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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The heavy celebrating and partying begins. Wyatt and Katie join Bill and Brooke. She mentions that she kept looking for them after the show but never saw them. Katie plays coy while thinking of Wyatt’s kisses and does not give her secret away. Wyatt makes a toast and they all join in for the Spectra/Forrester challenge at Spencer Summit. Nicole tells Zende this is his big night and he should not miss it so go with Maya and have fun. She will join him when she can. Zende and Maya join Bill’s group. Zende says they killed it today so they should loosen up and enjoy Bill’s bubbly. He's having vodka. Nicole drops by Rick’s room and he notices she is definitely not dressed for clubbing. She says she is so wiped out that she knows Zende will be disappointed but she is going to be a no-show. Rick says she better call as he will be worried. She does call and Zende is disappointed but Nicole keeps saying she is too tired. Katie has to be coaxed but Wyatt shows her his moves on the dance floor. Maya gives a toast to Zende’s accomplishment tonight. This is followed by Bill giving cheers to his son and Katie, they make a great team. Between the two of them they delivered a blockbuster event. It was quite a combination. Katie thanks him for his accolades. Then she wants another turn on the dance floor and leads Wyatt on. Brooke thinks it is great to see Katie so happy. Bill says for sure and no one is going to put a damper on this occasion or be down tonight.

Katie and Wyatt give each other long looks and almost kiss but then she turns and wants to leave. He follows but she says he should go back in and enjoy himself. He does – by kissing her yet she says they should not be doing this. He disregards that remark and kisses her again and she does not pull away. She does say this is crazy and he remarks that what is wrong with it…….nothing. She gets a guilty look when Brooke almost catches them. She even mentions that Katie has a flushed look. Wyatt says he was just about to suggest that he take her back to her room. Alone she tells him that was way too close. He only wants to know – his room or hers. She assures him that she is not going back to his room. He says that must mean their kiss was a goodbye kiss. But Brooke and Bill are busy celebrating and Maya and Zende do not even know they are here, so no harm. He thinks he can do so much better than that. He will call the driver and then ask him to take the long way home around the lights on the water, so romantic. But when he gets back he definitely will need someone to escort him back to his room since he has been drinking. Katie breaks his bubble by telling him how it is gonna be. She will take him to his room and then she will go to hers. That’s it for tonight. Seeing the lights is tempting but just not tonight. Wyatt says at least she did not say never. While Maya and Zende are looking for Bill and Brooke three dudes walk up to them and one announces they he recognizes Maya and he could never tell. One thing leads to another and he will not listen to Zende, keeps saying this is not a lady and he knows she has a kid but how could that even happen. Zende gives him about three seconds to apologize and then get out. The guy said he was only giving “her” a compliment. They were in everybody’s face and showing off dancing so maybe Zende is one of those freaks too. Zende tells him one more time that he has two options – leave on his own or he will throw his ass out in the garbage where he belongs. The dudes leave and Maya thanks Zende for taking up for her and treating her fairly. He tells her not to let it get her down; stay and have a good time. She puts her hand on his face just as Katie turns around and notices.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Anjelica met with Hattie to find out about the plan. Hattie told her what happened. Kate told Andre that Abby was in the hospital. Gabi finally let Chad know why Abby married Dario. Jennifer was in Abbyís hospital room with JJ. She let him know that she was there to see what she went through. She started crying over Abby. Justin and Adrienne told Sonny that he wouldnít go to prison. No one wanted to give up on Sonny. Chad was fixated on the fact that Abby didnít love Dario. Gabi tried to make excuses for Dario, but he didnít want to hear it. Andre showed up to talk to Chad. Andre told Chad that Dario blackmailed Abby. Chad didnít believe he did it or he would have remembered it. Andre told him that Abby saw the picture.

