The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/9/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge calls a meeting with everyone attending. He tells them good news – his dad and Quinn are back together, as in re-united. They do not know all the details but that is enough for now. RJ says but it could happen again. Ridge says no, it won’t. Sally tells her crew that Thomas is in New York with his son…….and yes Caroline is his mother and is there too. Sally states that she does not feel threatened. And with Bill not announcing who the winner at the Summit was she is going to take that as that Spectra won. Grams says they still have questions like why did Thomas have to go to New York when they need his designs. Sally says she has some designs. Grams said this old battleship could still go under. Liam shows up and asks if this is a bad time for an interview, but he was looking for Thomas. Sally tells him sorry but he is stuck with her. Liam asks Sally how she feels about her first national show. She says they could have been named the winner but….Thomas calls her at that moment. He says it is rough and he knows Douglas is going to miss his mom but they are staying strong for her. He tells Sally he does not know when he will return. He cannot even think of that now. She will have to take the lead. He believes in her and she has the chops to do this. Bill praises his skyscraper and thinks to himself that Sally better be ready to fall and his beautiful skyscraper ready to grace the sky. Bill tells Justin do not think of his skyscraper as an “it”. She is a thing of beauty and all Spectra has to do is take a nosedive and his skyscraper will become a reality. Things do not happen by accident. Justin should know that. Bill confides in Justin that Caroline is dying so that is why Thomas is away and Sally will be working alone at Spectra. Bill gloats that Thomas is in New York where he should be in the first place. Justin is stunned and even more so when Bill tells him all the information is not accurate at all, otherwise Thomas would be here designing the latest collection. So that means Spectra doesn’t have a prayer.

Bill also tells Justin that there will be no problem when later there is a sudden miracle cure for Caroline. Brooke tells the group that she thinks they all have been on the end of Eric’s generous nature so this does not surprise her that he took Quinn back. Steffy tells Ridge that he dodged a big one. He says yes but he is only glad Eric and Quinn are back together. Steffy calls Thomas and he tells her the same thing that he does not know how long he will be in New York. She says he is right where he should be. Liam tells Sally that he didn‘t mean to eavesdrop but it sounds like Thomas is not going to be there to design and she will be doing it. He tells Sally that she needs another win after Monte Carlo but without Thomas that story may go away. He gets it that Thomas needs to be in New York but the public will not. They will not care. He is bailing when Spectra desperately needs him. She tells him he knows Caroline is dying so this is more important than a few designs. Liam is shocked when Sally says he must know since he is part of the family that Caroline is dying so that is why Thomas is with her now. But they are not a couple. Liam is thrown for a loop and isn’t sure what to do now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady was tempted to drink because he was thinking about Nicole being with Eric. Nicole thanked Eric for helping her when she was holding Holly. Sonny told Justin that Victor possibly had Deimos killed. Joey told Kayla and Steve that he wanted to go to the cops about killing Ava. Hattie went to see Bonnie and let her know that she grabbed Adrienne. Hattie planned on switching Bonnie and Adrienne. Paul went to the mansion and saw Brady. They talked about whether Victor did it. Justin didnít want Victor to get away with what he did. Kayla tried to convince Joey not to go to the police. Joey didnít want to live with the guilt of what he did. Eric advised Nicole to focus on the future. Nicole was afraid Holly would forget her. Eric assured her that Holly wouldnít forget her. Brady told Paul what happened with Xander and Victor. Paul didnít believe it. Brady admitted that he thought Sonny was guilty. Justin wanted to get an answer from Victor. Bonnie wanted to know what would happen if Adrienne complained in jail. Hattie had a plan and told her about it.

