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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge demands that Steffy tell him where Eric is with Sheila. She is dangerous. She’s a criminal with a past. Steffy says he will flee if she tells. Eric tells Sheila that he misses his son but he is not ready to see any of the family yet. And he will not believe anything they say as they only confessed when they were caught. Caroline is livid that Bill told Thomas that she was dying. She rants that she will not go along with this. Sally catches Thomas at a bad time while he is thinking about the possibility of Caroline dying. Sally wants to flash a few new sunglasses at him that she can wear in Monaco. She says she is all packed and Saul will not let her out of his sight. She wonders if he could stow away in the cargo hole. She laments that Bill seems to be coming around and that is a good thing. Thomas says yes, he is not out to get them after all. And Sally will always be his priority. She says no matter what happens she can handle it with him at her side. Caroline tells Bill that she did not ask him to lie for her. Bill says it will be okay as he told Thomas that she did not want anyone to know. Thomas understands that he needs to be with his son, that is his responsibility. She says she does want Thomas in her life but she does not want to win him back this way.

Steffy confesses that she only grazed Sheila but she thought she was going for a gun and she shot her. Now Sheila is covering for her and did not call the police. Ridge understands - Sheila wants Steffy on her side. He says they need to talk to Eric sooner rather than later. Finally she says okay, she will tell him. Sheila thanks Eric for his generosity and trust and giving her another chance. She is happy to be here with him to help him work through this. She just wants to make sure he is all right even if he doubts her motives. Steffy tells Ridge not to run over there now. She gave her word to Eric. He tells her to go to Monaco and tell Brooke and Katie everything will be fine. Sally tells her grams that she cannot believe that Bill is letting them ride on his plane, especially when he is trying to get Caroline and Thomas back together. Grams warns her to keep her eyes open and her guard up. Sally says she is not worried; Caroline is only the mother of his son and part of his past. Caroline declares again that she is not going to do this. Thomas walks in and she stutters that she knows Bill told him something that she did not want him to share. Thomas cuts her off and goes to her and says he is so sorry. He says he wants to be there for her and spend as much time as he can with her and Douglas. Bill praises him for stepping up to be the kind of father the little boy needs but reminds him that she does not want this to happen out of pity. Thomas says it is not. He was miserable and buried himself in his work but he is going to be there for her now. Family comes first. He is sorry how this happened. He hugs her. Eric says he cannot imagine what Quinn and Ridge was saying when they were alone behind his back. Heck he even invited Ridge to practically stay under the same roof. Sheila says he must put that out of his mind. Ridge knocks on the door and announces who he is and that Eric must open the door.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby told Theo that Dario was arrested and wanted him to delete the cloud storage from his phone. She thought Dario would use the photo to hurt Chad. Dario wanted to show Rafe and Hope his phone. Nicole wanted to know about the letters Eric had. He didnít want her to know. Theo wanted Abby to tell him what the pic was on the computer. Abby finally told him that it was a pic of Chad killing Deimos. Dario told Rafe and Hope that he had proof of something. Chad confessed to Gabi that he lied about why he met with Abby. Gabi got upset so he told her that Dario was doing counterfeiting and hacking. Jennifer was upset with Brady for shoving Eric at her. Eric refused to tell Nicole about the letters. She noticed that he never sent them to her. He refused to tell her about them so she didnít want to hear about it anymore. Theo couldnít believe that Chad could have killed Deimos. Abby told him that the pic was real. Gabi didnít like that Chad told Abby before her that Dario was a criminal. Jennifer tried to convince Brady that Nicole loved him and not Eric. Nicole tried to get back to work but Eric couldnít focus on work. Raines was upset that Rafe and Hope didnít tell him about Darioís arrest. He was going to take over when Eli overruled him. Brady denied using Jennifer to keep Eric away from Nicole. He blurted out that he was jealous of their relationship. Eric finally admitted to writing the letters. He was about to light them on fire when Nicole stopped him.

