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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas is stunned and can not believe Caroline is dying. It does not make sense. Bill says she told no one else as she did not want to burden them. It is a rare auto immune disease and yes she has seen every specialist there is. He is only telling Thomas because it affects his son, Douglas. Sheila remembers and feels pleased with herself that she was able to kiss Eric. She takes his clothes to have cleaned. She asks if there is anything else she can do. He says no, unless she can turn back the clock – back to the time before he knew what Quinn was up to. She betrayed him with Ridge, his own son. Sheila laments that she wishes she did not have to be the one to tell him. She is so mad that they had to betray him. He softens and says it was only a few kisses and he is not sure that amounts to an affair. Sheila replies that an emotional affair is just as bad as a physical one. Caroline confides to Steffy that she would be with Thomas right now if she had not pushed him away. She came back now even knowing that Sally is in the picture. Steffy says that is not a problem, she can overcome Sally. Caroline hopes so as she wants her family together.

Thomas wonders if Bill is telling him this to get him to return to his family. Bill says no; Thomas should never have been with Sally in the first place. He will never get that time back and now his only responsibility is to his son and his mother with the time they have left. It will be his son’s only lasting memories long after his mother is gone and only Thomas can give him that. Sheila tells Eric that she knows she is not worthy but she is trying so hard to be the woman that he wants. He says he is sorry that too much has happened between them in the past and that is not going to happen again. He does appreciate her coming back and telling him the truth when no one else would. She is a true friend. She says okay she can accept that and she can stay if he wants or she can leave. Quinn grouses to Ridge that this is not good, only Sheila back in Eric’s life. Bill tells Thomas that just video chatting with Douglas is not trying to put the family back together. Thomas says of course he still loves Caroline but she left him, but now he has to be there for her. Bill says he has two regrets in his life – he was not there for his two adult sons growing up and one of their mothers was taken away too soon. He does not want that to happen to him and Caroline. He needs to get rid of this red-headed clown and be with Caroline as soon as possible. Caroline drops in on Bill. Bill says she asked for his help with Tommy boy but the strong arm did not work. He says he will spare her the details but just know that when she goes back to New York she will not be going alone or just with Douglas. Thomas will be with her. She can’t imagine how he managed that. He says it was easy. He told Thomas that she was dying. Caroline is livid. Ridge tells Steffy that Quinn is upstairs now resting and he is okay. She says he is not; he is just drinking and hasn’t eaten in days. He is mad when Steffy says she has known for days where Eric is when Liam tracked him down. Eric hugs Sheila and she hangs on to him for dear life.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby told Theo that Dario was arrested and wanted him to delete the cloud storage from his phone. She thought Dario would use the photo to hurt Chad. Dario wanted to show Rafe and Hope his phone. Nicole wanted to know about the letters Eric had. He didnít want her to know. Theo wanted Abby to tell him what the pic was on the computer. Abby finally told him that it was a pic of Chad killing Deimos. Dario told Rafe and Hope that he had proof of something. Chad confessed to Gabi that he lied about why he met with Abby. Gabi got upset so he told her that Dario was doing counterfeiting and hacking. Jennifer was upset with Brady for shoving Eric at her. Eric refused to tell Nicole about the letters. She noticed that he never sent them to her. He refused to tell her about them so she didnít want to hear about it anymore. Theo couldnít believe that Chad could have killed Deimos. Abby told him that the pic was real. Gabi didnít like that Chad told Abby before her that Dario was a criminal. Jennifer tried to convince Brady that Nicole loved him and not Eric. Nicole tried to get back to work but Eric couldnít focus on work. Raines was upset that Rafe and Hope didnít tell him about Darioís arrest. He was going to take over when Eli overruled him. Brady denied using Jennifer to keep Eric away from Nicole. He blurted out that he was jealous of their relationship. Eric finally admitted to writing the letters. He was about to light them on fire when Nicole stopped him.

