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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy says she is glad her granddad called Quinn. Maybe she does not have as much influence on him as they think. Ridge catches Carter on his way to see Eric. He thinks it is the divorce papers. Wyatt tells Katie that thinking is overrated. She says there is the problem of she was once married to his - father – there she has said it out loud. Wyatt says yes and his dad has moved on, so should she. Charlotte interrupts and Wyatt tries to kiss Katie again but she puts an end to it. Ridge wants to see the papers but Carter says only Eric can see them. Sheila tells Charlie that the door is right behind him, use it! Charlie tells her all this hocus pocus is not going to work. Quinn begs Eric one more time to give her a chance. They were good for each other and still could be if he will give her one more chance. Wyatt shows up at the outdoor restaurant and sees Charlotte. She invites him to sit down. He says he is meeting Katie. Charlotte says funny; Katie called her and told her to meet Wyatt, must be match making. Ridge tells Steffy that he just hopes Quinn’s marriage can survive this. Quinn tells Eric that she did not care what other people said if she got her way, but she has changed because of Eric and she cries what she would do to see that look of her in his eyes again. Carter brings the papers by and Eric hands the papers to Quinn and says if she is the new woman that she claims to be then sign the papers and let him go. Wyatt gets a chance to call Katie and says setting him up with Charlotte – that was not necessary. Katie thought she would be perfect and she definitely likes him. Charlotte returns and gives Wyatt a kiss on the cheek.

Charlie tells Sheila that he thinks it is really Eric and Quinn’s business and she should give up. He wants to know who this friend of hers is and what is she doing here. He sees her drawing a portrait and wonders if it is what he thinks it is. Eric tells Quinn that there is a restraining order against her. She will be out of the company and out of the house and let him move on from this. It is what he wants. She says okay if that is what he wants. She signs; he thanks her and says she can go. She cries that she is so sorry that she hurt him. But she wants him to know that she will love him forever. As she turns to leave, she hears him tearing up the papers. Katie cannot concentrate and then suddenly there is Wyatt kissing her instead of having lunch with Charlotte. Eric tells Carter they won’t be filing the papers. He just wanted to be sure. He said she was a whole new life for him, he trusted her with his life and then she took it away from him. He knows she did not mean it and he sees her regret now. She is home now. She says it was not about the home, just him. He says he wants to give it another chance and there will not be another opportunity for her to stray. They hug and cry. Charlie accuses Sheila of wanting her own portrait over Eric’s mantel. She says it will happen in time. That is her goal and she will achieve it. She gets what she wants. And she wants to be Eric’s wife again and if Charlie thinks that will not happen then he is in for a big surprise.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve begged Tripp not to kill Kayla. Tripp wanted Kayla to admit that she killed Ava. Chad talked to Abby about how she saved his life. He also told her that he knew why she was married to Dario. Dr. Shah told Jennifer that Abby was awake. Chad felt bad for the things he said to her before she got hurt. He said he didnít deserve her. Abby told him that she forgave him. Jennifer and JJ walked in just as he was about to tell her something. Dr. Shah only wanted immediate family with Abby. Chad ran into Gabi and she wanted to talk to him. Steve wanted to talk to Tripp, but he didnít want to be handled. Tripp wanted Kayla to confess. Steve told him that he did it. Tripp knew he was lying. Kayla confessed to killing Ava. Paul told Sonny that Victor had Deimos killed. Brady accused Victor of killing Deimos. Victor admitted that he did kill him. Sonny couldnít believe that Victor would set him up. He wanted to hear it from Victor. Paul told Sonny that Brady tried to get a confession. Victor admitted that he hired. Xander tried to kill Deimos, but the plan didnít go off without a hitch. Gabi talked to Chad about killing Deimos. Gabi wanted to know if he remembered doing it. Gabi realized how much they loved each other. Joey showed up at the hospital and saw Tripp, Kayla, and Steve. He confessed to killing Ava.

