe tried to help Lucas, but he didnít want her help.  She was going to call Brady, but he told her that he was drinking too. Victor told Brady that his fingerprints were on the amulet.  Brady admitted that Eric and Nicole were having an affair.  Victor knew that Brady was drunk and that he ruined the evidence.  Hattie tried to explain why she wasnít with John anymore.  Chad wanted Sonny to tell him what he remembered.  Sonny told him the waiter saw him standing over Deimosí body.  Chad wanted Sonny to close his eyes to try and remember what happened.  He remembered looking for Paul and seeing Deimosí dead body.  He realized that he didnít kill Deimos.  John met with Hattie and wanted to know why she wanted help.  Chloe got the bartender not to give Lucas another dink. Lucas passed out when he was about to leave.  Brady wanted to clear Sonnyís name.  Victor didnít want another scandal with Titan.  He wanted Brady to get help.  Sonny was happy that he didnít kill Deimos. Chloe wanted to take Lucas home.  Victor didnít want anyone to see Brady in his condition.  He wanted him to stand in the shower before they went to the station.  Sonny and Chad wanted to find the amulet so they could find the killer.  Eric went to his room and saw that it was a mess.  Hattie lied to John and told him that she wanted to get her stuff out of the townhouse.  The orderly gave Marlena a needle to keep her quiet.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam wakes up in her hospital room and Jason is with her. Sam assumes they aren’t going to talk about her shooting Sonny. Jason doesn’t think that there is anything to talk about. Only three of them know about her shooting Sonny. Sam admits that Julian might know. She spoke with him previously about getting rid of Sonny. Alexis shows up and Jason goes to take care of something. Alexis and her, discuss telling people they are sorry and how Julian’s case went. Alexis admits that she told them the truth about Julian and nothing but the truth. At the PCPD, Dante and Nathan go over evidence in Sonny’s shooting. They receive a third gun that later tests positive as being the one that shot Sonny. At Sonny’s house, Michael is trying to get a reason as to what happened and how Sonny got shot. Sonny says he doesn’t know. Michael gets a call and has to go deal with something. Dante and Nathan show up and tell him they found the gun. Sonny insists he doesn’t know. Dante gets a call and tells him he has a lead on his case. Jason shows up at the police station to speak with Jordan. He overhears officers talking about the third gun.

Obrecht and Jared meet outside of Kelly’s to celebrate. Jared asks if Finn is really that bad. Obrecht feels he is worse than Hayden. They now have their revenge. Obrecht calls Michael and informs him that Hayden has stolen. Obrecht laughs over her revenge. Later, Jared finds out that there is no money. Curtis finds Finn in the park and asks what is wrong. Finn explains that Hayden tried stealing from the hospital. Finn wants to save their relationship though. At the Quartermaine house, Monica is in an uproar to discover that Cook has quit. Olivia admits she fired her. Monica thinks that Olivia has over stepped completely and yells at her. Olivia wants to make things right. Michael shows up and tells Monica that Hayden stole the money but then put it back. Finn then shows up and explains that he needs to speak to Hayden. Curtis tries to call her but the line was disconnected. Elizabeth walks downstairs saying Hayden is missing and all she left is the wedding ring.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick tells Victor that kicking him out of the tack house is even cruel for him and reminds him. He just renovated Faith's room and he will have to tell her that she can no longer live in the tack house. Victor tells Nick that Faith and Christian are welcome to visit their grandfather anytime, but Nick responds that he doesn't want his children anywhere near him. Victor calls Nick an ungrateful son and now he will have to learn to live in the real world without the help of the Newman name. Hilary tries to see how Mattie is dealing with the situation with her parents, but Mattie sees right through her and tells her to stay out of her parents' business and keep stories about her parents off her trashy show. Hilary tells Lily that she should forgive Cane and let him move back into the house. Lily thinks Hilary is jealous of the time Jordan is spending with her at work, and she is worried that he will leave her. Billy seems jealous of Victoria's relationship with Ben, and he confronts Victoria about it, but she tells him to stay out of her personal life. A head hunter tells Cane that companies are only willing to offer him low-level jobs for less pay, because they suspect that Victoria fired him or he was forced to resign, and they want to know the reason why he was fired. Jordan takes new staff pictures for Newman Enterprises, and Victor is happy that Scott shaved his beard. Victor gives Abby the keys to the tack house and tells her he wants her to move in, so he can spend more time with her. Chelsea is very surprised by Nick's idea to move in together. Cane is a bit surprised when he walks into his house to get some things he left and sees Mattie and Reed kissing for the first time.

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