Marlena realized that she was locked up somewhere. Hattie told Anjelica that she put Marlena in her trunk. Hattie wanted to discuss going out with Anjelica. Anjelica wanted her to take Marlena out of town. Andre asked Chad if he had a struggle with Deimos. Chad didnít remember fighting with Deimos. Chad couldnít believe that Abby wanted to go through everything for him. Anjelica ran into Justin and told him that she was home for good. Hattie took Marlena to an insane asylum. Chad couldnít believe that Abby was protecting him. He wanted to go to the police. Andre told Chad that the proof is gone. Andre told him that he was off the hook. Chad didnít agree with that. Justin didnít see a point in Anjelica staying in Salem. Anjelica told him she had other business to take care of there. Justin mentioned that she was doing her homework. She realized he was spying on her. Hattie told the guy at the hospital that Marlena would try to pretend to be her and that he could use restraints on her. Chad couldnít let Sonny take the fall for what he did. Andre reminded him that the evidence was gone. Andre told Chad that Abby loved him and asked if he loved her. Gabi showed up before he answered. Justin told Adrienne that Anjelica was back in Salem. Marlena realized that she was in a straight jacket and called out to John for help.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Joss gets a visit from Oscar and he has something for her. He has something for her. Joss explains that Carly is out looking for Sonny. She doesn’t know how she feels about everything. Oscar thinks that she has a complicated relationship with Sonny and that it makes sense. Oscar gives her a necklace he made out of the piece of metal he found. Joss loves it and has him put it on her. Michael is on the phone in Nelle’s living room trying to get everyone they know to find Sonny. He hangs up and Nelle asks if he wants coffee. Michael doesn’t. He just wants to find Sonny. Nelle will help him look. Michael doesn’t think she has to do that. Nelle insists upon it. Someone knocks on the door and it is Joss. She shows Nelle the necklace and Nelle explains that it is a bullet head.

Finn is on the phone with Tracy thanking for her help with finding a diamond for Hayden. He hangs up and Hayden shows up. Deanna explains to Hayden that there is someone waiting for her in the exam room complaining about an invoice. Hayden goes to check on them and it turns out to be Jarrett demanding his money. Hayden tells him to meet her in a half hour. She goes back to the reception area where Finn proposes to her. Jarrett oversees this. Meanwhile, Sam wakes up from her coma but doesn’t remember anything that has happened since Sonny showed up to talk with Jason the other morning. Jason tries to keep her in bed but Sam wants to move around. They do so and then Sam sees Garvey being pushed in a bed down the hall. Jason asks if she is ok. Hayden meets up with Jarrett and he demands money. He first suggests her ring but Hayden points out that wouldn’t even put a dent into it. Jarrett agrees and demands that she embezzle GH. He is only giving her a week. While this is going on Finn decides to say goodbye to his late wife. He knows that he cannot be with Hayden but still be in love with her so he burns a letter she wrote him as a last goodbye to her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby and Zack have another date but he is called away to solve a problem at work, and Abby is more impressed by Zack as she continues to find out more about him. Reed and Charlie call a truce, and Reed sees Charlie talking to Juliet so he tells Charlie and Mattie that this Juliet is the woman that sued Brash and Sassy and also the woman Cane got pregnant. Charlie, Mattie, and Reed all let Juliet have it for ruining both their families' lives and hurting so many people. Juliet tells the teens that she never meant to hurt anyone, and she thinks about the pain she has caused every day. Victoria tells Abby everything that has been going on at Brash and Sassy and cries on her shoulder because she feels so alone. Abby offers to help, but Victoria refuses thinking that she has already helped just by listening to her. Lauren tells Phyllis that she found out that Michael's friend who almost invested in Fenmore's just buys companies to tear down the buildings and uses the land to build fancy housing developments. Billy and Victoria tell Lily how Cane sabotaged the hockey deal to make Billy look bad so he would lose his job. Lily feels hurt that Cane lied to her again but also that he used the kids' tuition money to pay off Jesse's blackmail. Lily throws Cane out of the house and tells the kids she needs time to think about the situation. Cane tells Lily that he hopes she can forgive him, and he will always love her. Paul and Sharon search for Crystal while Scott decides to write a sex trafficking series on his online magazine. When Paul persuades Lauren to give Sharon a chance, she invites Scott and Sharon to dinner so that they can get to know each other.

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