The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/1/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke asks Bill who really won the fashion show – Spectra or Forrester. He says the kids won with all their bidding for charity; so everyone won. It was a big charity event and very successful. He suggests that everybody find their own way home and they need some alone time on the jet so she can be with her stallion. Alone he checks his phone and sees that Spectra received the most votes. Wyatt and Katie discuss it too and then dismiss their kiss as being caught up in the moment. Katie said they were just celebrating, just a onetime thing. However, she is totally into it when he kisses her again. Zende tells Nicole that the best part of the day was seeing her on the runway. She outdid all the models. Sally asks Thomas if he thinks they could have won but his mind is not on that so he opts out of the discussion. He thinks back on what Bill said about Caroline dying. Rick asks Nicole if modeling is in her future. She laments that she could get used to it. Caroline calls Bill and tells him again that she is not going along with this lie anymore. Bill reminds her that she wants Thomas for her son so it’s best to leave it as it is as Thomas and Sally are getting even closer so she needs to split that up fast. Then there will be a miracle cure; Thomas will never know. Thomas needs to man up and be with his son so if he doesn’t then they need to give him a nudge. He tells her to hang up and call Thomas now.

Zende tries to set up a celebration between him and Nicole and Maya and Rick. Rick says another time as he has a conference time coming up. Nicole too says she is bushed and just wants to take a soaking hot bath but gives permission for Maya who missed all the activities to go with Zende. He wants to talk to Nicole alone. He says he knows she is tired, so is he but this is a milestone and they should stay together. It won’t be the same without her by his side. Finally she agrees and tells him to go on and she will catch up with him after a bath. Caroline calls Thomas and lets Douglas call him Daddy. Sally finds Thomas alone in thoughts and says the show is over so now they have time to share. He says it is her time to shine but he needs to be with his son. He slowly tells her that Caroline is dying. Sally is devastated. He says he does not know what he is going to do but he knows he has to get to New York. He missed out on being a father and now he needs to be there for him….both of Douglas’s parents for the few months they have. Sally says she loves him even more. She hates that he is leaving but it is what he has to do. She will be there for him as he is worth it. He is proving that by being there for Caroline and her son. They part with a kiss as Bill looks on. Then he spies a skyscraper and he is in focus again with his own goal.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope and Rafe told JJ that Dario was into counterfeiting and hacking. JJ was upset that no one told him about it sooner and that Abby was with him. They also told him that Abby was going into witness protection with him. JJ didnít want Abby to go. Raines told them that Abby was in the hospital. Chad told Jennifer what happened to Abby. Gabi wanted Kate to tell her what she knew about Darioís situation. Raines told Hope, Rafe, and JJ that the car that hit Abby took off. He said her condition was life threatening. JJ left to go to the hospital. Raines stopped Hope and Rafe from going. Hope reminded her that Abby was her cousin. Kate lied to Gabi about why Abby was going with Dario. She thought it would be a chance for her to keep Chad. Gabi told her that she and Chad had an argument over Abby. Chad mentioned that Abby was leaving with Dario and that she was saying goodbye to Jennifer. Jennifer denied that happening. She was about to blurt out that Abbyís marriage was a sham. Nicole told Maggie that she forgave Eric. Eric told Roman that Nicole forgave him. Raines wanted Hope and Rafe to solve Abbyís case. Chad wanted an answer from Jennifer when JJ arrived. He accused Chad of having something to do with what happened to Abby. Jennifer wanted them to stop fighting.