Gabi apologized to Chad for how she acted earlier. Dario told Eli that he wanted to make a deal. Nicole stopped Eric from burning the letter. Nicole finally realized that she treated Eric badly. She wanted to read the letters. Abby went to the station to see Dario. Dario wanted Eli to trust him about the info that he gave him. Nicole read one of Ericís letters. Abby tried to get the phone, but Rafe and Hope wouldnít let her see it. Eli let her go in the room with Dario. Nicole thanked Eric for letting her read the letters. Nicole asked if she could keep the letters Eric wrote. She finally forgave him for what happened to Daniel. Theo found the pic of Chad on Darioís phone when Abe and Valerie showed up. Abby asked Dario if he told anyone about Chad. Dario was upset that she was only worried about Chad and not him. He planned on giving up his partner. He would have go to into witness protection. He told Abby that in order for him to keep quiet about Chad, she had to go away with him.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nina attempts to get Spencer to tell the truth about Valentin not kidnapping him but Spencer claims that he was indeed kidnapped by Valentin. He saw his shoes and thinks that is an indication that it was Valentin because only he has 3000 dollar shoes in Port Charles. Dante takes Spencer into the interrogation room with Laura and tries to figure out if he is telling the truth. He has to go and deal with something. Laura asks if he is lying. Spencer claims he isn’t but thinks that it gets back at Valentin for what he did to Nikolas. Laura promises that they will get back at Valentin but it cannot be like this. Dante comes back in and admits Valentin didn’t do it. Dante thanks him for being honest. Dante tells Valentin that Spencer admits he doesn’t know but it doesn’t actually put him off the hook. Elsewhere, Jason shows up at the hospital with Sam who is passed out. Griffin and Finn try to have a look at her to see what is wrong. Sam ends up having a seizure and Jason screams for help as Griffin and Finn have an idea what might be wrong. Meanwhile, Sonny wakes up and attempts to get out of the pit but is unsuccessful.

Hayden shows up at Elizabeth’s house unannounced and is freaked out about the baby books she bought. They all are telling her information that scares her. Elizabeth explains she can probably throw out half of them and she doesn’t have to worry. If she wants to be a mother than things will just click for her. Elizabeth also promises to throw her a baby shower. Hayden hugs her. At the Floating Rib, Dr. Obrecht meets up with Jarrett who is the ex-husband of Hayden. Jarrett has been in jail for several years and Obrecht predicts that Hayden was the cause. Jarrett doesn’t think that it is something that they have to continue to worry about and both of them should move on from their pasts with Hayden. Obrecht feels though that they can get revenge.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis finds Victoria passed out in the elevator and revives her. Victoria asks her not to tell anyone. She insists she is fine and is probably just dehydrated. Phyllis is upset that Jack didn't hire Cane. Jack guesses that Phyllis wanted him to hire Cane so that he would put Brash and Sassy out of business, and Billy wouldn't work with Victoria anymore. Phyllis tells Jack that Victoria fainted in the elevator. Jack and Ashley have dinner with Dina and Graham. Dina recalls family time at the Abbott cabin. Ashley notices that Dina mistakes Jack for Graham. After dinner, she calls Ravi and leaves a message saying that she thinks her mother is suffering from depression.

Lily asks Jordan to help her make an audition video. Hilary is upset that Jordan offered the use of her studio. Hilary later films her own audition video with the script that Lily gave her. While Lily uploads her video to her agent's website. Juliet meets Charlie at the Athletic Club and discovers that he is Cane's son. Charlie turns down an invitation from Cane to go to the park, throw the football around and go to dinner. Victoria asks Billy to babysit the kids, because she fainted in the elevator and wants to go to the doctor. Victoria is leaving the office when Cane arrives and tells her she doesn't have the right to ruin his life. Billy tells Phyllis that he has to babysit because Victoria has to go to the doctor and is upset that Phyllis found Victoria in the elevator and didn't tell him about it. Billy also tells Phyllis that he shouldn't have invited her to spend time with the kids without telling Victoria first, so this time he is going to babysit alone.

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