The TV MegaSite's Friday 7/28/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Everybody is on the jet making their way to Monte Carlo. Bill tells Brooke that he missed the Summit last year but he is back with a vengeance now. Quinn tries to call Eric but he is ignoring her calls. Sheila shows up with a plethora of food since she knows it has been a while since Eric had any decent food – she brought him some sea bass that she knows he likes. Eric says he appreciates her efforts but he doesn’t have much of an appetite. He invites her to sit down. She does not want to impose but does. She laments to Eric that while she was in prison she finally took a long, hard, look at herself to see if there was a better person there and she found there was. She is still working on that. And she is so grateful to be here with him so he can regain his trust in her. She has come back and can prove that he was not wrong to once love her. Quinn tells Ridge that she is trying to respect Eric’s wishes but they can’t go on like this. Maybe they should hire a PI. Ridge says no; he saw him. He knows where he is. Quinn is livid that he won’t tell. He says if they go in now, Eric will dig in and never come out. Ridge says Sheila is with him. And he specifically said he did not want to see Quinn. Quinn says he has to come home eventually and she will be here waiting.

Wyatt laments to Bill that he is beginning to sound a lot like Liam with his charitable affairs, but if that is what they have going for them then it is just that. Bill wants to make a toast to Wyatt for making all of this happen. Wyatt makes a toast as well and they all toast to a kickass showdown. Thomas finds Bill alone and asks if he is sure about Caroline as it does not make sense. He finds Steffy with Sally and sends her on her way so he can be with Sally. He reminds her that he is quiet as he has a lot to think about. Bill tells the group that although they are in competition they are all together in this, a family and family always comes first. Eric laments to Sheila that he spoke Quinn's praises to all that would listen while they told him he was crazy to let her into his life. She says loving and trusting Ridge and Quinn does not make him a fool. She says she did not deserve a man like Eric back then but him letting her kiss him now meant everything to her and felt so good. He tells her that he is tired and needs her to go. She says okay but call if he needs anything else. Quinn thinks back on her happy times with Eric and him telling her to never leave him. Alone, he is thinking of her too. The group land in Monte Carlo and says they have a lot to accomplish tomorrow so they need to get to it…..make their goal a million dollars. Sally tells Thomas they have to win this thing. It will give Spectra so much press. Katie tells Eva she appreciates her help as she and Wyatt will be pulling an all-nighter. They all cheer to the competition they will be sharing.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Anjelica met with Hattie to find out if Bonnie was willing to go along with her plan. Hattie told her that Bonne wanted to help. Chad ran into Dario and Abby when they were about to go to the police station. Marlena talked to Roman about Sonny’s situation. He noticed something off with her and wondered if everything was okay between her and John. Chad demanded to talk to Abby about leaving Thomas. Marlena confided in Roman that her relationship felt like a long distance relationship. She felt lonely at times. She asked him if there was someone in special in his life. Steve, Kayla, and Tripp met up with Shelly at the hospital and wanted answers about the patients. Dario and Chad were about to fight. Chad threatened to kill Dario. Dario knew that Chad would kill anyone who stood in his way. Kayla and Steve questioned Shelly about the patients. Shelly denied hurting Kayla’s patients out of revenge. Abby stopped Chad and Dario from fighting. She told Dario that Chad could go to the cops and he would lose his leverage over her. Dario got frustrated and walked away from them. Abby told Chad that she had to go with him. Anjelica gave Hattie keys to Marlena’s townhouse. A guy at the pub was watching Marlena and Roman so he called Anjelica to let her know that Marlena left the pub.

Shelly recapped all of her moves during the time Kayla’s patients were misdiagnosed. Shelly wanted the person who set Kayla up to pay for it. Steve asked Tripp if he thought Shelly was telling the truth. Chad tried to stop Abby from going with Dario. She told him that she’s doing it for him. Tripp wasn’t sure if Shelly did it. Kayla thought someone else could have hacked into her files. Abe went to see Theo and wanted to talk to him about the laptop and what he’s doing for the DiMeras. Chad told Abby that Thomas as well as her family needed her there. He wanted to work on what’ going on together. Abe told Theo that he didn’t look at his computer. Theo told Abe that the DiMeras are his family and that he would help them just as he would help him. Abe gave him back the computer. Theo looked at the pic of Chad and Deimos. Chad advised Abby not to leave when life got rough. Chad told her that he would tell Thomas that she abandoned him. Chad admitted that he thought about her all of the time. He let her know that she was coming between him and Gabi. He showed her the ring. Chad warned her that if she left, he’d be done with her. He wanted her to stay dead this time. Claire told Steve that Tripp’s always at the nurses’ station. Steve became suspicious of Tripp. Dario showed up so he and Chad started to fight. Theo called Abby to tell her that he deleted the photo of Chad and that Dario didn’t have it anymore. A car approached so Dario ran. Abby called out to Chad.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Julian finds Scott at the Floating Rib who is eating lunch. Julian wants to know what he is doing with his case. Scott thinks that they have something good up their sleeve with Alexis being a witness. The jury will love her. Julian doesn’t think that is what is going to happen. Scott is going off and wants Julian to pay for his hamburger. Julian then gets a text from Alexis saying Sam is in the hospital. He runs off. Meanwhile, Alexis and Kristina show up to the hospital with Scout wondering what is going on. Two specialists are there and want to take Scout to go run some tests on her. Kristina agrees to go with them. In her hospital room, Jason begs Sam to relax but she doesn’t listen and Griffin and Finn try to get her to calm down. She ends up going into a coma. Jason promises that he will stay at her side. Julian shows up and Kristina finds her. She screams at Julian to get out and stay away from her niece and nephew. Alexis guesses that he should leave.

