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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn paces the floor but it is only Ridge that comes through the door. He thought he would catch her at work but she says she is not leaving until Eric comes home. They need to communicate if they are to have any chance. Sheila catches Eric packing and he says it is time that he goes home. He quickly calls Quinn and asks if she is home; good as he plans to come see her. She is ecstatic. Ridge tells her to pull herself together and keep her chin up. She wonders if Eric is going to forgive her. Ridge says he should not be here when Eric gets home so he will see her later. Bill and Brooke take the jet but everyone else but Sally and Thomas are on a commercial jet and speaking about the night before. Nicole tells Maya and Zende it must have been quite a night as they got in late. Katie remembers seeing Maya with her hand on Zende’s face as she kissed his cheek and hugged him. Sheila says wait; there is something she wants to tell Eric before he goes. She tells him that he has always been honest with her so she wants to do the same. There are some betrayals you cannot forgive and he will never be able to trust Quinn again. He needs to leave her.

Zende follows Maya to another room to get some water. He tells her last night was not exactly what he thought it would be but alcohol can sometimes make things happen. He is sorry that things like that still happens to Maya. She says it does not bother her anymore. And she does not want Rick or Nicole to worry so he should not tell them. Katie pulls Wyatt aside and says she saw something last night that surprised her. She saw Maya kissing. Wyatt says big deal, that is what happens at clubs and the two of them know that. She says but it was with Zende. He asks if it was a real kiss or just a peck. She says it was dark so she cannot be sure. He says whatever, it is not their business. Maya tells Zende to please just forget it ever happened. Rick does not have to know about the dudes who verbally attacked her. Katie and Wyatt and Rick all notice Zende coming out of the bedroom where Maya has been. Charlie marches into Sheila’s room and snaps at her that he never thought Eric would move out and now he is afraid that will all be on him. She tells him to calm down as no one even knows that it was him that told her. Quinn is apprehensive but glad to see Eric home. She starts off by saying she betrayed their marriage and she cannot tell him how much she regrets that and wishes she could take it back. But they cannot change the past but make sure from this moment forward they can work this out. She believes that is the reason he came home, that he wants to fight for their marriage as much as she wants to. He says she betrayed him with his own son. He wants her off the property, both her and Ridge. He could never trust her again. He wants a divorce. She begs that he has to give her another chance please. The can work this out.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi wanted to know what Chad and Andre were discussing. Chad wanted to check on Abby so Gabi wanted answers from Andre. Joey told Steve that he felt guilty about what he did to Ava. Tripp told Angelo that Kayla killed Ava. Brady and Nicole talked about Eric. She assured him that nothing was going on between her and Eric. Kayla told Jennifer and company that Abby was okay. Jennifer went to see Abby. Nicole called Eric, but didnít get an answer so she went to see him. Angelo advised Tripp to go after Kayla. JJ sat with Abby and went down memory lane. Gabi wanted to talk to Andre, but he left to talk to Chad. Andre wanted to finish his conversation with Chad. Steve told Joey that what he did was self-defense. He didnít want Joey to feel guilty for what he did.

Angelo told Tripp that he needed another way to get revenge. He pulled out a gun. Nicole went to see Eric. She told him she didnít want Brady to know that she forgave Eric. Eric asked her if that was a good idea. She thought Brady would go crazy over it. Tripp couldnít kill anyone. Angelo told him to get rid of everyone before they found out that heís a threat. Andre didnít want Chad to tell the truth. Chad let him know that he planned on turning himself in when Abby woke up. Angelo reminded Tripp about what happened to Ava. Tripp was going to make Kayla confess. Chad asked Jennifer if he could see Abby. Andre wanted to talk to Gabi. Nicole wanted Eric to keep her secret. Eric wanted her to open up to Brady. Nicole didnít want to do that so he promised to keep it quiet. Brady was hiding outside so he heard Eric and Nicole talked about keeping the secret. Andre told Gabi that Chad killed Deimos. Steve told Joey that Tripp set Kayla up and wants to hurt her. Tripp went to the hospital and grabbed a pillow to smother Kayla.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Spencer shows up at Wyndemere and tries to threaten Valentin that he is putting his claim on the property now. Valentin calls up Laura who comes to take Spencer back. Laura tells Valentin that he is going to pay in court and that Ava is going to tell the world what he did to Nikolas. Laura and Kevin later discuss what is best for Spencer and tell Spencer that being in GH might not be what is best for him. Julian shows up at Ava’s house and tries to get her to interact with him. Ava hates the way she looks though and never wants to leave the house again. Julian leaves to go check on Sam. Valentin shows up and offers her something in return for not telling everyone about what she saw on Cassadine Island. Julian shows up at the hospital to see Sam but Alexis tells him not to see her because she blames him for what happened. Julian does anyway and Sam is remembering things about Sonny. Julian lies and tells her that nothing bad happened with her and Sonny. Sam remembers though Deanna gives her drugs to help her sleep.

