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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam pretends to be shocked when Steffy tells him that Bill made himself the winner of the fashion show. Liam asks why Sally flew back by herself with Thomas going to New York. Steffy says she does not know but whatever keeps them apart is okay with her. Quinn begs Eric not to divorce her. She knows that he loves her. Eric says he could not ever trust her again. She says they cannot break up over a few kisses. He opines that it was more than that and that is all he needs to know. So, no, no marriage counselors to tell him what he already knows. Ridge tells Steffy this is the worst it has ever been. Eric told him he no longer is his son. And it will be hard on Quinn with Sheila sitting there fanning the flames. Sheila comes back and finds Charlie still there. She threatens him with if he does not want his precious Pammy to know that he told her about Ridge and Quinn then he better not to be telling her to get out of Eric’s life. She was his wife once and is a friend now and knows what is best for him. Charlie accuses her of wanting to be Eric’s wife again. A Beatrice knocks on the door and Sheila invites her in. She starts looking around for vibes. Charlie asks Sheila what she is up to, he does not like it. She said she asked him to leave but he can stay over her dead body…..and laughs an evil laugh when she says it could be his body. Quinn tells Eric this does not have to be over if they could just talk and work this out. She will do anything to make that happen. He is livid. He says it could have been anyone else but it was his own son. He could never trust her again. She cannot fix that. Katie laments to Wyatt that she does not want to keep harping on what she saw the other night but she can’t quite shake it either. He says just leave it alone, but them on the other hand…....

Katie says that is funny, she did not know there was a “you and me”. He starts to kiss her again and she pulls away and tells him he should find someone else and so should she. It was fun but…….He says he feels like she is dumping him. She says no because they are not dating. He says they can leave those kisses on the plane and in Monaco or he could take her out and have fun and see what happens. She throws up roadblocks that she has a kid and cannot be out all night. He says he can work with that and remove any obstacles. Beatrice starts spraying smoke all around Sheila’s room and tells Charlie to please move as she needs her space. Charlie asks Sheila again if she is planning on being Mrs. Eric Forrester again. Quinn tells Eric they fought so hard for this marriage that no one else wanted. And then they found the world’s most unlikely couple were actually good for each other. He says divorce is not the easy way out. It has been agony with no sleep lately. She says it hurts her that the most important decision in his life he was with Sheila. He reminds her this all had nothing to do with Sheila. Quinn says good. He is a good man and she hopes he can find it in his heart one last time to forgive her. It won’t be easy to learn to trust her again. But she was a devoted wife to him and will be again, just please do not divorce her. She believes the power of their love can overcome and she thinks he believes that too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad talked to Abby even though she was unconscious. He wondered if she thought that he killed Deimos. He questioned whether he did it too. Paul told Brady that Victor hired Xander to kill Deimos. Brady wanted to know if John thought that too. Victor talked to someone about someone else going to jail instead of Sonny. Nicole overheard his conversation. Steve talked to Joey about Tripp setting Kayla up at the hospital. Joey told him how Tripp said Kayla wasnít perfect. Tripp told Kayla that he set her up. Kayla denied killing Ava. Tripp didnít believe her. Brady didnít believe that Victor would frame Sonny. Paul showed him flight plans and wanted to know who was on the jet. Victor wouldnít tell Nicole who he was protecting besides Brady. Victor knew that she would end up hurting him for another man. Andre told Gabi that Dario blackmailed Abby. He also told her that Dario knew Chad killed Deimos. Chad believed he should be in jail and not Sonny. He thought about the last time he talked to her.

Joey told Steve that Jade was the one who told Tripp that Kayla killed Ava. Joey felt responsible for what Trippís doing. Kayla told Tripp that no one would know what he did if he put what happened behind him. Brady and Paul asked someone who authorized the plane. He finally admitted that Victor did it. The man told them that Xander was brought to and from Salem. Paul thought Brady would be the only one to get Victor to confess. Andre wanted Gabi to convince Chad to keep quiet. Steve went to look for Kayla. Tripp grabbed a scalpel and threatened Kayla. Chad told Abby that they should have been a family again. Gabi walked in on Chad while he poured his heart out t Abby. He told Abby that he loved her. Brady showed up while Nicole and Victor were talking. Nicole left the room Brady yelled at Victor. Brady told Victor that he was the one who killed Deimos. Steve went to the on call room and found Kayla and Tripp. Tripp threatened to kill Kayla if Steve came towards them. Abby woke up and saw Chad by her bed.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ava laments to Valentin that all the people that loved her are dead because of the two of them. Valentin offers Ava the chance to be beautiful again if she promises to throw out her testimony in court. Ava isn’t going to do that. Valentin shows her what he used to look like and Ava is shocked. Valentin promises that he can get the changes done. Ava tells him to leave though. She then looks at herself in the mirror again and is not pleased with what she sees. Laura and Kevin tell Spencer that he cannot stay in Port Charles. Spencer thinks that PC is his home though. Laura explains that he is not safe so long as Valentin is here and he is not going anywhere. Spencer decides he will go back to boarding school. Laura is going to spend a few weeks with him though and Kevin decides he will as well. The three hug each other.