Nicole explained to Maggie that she read Ericís letters and thought of Daniel. Nicole couldnít believe she thought of someone elseís feelings instead of her own. It was easy for her to forgive Eric after she read the letters. Roman advised Eric to be honest with himself if he wanted to recover. Gabi didnít want to wait around for Chad to tell her that heís with Abby. She thought that Chad was with Abby. Kayla told Jennifer, JJ, and Chad that Abby needed surgery. Jennifer had to sign the consent form. Kate talked Gabi into staying at the mansion to fight for Chad. Gabi called Chad to ask if he found Abby. He told her he did and that something happened. Nicole was worried about how Brady would feel about her relationship with Eric if he knew that she forgave him. Maggie asked her if there was something between her and Eric. Rafe was upset because he thought Dario was responsible for what happened to Abby. He also thought Dario was dead. Jennifer pled for Abby to live. JJ assured her that Abby would live. Roman was worried that Eric would drink again because of Nicole. Nicole told Maggie that she didnít have feelings for Eric. Brady overheard them talking. Rafe got a call that Dario was at the train station.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Julian finds Ava sitting alone in her living room. He wonders why she started wearing her mask. Ava admits that Sam was over earlier and got her to wear it. She thought it was an odd visit as she was very much on her side it seems. Julian explains that Sam is very sick and she might not make it. Ava is sorry. Meanwhile at GH Carly tries to get Garvey to talk by cutting off his morphine. He doesn’t give up though. Dante then shows up and tells Carly to leave the room. Dante informs Garvey that he can either make sure he has protection or make sure that there is none on the room. Then Carly can have any number of people show up here. Garvey still doesn’t want to talk. Dante promises a reduced sentence or a better prison of he talks. Garvey wants no prison. Dante says that will never happen. Garvey goes into shock and a doctor tells Dante he isn’t going to be able to talk at least for a day or so. Elsewhere, Sonny is still trapped in the put but a bright light appears and a man is there. Sonny cannot believe it is him and it is revealed to be Stone. Stone gives him the option to either come with him or stay there. Sonny at first thinks about being with Morgan again but then decides he has too much to live for. He wakes up from his dream and starts to climb even though he is in pain.

Carly finds Jordan in the hallway of the hospital and Jordan promises they are doing everything they can. Carly doesn’t believe she is. She has wanted Sonny arrested since the day she showed up in PC. Jordan admits she doesn’t want harm done to Sonny because he was a friend to TJ when nobody else would be. She will do all she can to find him. Meanwhile, Joss shows up at Sonny’s house where Michael and Nelle already are. Joss wants to know what is going on. She assumed Carly was going to be here with Sonny. Michael explains that Sonny is missing. When Carly shows up, Joss is crying and is so sorry for being angry about Sonny. Carly thinks she had every right and she can still be angry once he is found. Carly decides they will have a group prayer once Dante arrives. Joss wants Nelle to stay because her kidney is inside of her. Carly decides to allow it. Elsewhere, Finn runs into Curtis at the Floating Rib where Finn admits that he and Hayden are getting married. Curtis suggests he propose properly though because Hayden will like that. Finn agrees. He asks how he is doing and Curtis explains his drama with Stella not liking Jordan so he had to break up with her. Finn tells Curtis that you cannot make someone else sick so he needs to do what works for him even if Stella doesn’t agree. While this is going on Jarrett threatens Hayden over not having any money for him. He will tell Finn all about her past and how she hurt a little girl while drunk driving and let him take the fall for it. He demands she find him money. Finn later shows up after he leaves and Hayden wants to tell him the truth but Finn ends up proposing and Hayden says yes. The two kiss.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy confronts Jesse about what is going on that he doesn't want to tell him, but Jesse admits that he was just putting him off when he told him that he had information. Billy even goes so far as to threaten to call the police in order to get the information. Lily has called the bank to check on the balance when she finds out that the funds were transferred. When Cane comes home, Lily asks him what's going on. Nick finds Krystal hiding in the alley behind the Underground. He convinces her to come with him and she reluctantly takes his hand. Abby and Zack spend time at the Newman Towers pool when Ashley interrupts them. Nick tells Chelsea about Krystal being in the office, and Chelsea offers to go and talk to her. Reed and Mattie meet at the Coffeehouse and discuss Charlie always giving Reed a rough time. Billy takes Jesse to see Victoria who offers to pay for the information that he has on Cane. Sharon fills Scott in where Krystal could be right now. Jordan and Hilary discuss how Hilary got the commercial and took it from Lily.

Ashley spends time with Abby and Zack until Abby gets a call that she has to take. Ashley asks Zack about himself. Chelsea goes in to talk to Krystal but cannot seem to get anywhere with her. Sharon visits Krystal and promises to protect her. Mattie joins Reed at the Underground and he is happy to see her when some groupies interfere and take Reed's attention. Cane makes up an excuse to Lily as to where the money went. Cane lets Lily know how this mess is affecting the children. Reed and Mattie exchange smiles while he is on stage. Sharon goes to check on Krystal and can't find her. Sharon calls Paul about Krystal. Ashley and Abby discuss Abby's feelings for Zack. Victoria and Billy join Lily and Cane to let Lily know what has been going on.

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