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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Liam that he does not like his implication. Liam says all he knows is that two things are happening – Caroline and Thomas getting back together and Spectra on the eve of folding and Bill getting back his monstrosity of a skyscraper. Again Bill does not like the words but finally has to admit that Caroline is not dying when Liam proposes to call and ask her about it. Quinn comes to the office and runs into Wyatt and Katie in one of their moments gloating about not having much patience. He was one of those who wanted to open his Christmas presents before Christmas. He is glad Quinn is back in the office since he has not heard from her in two days. They continue that patience is overrated. He thinks you have to go after something if you want it. Bill tells Liam that sometimes a little white lie can mend everything. Now Thomas has come around thanks to him and everyone is happy except Liam. So leave the sword in the stone and let it be. Quinn says Wyatt seems awfully chipper and she wonders why he is here. Perhaps he is just killing time but he might be pestering Katie and keeping her from work. Steffy tells Sally that Thomas is not coming back any time soon so she does not know how Sally is going to keep her doors open. She is a hack but even that takes talent. Maybe she could even write her a letter of recommendation and she can even go back to designing school and not go back to her old Spectra ways.

Bill knocks the phone out of Liam’s hands and tells him to behave himself and do not call Caroline. This will all work out and there will even be a miracle cure by time Thomas is recommitted to Caroline. Katie tells Wyatt that he could be having lunch with one of the interns; Charlotte is a lovely girl. Steffy tells Sally that she came here to make sure she is going to keep her promise to Thomas, not to knock off any more designs. Sally says Steffy wants to know if she is going down to the ship, but they will hold on until Thomas can come back as he promised. Liam asks his dad if he is going to have him thrown out of a helicopter. Bill says cut the drama. By all standards he has done right by Liam and now he is worried by the means that he got all that money and it is offending Liam. Liam says he needs to stop meddling. Bill says he is the one who is meddling. Caroline wants nothing more than having that red-headed heathen out of Thomas’s life. Bill points his finger at Liam and says he does not have enough of his DNA but if he persists in this he will be out of the company and out of his life. He loves him but Liam will not want to become Bill’s enemy now. Before she kisses him again, Katie tells Wyatt that he knows his mother does not like her so he surely is not going to tell her about their closeness now. Without warning Caroline arrives in Bill’s office and says there is a crisis. Now Thomas wants to spend all the time he can with her and Douglas. Bill tells her that is great but she fights it that she won’t do this. What will they do when it is her time to die? He grunts that everybody is going to die but they can slow hers down. Liam comes back and talks to Steffy. He confesses that Thomas left for New York to be with Caroline because he was told she was dying. It is not about what Thomas wants but what Bill wants and he wants that downtown lot that Spectra has. Steffy laments that she needs time to think this through. He says really – she knows Thomas deserves to know the truth now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas didnít want to accept the fact that Bonnie wanted to dump him. She kept telling him that she wanted to be with Justin. Gabi went to see Abby to apologize for what Dario did. They also talked about Chad being with Abby. Chad was in the cell with Sonny and told him he confessed to killing Deimos. Marlena wanted an orderly to get her out of the asylum. John told Eric that Marlena moved out of the townhouse. He realized that he was gone too long and that she couldnít take it anymore. Marlena tried to get the orderly to believe that Hattie put her in the asylum. He didnít believe her because Hattie already said that she would tell them that she was really Marlena. He told her that she was going to be there for a long time. Gabi told Abby that she wanted her and Chad to be happy. She thought Chad would be there, but Abby said he was doing something. Chad told Sonny that he didnít remember killing Deimos. Sonny wanted to know why he confessed if he didnít remember doing it. Chad didnít want Sonny to go to jail for what he did. Lucas met with Brady at TBD and they talked about Adrienne and Nicole respectively. Maggie warned Nicole that Brady thought she was cheating on him. She tried to call Brady, but he didnít answer her. Brady and Lucas ended up drinking.

Nicole thought she was protecting Brady but she made things worse. Lucas talked to Brady about how Adrienne dumped him. They continued to drink. Chad suddenly remembered being with Sonny while they were with Deimosí dead body. Abby didnít think that Gabi knew about the pic of Chad. Gabi asked Abby if she thought Chad did it. Abby thought the evidence looked bad. Chad told Sonny what he remembered about the murder. Chad remembered Sonny helping him move Deimosí body. Sonny didnít believe that Chad did it. Chad remembered Sonny going through Deimosí pockets when he walked in the room. John noticed something was off about Marlena. Eric agreed to talk to Marlena. Marlena talked the orderly into taking off her straight jacket. She managed to take his phone from him. Brady went to Ericís room to look for the camera. Chloe found Lucas drinking. Chad asked Sonny if he had the amulet. Sonny said no. Brady found the amulet in Ericís room. Marlena called John to ask for help.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

In court, Alexis is questioned by DA Campbell on whether or not she thinks that Julian was responsible for what happened. Alexis basically states she does but then Scott gets her to admit that Julian did save her life and also helped her escape. After the trial ends for the day, Julian tells Alexis he is sorry that Scott used those tactics in court. Alexis doesn’t think they are going to help them win very well. Julian wonders if Alexis will ever forgive him. Alexis is living her life one day at a time and leaves. Finn over hears Hayden on the phone with the bank trying to get money moved to an account for Rachel Berlin. Finn is confused by what is going on and Hayden ends up breaking down. She reveals that Jared has been blackmailing her. Finn doesn’t care what she did in her past. He loves her and they are having a baby together. Hayden runs out crying because she doesn’t know what to do.