Carly finds Sonny and tries to get him to safety. The demo crew however are moments away from demolishing the building. Carly is not leaving without Sonny. Dante runs over to the crew and stops them from blowing up the building. He then finds Carly and Sonny and tells them that help is on the way. At the hospital Jason watches as Garvey dies. Sam wakes up from what she thinks was a nightmare over Sonny threatening her about Jason’s safety. She doesn’t think that was true though. She then goes back to sleep and thinks about Sonny being shot by her. Jason and Carly go to see Sonny in the hospital and Sonny tells them along with Dante that Garvey didn’t shoot him.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Billy was caught off guard when Benjamin came to Brash and Sassy and said he was picking Victoria up for a date. Victoria clarified that it was just business. Billy privately warned Victoria that Benjamin purchased and dismantled struggling companies. Victoria was confident that she could get Benjamin to spread positive information about Brash and Sassy around the business world. Victoria and Benjamin went to dinner, and she spoke about Brash and Sassy in glowing terms. Benjamin tried to make the conversation more personal. This made Victoria suspicious that he was trying to trick her into agreeing to let him invest in her company. Victoria had another episode, seemingly caused by her head issue, then she suddenly suggested that they go back to his suite. Once there, Victoria told Hochman to kiss her, then she began to undress him. Devon and Noah had a productive meeting with the booking agent in San Francisco. Devon and Noah decided to partner up with each other and have Devon's artists play in Noah's clubs. Mariah was confused and apologetic about kissing Tessa. Tessa assured Mariah that they just got carried away. Tessa noted that they were dating great people and suggested that they forget about the kiss. When Noah and Devon returned, Mariah suggested that each couple spend some alone time together. A bouncer refused to let Noah and Tessa back into the concert because they didn't have their passes. He relented when Tessa threatened to sic Victor on him. Mariah told Devon that she loved him, and they shared a passionate kiss. Victor placed a cryptic phone call. Scott and Abby bickered in front of Victor when he called them in for a progress report. Abby informed Victor that she'd signed another person to the incubator project; someone recommended by Zack. Scott told Victor that he was writing an expose on sex trafficking in the Mid-West. Victor announced that he expected Abby and Scott's divisions to show improvement.

Someone spied on Jack and Nikki as they spent an evening at the Abbott Cabin. Nikki was impressed when Jack cooked dinner for her. Nikki thought it was time they talked about Victor. Jack was willing to face Victor's wrath, but he didn't want Victor coming after Nikki. Jack offered to back off if Nikki wanted him to. Nikki made it clear that she wanted to be there with Jack. Nikki suggested that they banish Victor from their thoughts. Jack promised to always answer Nikki honestly. Nikki asked if he thought this thing she and Jack had could survive in the real world. Jack thought they should try and find out. They kissed. Sharon let Nick know that she wanted to introduce Scott to Faith, and she asked him not to badmouth Scott in front of their daughter. Nick assured her that he'd never do that. When Scott arrived, Nick contended that Scott was being manipulated by Victor. Since Scott never got the chance to know his own father, he felt that Nick should cherish his relationship with Victor. Nick wasn't interested in Scott's viewpoint on Nick's relationship with Victor. Nick tried to charge his meal to the Newman family account at the Athletic Club and discovered that Victor had taken him off of the account. Nick didn't have his wallet, so he was forced to borrow money from Sharon. Scott secretly called Victor and relayed that Sharon had to pay Nick's bill. Phyllis told Lauren that she was trying to set Victoria up with Benjamin, so that he could occupy Victoria's time and so he could help Brash and Sassy recover, meaning that Billy could work regular hours again. Lauren warned Phyllis that the plan might backfire and Benjamin could destroy Brash and Sassy, but Phyllis was sure Victoria was smart enough to handle Benjamin. Billy came home early and spent a private evening with Phyllis. He apologized for making her feel like she came second to Victoria or the company. Billy revealed that he'd tried to talk Victoria out of having dinner with Benjamin. Billy got sidetracked by work, but Phyllis helped him remember that the night was about them.

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