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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam says he just saw Caroline and she is just fine so he cannot believe she is dying. Sally says she thought since he was family that he knew. Bill tells Justin that he didn’t have a choice. Thomas would not step up and stay with his son so he stepped up the game to re-unite him and Caroline. He will stay in New York and Sally will be forced to close Spectra without him. Thomas is a do-gooder and he will not turn his back now on his son. Steffy mentions Quinn to Wyatt and asks if that is what is putting a smile on his face or does he have a new woman. Brooke questions Katie about Quinn or if she has discussed it with Wyatt as they seem to be a new team. She says she wants her to be happy as they both deserve it. Katie says yes they both seemed to have been looking for love in all the wrong places in the past. Justin laments to Bill that he can not believe that Caroline is going along with this lie. Bill says Sally stole Thomas away from Caroline not to mention getting Thomas away from Forrester and he will not let her get away with his legacy.

Liam drops in on Wyatt and says he has been out of touch, but he wonders if he has spoken with Thomas since being in New York. Something seems wrong there and he may want to stay. He thinks if Thomas and Caroline want to get back together that is great. Wyatt says Bill will be tickled by this news. Steffy drops in on Sally and then ends up talking about Thomas being in New York and staying there for Caroline. Katie and Wyatt discuss the fact that both Steffy and Brooke say they see the look on their faces and neither denied it. Liam walks in on Bill as he is kissing his skyscraper again. Liam quips that he thought Bill had given up on that with Spectra still in business. Wyatt and Katie continue to kiss until she pulls free and says they should not be doing this. He tells her it is time for her to shut that brain off and just have some fun. He announces he is going to kiss her again. She does not pull away. Liam questions Bill about Caroline and why Thomas is in New York to be with her and not working for Spectra. Bill says Thomas is where he belongs and Spectra should have been gone a long time ago. Liam says he heard something pretty shocking today that concerns him. Sally told him something that she assumed he knew. Caroline is dying so why didn’t Bill tell him if he told Wyatt. Bill says Caroline came to him about her health but she wants it confidential. She is being cared for by the best doctors in New York. Thomas was told and wants to be there for his family. Liam says this is weird, all working out to Bill’s advantage. All Bill has to do is swoop in and take it. He wonders if Caroline is really dying.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla and Steve argued over Joey and Tripp. Tripp overheard Kayla telling Steve that he should be in prison. Anjelica went to Bonnie to talk to her about the plan. Bonnie was determined to get revenge on Maggie by going after Victorís bank account. Anjelica wanted Bonnie to break up with Lucas. Chad took Thomas to see Abby. She was happy to see them. Steve tried to convince Kayla that Joey didnít need protection anymore. Kayla thought Joey would be treated badly in jail. Kayla blamed Steve for why Joeyís in trouble. Anjelica gave Bonnie a bible on Adrienne. Bonnie didnít think she needed it, but she wanted her to take it anyway. Anjelica told Bonnie that she had to break up with Lucas and get together with Justin. Bonnie thought that Anjelica wanted Justin. Anjelica explained the plan to Bonnie. Chad told Abby that he wanted to be with her and that she was the love of his life.