Dante and Nathan go over the case of Sonny being shot. They see that there was a second gun and they go to talk with Sonny. Carly is trying to get Sonny discharged and begs Sonny to just go through with physical therapy as soon as possible. She wants Sonny to just admit if he cannot get out of the business. She wants him out but knows it isn’t easy. Jason shows up to talk with Sonny and Carly goes to talk with the nurse. Sonny tells Jason no one can know that Sam shot him. Dante and Nathan show up and ask who shot Sonny. Sonny cannot remember on account that he was shot and bleeding out for over an hour. Dante and Nathan leave when Sonny won’t tell him anything. Sonny doesn’t think the questioning is over by a long shot. In the hallway, Carly runs into Sam. Sam admits that her disease made her go off on Sonny. She attempts to tell Carly what happened but Jason and Sonny walk over and stop her. Jason takes Sam back to her room. Carly asks if Sonny had any idea what Sam was trying to tell her.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nick had a wistful moment as he stared at pictures of him with his parents during happier times. Nick had Chelsea redecorate Faith's room while she was at camp. Nick decided to let Faith have a relationship with Victor, even though Victor had disowned him. Chelsea commiserated with Nick, because her father, Jeffrey wanted nothing to do with her either. Nick and Chelsea steamed things up in the shower. Victor was emotionless when Nikki informed him that she'd moved out of the ranch and into a penthouse at a hotel. Nikki assured Victor that they would always be family. Victor exploded and argued that families were loyal and appreciative, unlike Nikki and Nick. Nikki urged Victor to end the feud with Nick, but Victor was not interested in her opinion. Victor bitterly wished Nikki luck living without him. She confidently announced that she would. Scott comforted Sharon, who was worried about Crystal. Victor asked Abby to make sure Scott dressed appropriately for the company photo. Abby bickered with Scott as she relayed the message. Scott bristled at Abby's instructions to dress himself up, but Sharon encouraged Scott to adopt a more polished look for the photo. Sharon gave Scott a shave. A desperate Tessa asked Zack to use his contacts to help her sister, Crystal escape forced prostitution. Zack apologetically explained that he cut ties with his old contacts when he made a new life for himself. Zack privately called someone and stated that things had changed, so they had to move right away. Noah was alarmed that Sharon had been directly involved in the attempt to rescue Crystal. Mariah assured him that Sharon was going to let the police handle it from now on. Noah asked Mariah if Tessa could move into the cottage. Mariah said it was okay with her, since it was okay with Sharon. Noah explained that he didn't ask Tessa to move in with him because he didn't want to fall into his old habit of getting serious too quickly. Tessa started crying after wondering why she was so much luckier than other people, and this concerned Mariah.

Victor told Abby that he and Nikki were separated, but he was confident that she'd soon realize what life was like without him. Abby was delighted that her app was doing better than expected. She told Zack that he was a marketing genius. Noah was concerned about Nick's plan to fire his long time financial adviser and control his own finances, but Nick was comfortable with his decision. Nick purchased a space for a new Underground in Ann Arbor. Victor changed the locks on the tack house and hired movers to pack and remove Nick's belongings. Nick and Victor came face to face in Nick's now empty former home. Graham had reservations about Dina working at Jabot, but she insisted on taking the position. Ashley told Jack that she was too busy with work to help Dina out on her first day at Jabot, but Ravi revealed that he and Ashley were going to the lake. Ashley postponed the trip. The arrangements Jack had made for Dina at Jabot were not up to her standards, and she told him so. Dina took over a portion of Jack's office, because hers was not to her liking. Ashley convinced Dina that sharing an office with Jack wouldn't work. Jack confided in Ashley that Dina was driving him crazy. Ashley urged Jack to be patient. She thought Dina already seemed less depressed Graham asked Gloria to keep an eye on Dina at Jabot, and she grudgingly agreed. Gloria was snide with Dina and Nikki. Dina walked in on Jack comforting Nikki, and she voiced her disapproval. Dina felt that they were playing a dangerous game by antagonizing Victor. Dina and Nikki traded barbs and Jack stood up for Nikki. Dina was adamant that she would never condone their relationship. Ravi and Ashley headed out to the Abbott Cabin.

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