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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn cannot believe it – Eric is giving her another chance. He says yes, they are where they all belong. She remarks this is more than she deserves and she will never let him down again. Pam calls the house and is surprised to find Eric answering the phone. He says he does not want to hear one negative word but he has come home to stay and Quinn is too. He tells Quinn from the very first day he met her she touched something in him that he did not know was there. She sighs that she can breathe again. He wants her to do him a favor and he starts playing the piano and she dances around. Then he tells her to stop right there and don’t move. He moves into her arms and gives her a big hug. Katie laments to Wyatt that he can’t just come in here at work and start kissing on her. He wants to know if she did not like it. She says she did not say that. He has lost his mind as anyone could walk in. He retorts that will give them something to talk about and he is not worried about that. By time they move to the couch, Katie tells Wyatt that she needs to slow this down. It is not that she does not want to but they are friends…….friends with benefits or whatever he wants to call it. She says she likes to label things so she can deal with it. He laughs and says she needs to shut that brain off right now and just be. She says okay they will just have fun.

Charlie tells Sheila she is delusional if she thinks her so-called portrait will ever hang on the Forrester wall. She rails that Stephanie had one, Quinn had one and she is going to have one too. Do not underestimate her. Charlie tells Sheila that she probably is underestimating Quinn. She cannot know that he is with her now. Pam calls and tells Charlie some interesting news; Eric is back with Quinn; she heard it from Eric himself. Charlie explains to Sheila that he knows she was expecting something but it is not going to be. Sheila tears up and can’t believe Eric would do that. Wyatt tells Katie that the two of them are adults and they are free to do what they want. She says he does make her laugh but there are real issues they cannot dismiss. There is their age difference and then there is Quinn and Bill and her son Will. He asks if she is thinking of those things now or when he kisses her and she admits no, so he kisses her again. He says if he doesn’t mean something it does not go past this lips. He finds her sexy. He thinks they make a good team too. They kiss again. Charlie tells Sheila that he knows she is disappointed but Quinn and Eric getting back together is really none of her business. Sheila says he was hers long before Quinn came into the picture and he will be again and that portrait will hang on Eric’s wall. And if Charlie mentions it to anyone he is going to hang too. Quinn says she feels like she could burst with happiness; how blessed she is. From this day forward she wants to celebrate what they are to each other….to the woman she sees reflected in his eyes. She had to lose something to really appreciate him but now she does. She is now 100% committed to him. A flash of thunder and the Quinn portrait is transformed into a vile Sheila one.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John and Eric went to Hope to tell them about Marlena. He was relieved when Hattie called him. He left to meet her. Brady talked to Maggie about Eric and Nicole spending time together. Anjelica called Adrienne so they could meet. John saw Hattie and was happy to see her.  Brady wanted Maggie to tell him about the conversation she had with Nicole. He wanted to know what Nicole didnít want to tell him. Adrienne met with Anjelica at the pub. Adrienne told Anjelica that she didnít believe that she wanted a truce. Hattie picked an argument with John when he wanted to know where she was last night. She told him she wasnít going home with him.

Rafe was upset when Eli wouldnít tell him who was after Dario. Rafe said he would find out on his own. Brady and Maggie argued over what Nicole did. He told her that Nicole went to Ericís room and lied to him. Rafe told Hope he was going to Mexico. Brady told Maggie that he saw Nicole leave Ericís room. Brady said that Nicole lied about it. Hattie told John she was getting some things while they were talking, he noticed something was going on. She said she needed romance and was going to take care of herself. Hope went to see Eli to tell him that Rafe was going to Mexico. He said she had to stop him. Eli told Hope that the person who hit Abby had to do with the counterfeiting. He said Darioís partner was in Salem. Hattie helped Anjelica move Adrienneís body.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Olivia gives Dillon a cannoli and Ned asks where she made them. Olivia says in the kitchen. Dillon and Ned look concerned. They explain that the kitchen is Cook’s domain. Monica walks in and would like a word with Olivia. Monica explains to her that the kitchen is Cook’s and even she is not allowed in there. Olivia thinks that she will never be a part of the family. Monica feels that she is. She just has to remember that the Quartermaine’s express their love through yelling at each other. Monica leaves to go to work. Dillon asks Ned in the living room if he wants his old job back. Ned doesn’t think it works like that. Michael isn’t going to give up his position. Olivia walks back in and tells them that she has fired Cook. Meanwhile, Hayden tells Finn about their trip to Africa. Finn wants to take it as a honeymoon so they have to get married rather quickly. Hayden is fine with that. Jared walks in and claims he is Adam, Hayden’s work husband from the old days. He tries to get them to chat but Finn has to go find Monica to discuss time off for their trip. Jared informs Hayden that even if she does get Finn out of the country he will still be here when she gets back. She needs to move the money. Later, Hayden sits at her desk and reluctantly moves money into a fake supplies fund. Finn asks Monica for time off and she says it is fine. She has an idea though.