Justin talked to Sonny about Adrienneís health. Sonny wondered if Justin was in love with Adrienne. Paul believed that Sonny was innocent. Paul wanted to know if Brady was okay because the drink he saw was fresh. Brady assured him that he was okay. Kayla didnít want Joey to give up his life by confessing to what he did. Brady admitted to pouring the drink, but he didnít drink it. Brady told Paul that he thought something was going on with Eric and Nicole. Paul assured Brady that Nicole loved him and that nothing was going on with Eric. Justin tried to make excuses for his feelings for Adrienne until he admitted to love Adrienne. Sonny wanted to know if Justin was going to do anything about his feelings for Adrienne. Paul was willing to help Brady if he wanted to drink. Paul left so Brady checked on Nicole and Eric. He couldnít get in touch with them and threw his glass. Joey agreed to think about his life before turning himself in to the police. Kayla was upset that Steve didnít say anything. She wanted him to stop Joey. Steve didnít think he should say anything. He didnít think they could help Joey anymore. Kayla was upset and felt that Tripp should go to prison too. Brady went to Ericís place and saw Nicole come out. Paul went to the station to tell Justin and Sonny that Xander didnít kill Deimos. Hattie got Bonnie out of jail. Adrienne found out that she was at Statesville Prison.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Curtis and Stella go to the park. Curtis is going to go to Kelly’s and order them some lunch. He wants Stella to stay in the park. He leaves and Stella hears noises in the bushes assuming that someone is hurt. She starts freaking out and Valerie who is going for a run comes over. She asks if everything is ok and Mac and Felicia walk out of the bushes quickly putting their clothes back on. Stella wants to press charges. Mac thinks that he should get a pass as he used to be the police commissioner. Stella doesn’t care. It is public indecency. Felicia begs her to call Nathan. At the PCPD, Nathan gets a call from Maxie who turns out to be there on a layover and was waiting for him in the other room. She had a layover for a few hours. She could have stayed till tomorrow but Georgie has a camp presentation. Nathan understands. Nathan gets a text and says he has to go check on something. They both go to the park together. Nathan finds Valerie with Mac and Felicia and learns what happens. Maxie walks over with lemonade for them and is angry when she finds out what happened. Stella leaves to go find Curtis. She yells at Mac and Felicia. Mac admits Man Landers gave him the advice and it is helping their relationship. Maxie is so over Man Landers. She calls up her magazine when Nathan and the others are away for a moment and wants to expose Man Landers for who he really is.

Curtis finds Hayden and Finn at Kelly’s. He finds out that they are getting married tomorrow. Hayden has to go and check on something after receiving a text from Jared. She leaves. Finn asks Curtis if he will be his best man tomorrow. Curtis says yes and hugs him. Later, after both of them have left. Stella shows up and finds Valerie sitting at the bar. She says hello and wants to hook her up with Curtis. Stella never mentions him by name. Stella insists they all have coffee tomorrow and Valerie agrees to it. In the park, Curtis finds Hayden after she is threatened by Jared to get the money. Hayden promised Jared that the money would be in his account tomorrow. Curtis asks Hayden what is going on. Hayden says she is being blackmailed but she doesn’t know what to do. Curtis insists that Hayden just tell Finn the truth. At the hospital, Elizabeth and Kiki walk over the Nurses Station when Doctor Bench informs Kiki she would make a great doctor. He insists she get involved in a fast track program. Dillon and her later meet up for lunch and Dillon thinks it is a great idea. Bench at the hospital asks Jordan out on a date but she declines saying she wouldn’t be good company right now. Elsewhere, Finn tells Elizabeth about the wedding and she is so happy. Hayden shows up and tries to talk with Finn but he gets called off to deal with a patient. Hayden asks Elizabeth to be her maid of honor. Elizabeth says yes and then tells her that the bank called. They need to talk to her about some suspicious activity in terms of GH’s bank account.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Dina accepts a job offer from Jack to work at Jabot despite the fact that Graham doesn't think that she should take the job. Ravi tells Ashley that he wants to have a relationship with her outside of work and Ashley wants that too so she invites him to the Abbott cabin. Tessa gets a call from Crystal during her recording session and gets so nervous that she can't concentrate on her song. Noah calms her nerves and she records her song beautifully and apologizes to everyone for taking such a long time to record her song. Lily is touched when Cane sells his car to pay for the kids school tuition and he tells her that nothing is more important to him then his family. Cane asks Zack for a job after completing the sale of his car to him but Zack tells him that he will keep him in mind after the launch of his app today because if all goes well he can hire more people. Crystal calls Sharon for help and tells her to meet her at the night and day motel but Sharon is caught by Crystal's pimp but Crystal tells the guy that she is the wife of the client who wanted a threesome but the guy says her time is up and takes Crystal by the arm and rushes her into his car and they speed away. Abby and Lily have a long girl talk about Cane and Abby offers to be there for Lily anytime she needs girl talk or wine.

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