Steve and Kayla tried to stop Joey, but he told Tripp what he did to Ava. Joey told him to kill him and not Kayla. Kayla and Steve begged Tripp not to hurt him. JJ told Abby that Dario skipped out on witness protection. Gabi admitted that she heard Chad with Abby. Gabi realized that he didnít look sat her the way he looked at Abby. She knew that she had to let him go. Sonny didnít want Paul to go to the police about Victor. Victor explained to Brady how Xander was supposed to kill Deimos, but he called it off. Brady wondered if Victor was telling the truth. Victor admitted that he thought Sonny was guilty. Gabi told Chad that people warned her about Chad being in love with Abby. Tripp finally let Kayla go and grabbed Joey. Steve begged Tripp not to kill Joey. Tripp wanted to think. Steve told him that finding him was one of the best days of his life. He apologized for lying about what happened to Ava. Tripp finally put down the scalpel after Steve reached out to him. He let Joey go and Steve and Kayla hugged him. Brady didnít think Sonny killed Deimos. Victor told him that he was going to pin the murder on someone else and that he had to help him. Chad thanked Abby for saving his life. He also told her that he loved her. She said she loved him too.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ava continues to drink away her self-pity and wallow as Kiki shows up. She wants Ava to go to a group meeting but Ava doesn’t want to listen to a bunch of motivational garbage that she doesn’t believe in. Kiki calls Griffin to come over. He does and Ava is angry that she called him. Griffin wants her to go and Ava agrees. They get to the hospital where Ava is wearing a scarf around her head as well as the mask. Meanwhile, Finn asks Sam how she is doing. Sam says she is fine and wants to leave. Finn thinks she needs to be one hundred percent better before they let her leave. Sam asks how she can be sure that certain things didn’t happen and which things did. She later runs into Ava and asks her if she remembers anything. Ava thinks that Sam was being really relentless towards Sonny which wasn’t normal for her considering that she usually is his best friend. Sam leaves. Kiki stops Ava from leaving the session before it starts. Ava says she will stay but she is leaving the moment that the group leader tries to get her to get in touch with her inner feelings.

Sonny gets questioned by Dante with Jason and Carly in attendance. Sonny says that he wasn’t shot by Garvey but isn’t sure who shot him. Carly thinks that Dante can do this later. Felix shows up and tells them that Epiphany wants them to leave so he can get rest. Sonny wants to talk with Jason but Carly thinks it can wait. In the hallway Carly tells Dante that he can wait to question Sonny until he is better. Dante just wanted to get info while it was fresh. In his room, Felix tells Sonny that he needs to stop making Carly have to worry about him. Sonny agrees. Later, Sam shows up and is shocked he is alive. Elsewhere, Hayden meets with her father in prison. She wants to know if there is any secret money hidden anywhere. He says that there isn’t and he is sorry. He thinks that she should tell Finn the truth if she really cares about him. He also thinks she is very talented with taking money and no one will ever know any better. Later, Hayden is in her office looking at the hospitals bank account. Finn walks in and thought she was buying things for the house. Hayden explains that she has found them a tropical trip to go on.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria is shocked when she wakes up in bed next to a snoring Ben Hochman. When he awakens, he promises her that he won't tell anyone about their night together. Mariah has a hard time forgetting the kiss that she shared with Devon in San Francisco. Mariah tells Sharon that she told Devon she loves him, and they had a wonderful weekend together. Noah asks Sharon if Tessa could live with her until she gets her own place. Sharon says its okay if Mariah also approves of Tessa living with them. Tessa is nervous about her first recording session. Hilary tells Jack that Victoria slept with Ben Hochman. Jack later tells Phyllis and he also tells her of his plan to make sure that Ben buys Brash and Sassy to dismantle it and get rid of their competition. Lily tells Jordan that she kicked Cane out of the house, because he used the kids' tuition to pay a blackmailer. When Cane tells Juliet everything he did to mess up the hockey deal, she sees her chance to have him for herself. Jack sends Victoria flowers and signs Ben Hochman's name to the card. Billy wants to know what happened between Ben and Victoria last night. Neil tells Devon about Cane's latest lie and that he is worried about Lily's financial situation.

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