Gabi apologized to Chad for how she acted earlier. Dario told Eli that he wanted to make a deal. Nicole stopped Eric from burning the letter. Nicole finally realized that she treated Eric badly. She wanted to read the letters. Abby went to the station to see Dario. Dario wanted Eli to trust him about the info that he gave him. Nicole read one of Ericís letters. Abby tried to get the phone, but Rafe and Hope wouldnít let her see it. Eli let her go in the room with Dario. Nicole thanked Eric for letting her read the letters. Nicole asked if she could keep the letters Eric wrote. She finally forgave him for what happened to Daniel. Theo found the pic of Chad on Darioís phone when Abe and Valerie showed up. Abby asked Dario if he told anyone about Chad. Dario was upset that she was only worried about Chad and not him. He planned on giving up his partner. He would have go to into witness protection. He told Abby that in order for him to keep quiet about Chad, she had to go away with him.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nina runs into Anna at Perks and tries to tell her that Valentin is innocent. Anna explains to her that she doesn’t run with the PCPD anymore. Nina bets that she still has people she can get ahold of though. Valentin shows up look distressed. Anna leaves. Nina demands to know what happened. Valentin admits to getting captured by Jason and interrogated. He doesn’t want to go to the police though. Nina doesn’t care what he wants. He cannot break his parole so she wants him to make a statement. At the PCPD, Dante runs into Laura who wants to know if they have found Spencer. Dante shows her his glasses and she starts to cry. Valentin shows up with Nina and Laura yells at him again. Dante has Valentin and Nina go into the interrogation room. Spencer ends up showing up with another police officer though and Laura hugs him. She missed him so much. She has a spare pair of glasses for him. Nina and Valentin walk out and Nina needs Spencer to tell them that Valentin didn’t kidnap him. At the Floating Rib, Maxie shows up Nathan is shocked. He tries to tell her about Man Landers but Mac and Felicia show up taking up all their time. Anna then shows up and announces Robin is in labor. They realize Maxie and Nathan want to be alone so they go back to their apartment, where Maxie explains that she has to be on a plane soon so they can’t spend much time together.

Sam holds the gun to Sonny and informs him that he cannot hurt her family anymore. She claims that he told her to do this referring to her delusions. Sonny doesn’t know what she is talking about. Sonny tries to talk her down but Sam shoots him in the thigh. He ends up falling to the ground. Sonny knows Sam didn’t do it on purpose. Sam promises him that she did though. She pushes him into a pit hole and then throws the gun in the trash can. Sonny is passed out. At Sonny’s house, Jason tells Carly that Sonny still hasn’t gotten back to him. She is sure that he is just busy. Carly feels like it is old times. Jason agrees but doesn’t want to go back to them. Carly knows. Diane walks in and tells them that Sonny has made Max the temporary head of the mob while Sonny looks for a permanent replacement. She is afraid for him and doesn’t know what to do. Jason leaves. Carly and Diane talk over drinks and Diane thinks that Carly is very lucky. When Jason shows up at his house, he looks for Sam who comes walking through the door a few minutes after him. She is crying and talking to herself and not responding to him. She claims they are safe now before passing out in his arms.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick walks into GC Buzz and confronts Hilary about airing his and Victor's argument on national television. Hilary tells him that she had the permission of Victor and even shows him her cell phone where Victor had given her the thumbs up for airing the dispute. Nick threatens to sue Hilary for defamation of character. Jack tells Phyllis that Cane asked him for a job at Jabot and he would give him the utmost details about Brash and Sassy. Victoria meets Cane on the elevator after he has just left Jack's office. Devon explains to Lily why he and Neil are not hiring Cane at Hamilton/Winters. Devon asks Lily if the kids know about Cane, Juliet and the baby. Lily confirms that they do. Cane comes home to join Lily and Devon. Victoria takes a pill and swallows it down with water just as Billy comes to join her. Victoria tells Billy about seeing Cane in the elevator and that he had been to see Jack about a job. Nick and Hilary argue over the fact that she aired the fight between him and Victor. Devon walks in and interrupts them. To her surprise, Devon defends Hilary and her actions. Mariah walks out and is surprised to see Devon there. Devon surprises Mariah by showing her that he has tickets for a concert in San Francisco of a group that she had been wanting to see. Mariah is thrilled. Phyllis asks Jack what he told Cane about him working for Jabot. Phyllis shows Jack an article on GC Buzz of a fight between Nick and Victor which Hilary had aired. Victoria and Billy discuss Cane possibly working for Jabot and about Jack and his involvement in Nikki and Victor's problems. Tessa joins Noah at the Underground and gives him a present of a T-shirt with the Underground inscription on the front and the Nationwide logo on the back. Noah shows Tessa the footage of Nick and Victor's argument. Cane tells Lily that he had asked for a job at Jabot. Victoria interrupts Jack and Phyllis to have a talk with Jack concerning Cane.

Jack and Victoria discuss what hiring Cane could cost him. Lily tells Cane that working for Jabot could be a conflict of interest since she was working for Brash and Sassy but later tells him that she will support him if he is offered a job. Hilary and Sharon have a run in at the Coffeehouse when Sharon refuses to wait on Hilary. Sharon reminds Hilary of what all she has done to Mariah. Mariah tells Tessa about her and Devon going to a concert in San Francisco. Tessa is thrilled for her. Jack calls Cane and turns him down for a job. Victoria, on the elevator, faints.

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