Oscar shows up at Joss’s house to take her somewhere with a view. He ends up taking her to the place that Sonny is trapped and don’t see or hear him while there. Oscar finds a bullet on the ground and picks it up. Sonny sits in the pit and talks to each of his children. He says that he is proud of them and sees himself in each of them. He thinks that there is a lot of Sonny in Dante even though he didn’t raise him. He believes Michael could be the head of the mob if it were not for Carly. He thinks that Morgan was so special. Kristina is the most like him but is so loving and caring. He wants to be able to watch Avery grow up. He prays to God to let him see Avery grow up. Carly walks in the parking garage and finds Garvey holding Elizabeth hostage. He tells Carly to go and get him medical supplies or Elizabeth is going to die. Carly ends up tackling Garvey and tells Elizabeth to go and get help. Garvey claims he killed Sonny.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Billy told Reed about Victoria's mild concussion. Reed realized Billy still cared about Victoria. Billy said that he, Victoria, Reed and the younger kids would always be a family. Cane learned that Mattie went to the movies. Mattie didn't divulge that she went with Reed. Charlie rejected Cane's desperate attempts to connect with him and Mattie. Mattie was still upset, but she didn't shut Cane out. Cane told Mattie that Victoria blackballed him and cost him a job. Cane opined that Newmans only respected other Newmans. Jesse dropped by Cane's house, and Cane lead Mattie to believe they were friends. Cane assumed that Jesse didn't have proof of Cane's scheme. Cane refused to pay until Jesse revealed that he'd kept a copy of the original footage that Cane told him to delete. Cane asked for a couple of days to get the money. Jesse agreed to give him a one day to pay him the $25,000,000. A concerned Sharon talked to Paul about Crystal, a girl who'd been forced into sex trafficking. Paul assured Sharon that the police were trying to find her. Paul told Sharon to try and get a lead on Crystal's location if she called the hotline again. Lily told Jordan that she felt pressured to fix all of her family's problems. She wasn't sure she was strong enough to handle everything. Lily was desperate to make money because she and Cane were footing the bill for two kids in private school, and they'd be paying for college tuition in a couple of years. Lily introduced Charlie to Jordan. Charlie accused Reed of making Mattie do things she wouldn't normally do. Charlie said that if Reed cared about Mattie, he'd leave her alone for good. Reed said he'd keep seeing Mattie as long as she wanted to keep seeing him. Jordan told Lily and Billy that Jesse was in town.

Lily assured Cane that Charlie would come around just as Mattie had. Cane promised Lily that he would be there for her and the twins. Lily fretted about their family's finances. Cane comforted Lily and promised to fix everything. Billy confronted Jesse and accused him of trying to ruin his life. Jesse stated that he'd done what he was paid to do. Billy didn't believe Jesse. Jesse offered to tell Billy the truth – for a price. Mariah had a flashback to Tessa saying that Mariah deserved to be someone's first choice and caressing Mariah's hair. Tessa admitted that she was nervous about flying. Mariah promised to be there for Tessa, and she added that Noah would be there too. Tessa marveled at how great her life was. Neil and Devon admired their new office, which was located at the Athletic Club. They envisioned putting the family company on the map. Dina sent a fruit basket to congratulate them. Neil asked if Devon still had feelings for Hilary. Devon swore that he didn't, and he said he told Mariah that too. Devon thought their trip to the music festival would make his feelings for Mariah clear. Mattie told Neil and Devon not to give her special treatment while she interned. Neil was surprised by how quickly Mattie finished her assigned tasks. Reed was shocked when Mattie told him that Victoria cost Cane a new job. Reed invited Mattie to open mic night, but she turned him down because she had to be in bed early, due to her internship. Nick told Sharon that he was breaking out of his lifelong rut. He promised to be a bolder, braver, more ambitious Nick Newman from now on. He announced that he and Noah were going to franchise The Underground. Nick vowed to be the kind of father that he never had. Sharon revealed that while she still had concerns, she was okay with Noah's relationship with Tessa. Nick was enthusiastic as he and Noah talked about their new partnership. Noah offered to use his trust fund to finance the venture, but Nick insisted on paying for everything. Nick told Noah that Sharon was willing to give Tessa the benefit of the doubt. Nick liked Tessa, but he was concerned because Noah had a bad track record with women and because he knew that some people were drawn to their family's wealth. Noah asked how he and Nick could have a partnership if Nick didn't trust his decisions on who to date. Tessa, Noah, Mariah and Devon left for their trip. Nick arranged to take money out of his trust fund.

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