Carly finds Michael and Nelle at Sonny’s house. Michael is taking care of Avery. Carly says that Sonny is fine and Nelle decides that it is time for her to get back to work. Carly asks Nelle where she found the bullet that helped them find Sonny. Nelle claims it was a friend who found it. Carly wants to meet the friend. Michael tells Nelle she better get to work. Carly tells Michael that Nelle is obviously lying and wants to know how she could possibly be with someone like that. Joss runs into Oscar outside of Kelly’s and Joss needs to give him back the necklace because it was made of a bullet casing. Oscar didn’t know but he wants her to keep it even if she cannot wear it. He asks if they could split a sandwich together. Joss thinks that sounds like a date. Oscar sort of meant to ask her out. He asks if she wants them to be a couple. Nelle shows up and Oscar wants her to think about it. Joss tells Nelle what happened and Nelle thinks that she has time. Michael shows up and Joss goes home. At the hospital Sonny confirms that Sam shot him. Sam is so sorry and doesn’t know why it happened. Sonny knows she didn’t mean to do it. Jason finds Sam and Deanna takes her back to her room. Jason assumes that Sam shot him. Sonny isn’t going to tell anyone. Jason thanks him. Sonny suggests he keep an eye on her because Sam might turn herself in. Carly later shows up with Avery and the two visit. Jason goes back to Sam’s room where he tells her that she cannot tell anyone what happened.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In the offices of Brash and Sassy, Billy gives Victoria a hard time over her love life but then she turns the tables on him and asks him about his love life with Phyllis. At the Underground, Nick welcomes Noah home from his trip and lets him know that he had been looking for another place for the Underground but with no luck. Devon notices Mariah and Tessa holding hands but joins them anyway. Mariah moves over to sit closer to Devon. Ashley and Neil takes a tour of his new offices and the new sign which reads," Hamilton-Winters Group. Ashley is impressed and then asks if he needs any more help. Neil remarks that this is the real reason for her visit. Jack and Phyllis discuss the flowers that had been sent to Victoria supposedly from Benjamin Hochman. Phyllis lets Jack know that she is not sabotaging Brash and Sassy but Jack tells her that he wants no one to know his involvement in all this. Billy apologizes to Victoria for his impromptu remark about her love life and her going out with Benjamin Hochman. Ashley tries to convince Neil to give Dina a chance but he refuses. Ashley meets Graham downstairs and asks him about Dina and if he had noticed any changes in her. Graham denies that anything is going on with her .Tessa tells Devon and Mariah all about her music and Devon tells her that he has set up a demo for her and that Mariah is invited also. Mariah is surprised that she was wanted there. Nick lets Noah know that he hadn't found a place yet but he was going to keep on digging. Nick and Noah discuss Victor and how he had him removed from the membership at the Athletic Club. After Victoria's talk with Billy, Victoria texts Benjamin to join her at Brash and Sassy.

Victoria tells Benjamin about her life with Billy and that she hadn't gotten over him. Billy and Phyllis discuss Victoria, her social life and Benjamin Hochman. Victoria and Benjamin discuss Billy and how she had not gotten over him. Benjamin invites her to dinner again while he is still in town and she accepts. Tessa calls Crystal to see how she is doing and Crystal tells her that she is scared. Just then someone takes the phone from Crystal. Ashley and Jack discuss Dina and what she is going through now and then Jack mentions John. Graham convinces Dina that he is not going anywhere as he hugs her close to him.

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