The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/31/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill jokes with Brooke and shows her his own dollar bill with his face on it – his two favorite things. And “In Bill we trust”. Thomas reflects on what Bill told him about Caroline dying. Zende tells Nicole that he is so nervous. There aren’t many designers that are their own models. He has never done this before. Sally tells Bill that all she wants is a fair shake and no dirty tricks from him. They could win this thing fair and square. She tells Thomas that nothing can stop them now. Bill tells Steffy that he does not have a lot of respect for Thomas since he flew here for competition instead of being with Caroline. But they are going to win so get ready for the victory celebration band. Steffy says she will not cheat and do that to her brother. Lizzy runs a temperature and Maya tells Rick that she will not continue. He will have to get a replacement. Steffy conducts the charity auction using the Dollar Bill dollars. She wants them all to enjoy the fashion show challenge.

Bill has a fantasy of him opening his newest Spencer Skyscraper Tower….that is until he sees Sally and then he bristles. Steffy tells Thomas this is only a charity event so everything is cool between them. The doctor tells Maya that Lizzy will be okay with rest and lots of fluids. Brooke tells Katie that she has done an incredible job even if Wyatt helped her. Sally laments to Thomas that she hopes Bill does not do anything to ruin this as Thomas deserves all the accolades. Thomas and Zende strut their stuff in swim wear too as competing designers to the delight of the audience. The show stoppers are modeled by none other than Steffy Forrester and Sally Spectra. Bill catches Thomas later and tells him he did good but now he knows what he has to do. Both Caroline, who is dying, and his son needs him. Katie introduces Bill to name the winners of the charity function. He proclaims there was no winner except him. They took in over a million dollars for charity so they are all winners. Katie rushes up to Wyatt and said they did it. He agrees and kisses her. She responds back. In fact she looks like she is ready for Round Two.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor went to see Sonny at the station. Hattie walked in on Marlena and let her know that she wanted her life. Dario and Chad were about to fight when Dario spotted a car coming. Dario got out of the way. Abby called out to Chad and pushed him out of the way. Kayla was at the pub with Roman when Steve and Tripp showed up. Steve drove it home to Tripp how much being a doctor meant to Kayla. Abby was hit by the car so Chad and Dario rushed to check on her. Hattie told Marlena that it was hard to look like her. She lived a hard life. She wanted to get revenge on Andre for what he did to her. He told Marlena how lucky she was to have two loves and she threw Roman away. Marlena realized that she was still into Roman. Marlena suggested that she talk to Roman. Hattie told her she planned on taking over her life. John and Paul talked about whether Victor set Sonny up for Deimosí murder. Victor didnít understand what Paul was doing to help Sonny. Sonny wasnít sure. They talked about how Sonny was still in jail. Sonny remembered moving Deimosí body. Chad called to get help for Abby. Kayla and Tripp talked about medicine and then he brought up Ava. Hattie told Marlena that she was getting Roman. Marlena started to feel funny. Hattie let her know that she drugged her. Paul thought Victor set up Sonny. John didnít believe Victor did it. Sonny wanted to know the lengths Victor would go to in order to help him. Dario admitted that the car was after him. Dario told Chad he was leaving to keep the person from killing Abby. Chad told him to go. Dario told Abby that he loved her and he left.

Seth called Kayla to see her. Hattie told Marlena that it was going to be her time. Chad talked to the EMTs about what happened to Abby. Seth told Kayla that she was being reinstated. Paul saw Victor at the station. Victor wondered if he found out anything. Hattie was determined to live a great life. John showed up at the town house. Kayla was surprised that Abby was admitted to the hospital. She saw Chad in the hospital. A cop wanted to ask Chad about what happened t Abby. John went in the room and reacted to something. Victor told someone that he couldnít let Sonny stay in jail and that itís time to give the police another suspect. John only saw strawberries on the bed. Hattie dragged Marlena off. Chad told the cop about the accident. Tripp was determined not to let Kayla get away with murder. Kayla and the doctors tried to help Abby.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly and Elizabeth walk into GH after Garvey is hurried to a hospital room. Carly demands that she speak with him to find out where Sonny is. Dante will have the police check on his car. They find the Cassadine crest and realize he kidnapped Spencer. Dante assumes it was to bait Sonny. Carly demands to go speak with him but Dante doesn’t want her to do anything. Meanwhile, Jason overhears Finn and Griffin discussing possibilities for Sam. They promise they don’t actually know what is wrong as of yet. Carly finds Jason and the two hug each other. Griffin later tells him that they are doing all they can possibly do. Elizabeth walks up to Carly and informs her that Garvey is stabilized. She hints that Carly can go and find out where Sonny is. Meanwhile, Sonny is having trouble breathing and starts to pray and ask God for forgiveness. He ends up passing out. A light shines on him and he opens his eyes to start smiling say it is him as someone else is now with him.

Valentin shows up at the PCPD demanding to know if his name has been cleared. Nina wants to know where she can speak to someone about getting her money back. Nathan tells Valentin that he is still a suspect so long as they don’t know who took Spencer. They aren’t trying to keep the case open longer regardless of what Valentin thinks. Nina storms out. Nathan hopes that Valentin never finds his way back to her. Valentin promises to be a good husband if he does. Obrecht tries to convince Jarrett to go after Hayden but he just isn’t interested. He wants to move on. He leaves. Elsewhere, Nina and Valentin meet up and start to kiss each other. She decides she cannot do this though and runs off. Hayden has Finn show up at the new house where they look over different floor plans they can attempt. She ends up proposing and he accepts. He goes to get them food. When he leaves Jarrett shows up.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Zack persuades Abby to invest in another technology project from a technology genius that impresses her very much. Billy talks to Jesse and almost persuades him to tell the truth about what happened at the LA commercial shoot. After Jesse sends a text to Cane to show him that he is talking to Billy, Cane wipes out the fund he and Lily use to pay for the twins private school tuition as well as save for their college. Lily is upset when her agent Barry calls and tells her she didn't get the commercial shoot. Crystal calls Sharon at the crisis hotline but she is unable to keep her on the phone long enough for Paul to find out where Crystal is when she made the call. Nick later finds Crystal hiding in the alley behind The Underground. Billy asks Hilary if he can look through the hockey league footage that aired on her show. She does him the favor but makes him promise to do her a favor in return. Hilary gets the commercial for which Lily auditioned but Jordan doesn't think she should take the job. Lily goes to the computer to transfer the twins tuition to the school and is shocked to discover that the money is gone. Cane tells Jesse that the payment he gave him was a one-time only payment. Billy tells Jesse that he knows he is a liar and he can prove it.

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