The TV MegaSite's Thursday 7/27/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas holds Caroline and says this changes everything and she should have told him. She is the mother of his child and they need to be a family. Eric answers the door and says he thought he could trust Steffy, apparently not. Ridge says no matter where he goes they will always find him. Eric says to the victor goes the spoils so go home and enjoy them. Ridge says he has moved off the property and Quinn barely leaves the house. A little late but Brooke tells Coco and RJ they are lucky everything turned out all right and they are alive after texting while driving. They can only operate one machine at a time – either the car or the phone, not at the same time. It is just not worth the time to be distracted and it could feel safe but could also involve anyone around them. They agree and will be more careful. Thomas wants to know more about this auto immune disorder. Bill chimes in that it is so rare that it does not even have a name and the symptoms are varying. Caroline tells them to both stop. This is so repulsive that Thomas is only interested in her now because she is dying. Thomas refutes that but he does want to make every minute count now. He says he has been trying to cope the best way he could since she left and stayed in New York. He does not want to be like his father. He is not even going to the Spencer Summit. Caroline and Bill are aghast and she says there is no need for Thomas to do that. He made a commitment and he needs to keep it. Thomas finally agrees but tells her do not make any plans until he returns. When he leaves Caroline lights into Bill again about this crazy scheme of his. All meet on the jet. Steffy tells them that neither Eric or her dad is going along.

Ridge tells Eric that can get rid of Sheila as she does not matter. They can have it out between the two of them. They both know he is a bastard and he can make a woman want him. He can do what he wants to do. Even Sheila is wary of him. He took Quinn and wooed her and wooed her and she resisted because she loved Eric. He is not Eric. There is no need to punish Ridge, he is only punishing himself and an innocent woman in his quest to beat Eric. The game is over…….just go home to his wife. Eric says any time he wanted to berate Ridge or better him he has called him a Marone. But he loves him since the first time that Stephanie put him into his hands. They played together and laughed with all his brothers and sisters. They all gave him the love that he wanted and he took it because he could. Then he learned to draw and Ridge taught him things about design that he did not even know. That made him his son. Ridge wanted to be like him and he brought him into the business as a father and son team. He loved that but Ridge wanted more than Eric had so he took it. He took it because he could. And then he took Stephanie from him, even Brooke and then the woman that he loved more than anyone else in his world. He took Quinn because he could. He holds Ridge’s head in both hands and kisses his forehead as tears flow from Ridge's eyes. Eric laments that he loved him as a son but he will never be his son again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby talked to Andre about Dario expecting her to go into witness protection. Andre was determined to keep Chad out of trouble. Dario overheard Abby on the phone. Rafe found out from Eli that Dario was let out on bail. Rafe told Eli that Dario was a flight risk. Gabi got upset that Dario was in jail. She wanted to be with him. Abby let Andre know that Dario was in the room with her. He told her that he would get the laptop from Abe even if he had to pry it from his fingers. Dario let Abby know that his lawyer made bail. He showed her the phone again. He reminded her that he still had the pic of Chad standing over Deimos’ body. Steve wanted to check Kayla’s computer so he could see who was working while she was working. Dario wanted to know if Abby was going with him. She said she didn’t have a choice. He told her that she wouldn’t have to see Chad and Gabi together. She was upset that they would be raising her son. He told her that was her choice. He told her that he would go to the police about Chad. Steve and Kayla found out that Shelly was working during the times Kayla was working. Steve believed that Shelly did it. He just wanted the proof. Abe showed up at the DiMera mansion. Andre told Chad and Abe that Theo works for the company. Andre told Abe that he could give back the computer. Abe wanted the info off the computer. Gabi showed up at Abby’s place and demanded to know what he did. Gabi confronted Abby about why she married Dario. Dario told Gabi that Abby didn’t want to get out of the marriage.