Jason attempts to get Sonny’s location out of Garvey but Garvey admits that while he shot Sonny he isn’t the one to kill him. He would have to ask the girl. Jason asks what girl when Garvey flatlines. Carly tells Bobbie that she cannot find Sonny anywhere and that she also cannot get ahold of Michael. Bobbie suggests she see Nelle. At Nelle’s Joss is showing Michael and Nelle the necklace Oscar gave her and it is a bullet. Michael yells at Joss for going to a demo zone. Carly shows up and Michael realizes that Sonny might have gone there. Carly runs to go and see if she can find him. Sonny has attempted to get out of the pit and a countdown starts. Carly finds him and tries to move him but he cannot get up. She isn’t leaving and the countdown gets to one.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Abby welcomes Victor home from his trip and then lets him know that Hilary had shown the footage on the air of him and Nick arguing. Victor surprises her by telling her that he had okayed for the footage to be aired. Abby is surprised. At the Athletic Club dining room, Chelsea tells Victoria that she is worried over Nick. At the Top of the Tower, Nick and Nikki discuss how she had moved out of the Newman home. Nick is surprised. In a hotel room in San Francisco Mariah sits on the sofa and listens to Tess and Noah laughing in the hotel room next door. Devon comes out of the bathroom and asks her as to why she hadn't joined him. Jack and Mr. Hoffman meet in his office at Jabot. Mr. Hoffman mentions about investing in Jabot but Ashley comes in and tells him no. Phyllis sees Ravi outside in the outer office and asks for his help in saving her relationship with Billy. Victor explains to Abby as to why he had let Hilary show the footage of them arguing. Abby tells Victor about her talk with Victoria and how she had been crying. Abby asks Victoria about the lawsuit at Brash and Sassy. Chelsea tells Victoria that she is worried over Nick and his attitude toward Victor. Nick and Nikki discuss Jack and her seeing him and spending time with him. Phyllis tells Ravi that anymore Victoria is all that Billy talks about and she needs his help. Mr. Hoffman apologizes for his actions in New York. He tells Ashley and Jack his idea for Jabot but Jack cuts him down to size and tells him "no" in no uncertain terms. Gloria joins Jack and Ashley and brings him a fishing rod with a card attached. Phyllis meets Mr. Hoffman near the elevator and they make plans for later. Dina and Graham meet in the dining room of the Athletic Club and she tells him about her meeting with Neil and how he had turned her down. Graham gets a phone call from Gloria and they make plans for later. Ashley questions Jack about Gloria and her getting close to Graham. Ashley is worried over Dina that she doesn't seem like herself. Tess and Noah join Mariah and Devon and they make plans for later. Devon and Noah decide to go their way for the day and Mariah and Tessa make their plans. Tessa notices something different about Mariah. Nick and Chelsea meet with a realtor about a building for the Underground and the realtor tells him that he will let him know. The realtor is really an associate of Victor's who was being paid to tell Nick no about the property .

Jack and Nikki make plans to go fishing but she has trouble getting her fishing rod fixed. When Jack tries to help, he finishes tearing up the fishing rod. Jack owns up that he hadn't gone fishing either. Nikki is surprised. Dina visits Jack and Ashley at Jabot but only finds Ashley there. Dina owns up to her that she is lonesome without anything to do and Ashley feels for her. Ashley tells Ravi about Dina's predicament and comes to the conclusion how she can help. Mariah owns up to Tessa that she isn't as happy as she should be with Devon and then ends up kissing Tessa. Someone outside the Abbott cabin takes pics of Jack and Nikki kissing.

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