Raines wanted Lani to tell him about the case against Dario. She didnít want to tell him anything so he threatened to fire her. Kayla told Steve that he brought Tripp in to the lives. He wanted to know why she didnít say anything. She didnít want to deprive him of finding his son. Kayla warned Steve that they wouldnít have a family if Joey went to jail. Tripp ran into Claire and told her what he did to Kayla. Lucas showed up at the hotel to see Adrienne. He saw Anjelica with Bonnie. Anjelica made an excuse and left. Lucas wanted to make love, but Bonnie wanted to talk. Lucas told her that he wanted to elope, but Bonnie said no. Lucas thought they could elope, but she told him it was over. Lani told Raines t hat she didnít do anything wrong. He told her that she didnít follow an order. She reminded him that she was the mayorís daughter and he felt threatened. Chad told Abby that he wanted to go to the police. She didnít want him to go. He didnít want Sonny to be in jail for something he didnít do. Chad ran into Theo and thanked him for what he did for him. Theo blamed himself for what happened to Abby. Chad said it wasnít his fault. He let Theo know that he was going to the police. He warned Theo that he would have to tell his part in what happened. Tripp told Claire everything that happened with Kayla. Steve found Kayla and wanted to talk. She felt like he didnít care about her opinion. Lucas didnít understand why Bonnie wanted to end their relationship. Bonnie wanted Lucas to leave, but it didnít make sense to him. She said her heart belonged to Justin. Steve wanted to honor Joeyís wishes. Kayla didnít want to hear what he had to say. Steve tried to reason with Kayla, but she wanted him to leave. Claire tried to talk to Tripp into staying in Salem. Lani wanted to keep Abe proud of her. Raines told Lani she could leave. Abby told Theo that she couldnít lose Chad. Chad went to the police station. He told Raines that he was there to confess to Deimosí murder.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Alexis is with Molly and Kristina at the Metro Court. Molly and Kristina both hope that Alexis doesn’t favor Julian today when she is in court. Alexis doesn’t need them to remind her of all the bad things that Julian has done. Alexis and Molly do anyway though. They remind her of all the times that that Julian has done bad things such as to both their fathers and to Sam and how he didn’t tell her about Olivia. Molly and Kristina go to register for classes. When they do they find out that Parker is going to be teaching at PCU. Alexis goes to court and the DA grills her on the stand. She finally admits that there was a possibility that if Julian had told the truth that she wouldn’t have ended up on the bridge almost shot.

Kiki and Griffin show up at Ava’s and force her to go with them to Kelly’s. They go and Charlotte is there with Valentin. She freaks out and points at Ava. Valentin makes her say sorry and then reminds her of the offer to get her face fixed. Ava doesn’t think that it is worth her time though because she doesn’t want to get Valentin off the hook. When they go back to her apartment Ava thanks them. Griffin feels that she is getting better and she can if she continues to allow herself to be ok with the changes that have happened to her. Elizabeth tells Hayden that there is a call for her from the bank. Hayden takes it and it is about the payment she made to the new medical supplier. She tells them she will call back. Elizabeth wonders if she is alright. Hayden just doesn’t know. She goes to her office where Finn asks if she went to visit her father. Hayden admits she did. Finn doesn’t want her to keep secrets. Jared visits Elizabeth and gives her a card to give to Hayden. Elizabeth delivers it as Finn leaves. Hayden then calls the bank and needs them to make payment on the supplier that is under her real name. Finn hears this and asks what is going on.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Abby and Zack show Victor their latest ideas for the online dating app. Nick and Chelsea spend time alone at the Underground and they kiss. Jack meets up with Benjamin Hochman and tells him that he was the one responsible for sending Victoria the flowers. Nick meets with a realtor or supposedly realtor about some new space for the Underground. After Abby leaves Victor's office, Victor lets Zack know that he is very protective of Abby. Chelsea and Victoria look for a dress for Victoria to wear on her date with Benjamin Hochman. Chelsea has a suggestion of a black dress and Victoria goes to try it on. Chelsea gets a visit from Nick. Sharon gives an officer a description of the man who had taken Crystal and the type of vehicle they had left in. Christine warns Sharon not to get ahead of herself in thinking that this is a prostitution ring. In Jack's office at Jabot, Ashley and Abby await Zack and Ravi to join them for a night on the town. Victoria models her new dress for Chelsea and Nick. At home, Scott and Sharon discuss as to what is really going on with Crystal.

Jack and Nikki talk while having drinks. Victoria and Ben have a date at the Underground but then Victoria talks him into dancing with her. Abby, Zack, Ashley and Ravi walk in and Abby notices Victoria dancing with Benjamin. They dance a little more when Victoria looks their way and waves for them to join them. Sharon fills Tessa in on what is going on with Crystal. Tessa checks her messages and sees one from Crystal. Ashley pulls Victoria aside to talk to her about Benjamin. Victor meets with his associate to discuss Nick and what he is up to now. Zack gets a phone call from a woman. Sharon talks to Tessa about Crystal.

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