Abby explained why she stayed in the marriage. She told her that they were leaving and that she would be a good mother to Thomas. Dario rushed Gabi out of the room. Abe told Andre and Chad that he would give the laptop back if Andre got fired. Chad didn’t want to fire Andre. Abe told them that they wouldn’t get the laptop back. Chad told him that he wanted Theo to work at a place that is his legacy. He assured Abe that Theo didn’t do anything illegal. Abby agreed to go with Dario, but she wouldn’t love him. Eli called him to tell him that he wanted all of the info he had on his silent partner. Steve promised that Kayla would get her job back. Abe had to think about what Chad said. Gabi told Chad that Abby was going away with Dario. Chad left to stop her from going. Abby called Andre to ask if he got the computer. Andre told her that Abe wouldn’t give it back. Abby let him know that she had to agree to go with Dario. Andre told her that she couldn’t leave Dario wanted to know who she was talking to on the phone. She said she was talking to her mother so he wanted to see her phone. Her phone didn’t have caller id. Abby told him she wanted to say goodbye to Thomas in person. He promised he’d make things up to her. Chad showed up just as Dario and Abby were about to leave.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Curtis preps for Stella to be released. He admits to her that he broke up with Jordan. Stella is very happy about this. Hayden walks over and they hug. Curtis introduces the two of them and Stella wonders if they could possibly be going out. Hayden explains she is pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby. Elizabeth walks over to go and work on Stella’s release. Hayden tells Curtis that she isn’t sure that she can marry Finn. His previous wife was a saint and she isn’t. Curtis doesn’t think it matters. She is having his baby. Meanwhile, Stella gets her blood pressure taken while Jordan shows up with Curtis’s house keys. She leaves them for him. Stella thinks that this is all for the best. Jordan wonders what it is always like to be right. Curtis then finds the keys and feels sad but ends up not saying anything. Garvey finds Sonny in the pit and wants him to rot down there. Sonny tries to make a deal with him but Garvey doesn’t want to hear it. He wants Sonny to die. Sonny points out that he has nowhere to get medical attention. Garvey doesn’t care and leaves Sonny to die. Later, Garvey kidnaps Elizabeth and threatens to kill her if she doesn’t help him get medical help. Carly ends up running into them.

Jason screams for help when Sam starts to have a seizure. Finn and Griffin run in and get her to calm down. Finn explains to Jason what he thinks she might have and is worried that Sam might have given it to Scout when she was pregnant. Griffin goes to call Alexis to get Scout down here for tests. Jason ends up going back into Sam’s room where she wakes up to find Sonny still taunting her in her mind. She doesn’t understand why he is still there. She thought she killed him. Meanwhile, Dante shows up at Sonny’s and finds Carly and Michael. He tells them that Garvey is back in town. Carly gets worried but then receives a call from Jason. She decides to go to the hospital. Dante and Michael don’t think it is a good idea to go but Carly doesn’t care. Jason is their friend.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy and Johnny are joined at the pool by Chelsea. They exchange some pleasantries before Johnny goes for another swim. At home, Charlie and Cane discuss his cheating and how Charlie cannot find it in his heart to forgive him. At Brash and Sassy, Cane and Victoria have a confrontation over her going to Jack to get him to not hire Cane for the job. Nick and Noah tend bar and then Noah brings up to Nick about opening up a chain of Undergrounds in college towns. Nick is against the idea. Tessa is uneasy about being invited to the concert with Mariah and Devon and feeling like a third wheel. Mariah comes up with the solution to also invite Noah to join them, so they can be a foursome. Jesse joins Hilary at GC Buzz and asks her for a job but Jordan walks in just as Hilary starts to hire him, and he whispers and tells her not to hire him. After a few more minutes of talking, Hilary turns Jesse down for the job. Billy and Chelsea spend time together reminiscing about the past when Chelsea gave Johnny to Billy and Victoria. Lily urges Charlie to forgive Cane because that is what a marriage is about. Victoria owns up to talking to Jack about not hiring him, and she reminds him of all he did. Cane gets back at her by reminding her what she did. Victoria orders him to leave before she calls the security guard.

After talking a few more minutes, Nick gives in and decides to go along with Noah's plans. Tessa comes up to join Noah and tells him that they were invited to join Mariah and Devon on a trip to San Francisco for a concert. Noah and Tessa are thrilled. Victoria sees a doctor about her fainting spell and finds out that she has a concussion and needs to take it easy. Cane comes home and tells Lily that Victoria was the one who cost him the job at Jabot. Lily tells Cane that she heard from Barry about an audition for a commercial. Chelsea joins Nick at the Underground and she orders a drink, but he asks for an ID. Nick tells Chelsea about his and Noah's plans for the Underground expanding to college towns. Mariah and Tessa make plans for their trip to San Francisco. Hilary tells Jordan her plans for maybe becoming a model .

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