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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline visits Bill and takes blame for her taking off to NY and leaving Thomas and now he is playing house with little Orphan Sally as Bill calls her. Thomas tells Sally that Spencer Summit is just around the corner. There is no doubt in his mind that they are gonna kill it. Wyatt says he is enjoying every minute of working with all of them almost as much as he does at Spectra. Katie is doing a bang up job. Zende says he is just thankful to be part of it and Nicole can’t wait to strut her stuff on the runway. Wyatt says he is looking at a victory for Forrester hands down. Grams tells Sally that she is heading to Monaco and needs to spruce things up, make a splash. Bill promises Caroline that if it is Thomas she wants then he will do everything he can to get that for her. He tells Steffy that is it. He will forget that building for a moment and concentrate on her brother’s life. Nicole tells Ivy that Zende is modest but he is very excited about his designs for the showing. Katie tells Brooke that it is not easy but she is enjoying all of this. She won’t answer that question about anybody in her love life. Sally tells Grams that Monaco speaks mainly French and even English so she thinks she has it covered. Thomas tells them that presentation is everything. They need high quality as this is Spectra’s comeback. They are here to stay. Bill tells Steffy that Sally needs to be fumigated. He wants that building razed and done. How is Caroline going to put her family together with that red-headed wannabe around? Thomas seems happy to be traveling with this circus. They need a plan to drive Sally and Thomas apart.

Katie tells Wyatt that she cannot take all the credit for this as it was his idea. He corrects her and says they did it together and she is taking the ball and running with it. Bill tells Steffy that Sally is the kind that eats chumps for breakfast. She will use the elevator to get to the top and then kick Thomas to the curb. He cannot have that. There has to be a plan. Bill calls Thomas and says this really is important and he is begging Thomas to come by his office. Thomas thinks he is too busy with his designs but agrees finally and tells Sally not to worry. There is nothing Bill can say to get out of the challenge. Bill concocts a plan. Steffy tells Caroline that she wishes she would have come home months ago and she’d be with Thomas. Bill welcomes Thomas and says he appreciates him coming. But he cannot help but say that he has abandoned his sister and now taken up with this Sally. There is something he should know. Thomas says if this is about Caroline and her son then he knows Caroline abandoned him not the other way around. Bill says hear him out. Bill says he too was the playboy of the day but he’s learned from that. He has responsibility now. There is something he has discovered recently…something Caroline does not want anyone else to know. He will always help Caroline but this time he cannot help her. Caroline told him something and does not want Thomas to know. But considering he is the father of her son Bill feels he has the right to know……she is dying from cancer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander implied that Victor could have killed Deimos and let Sonny take the fall for it. John and Paul didnít agree. Victor told Brady and Nicole that he was going to confess to killing Deimos to get Sonny out of jail. Xander told John and Paul that Victor got him out of jail to kill Deimos. John questioned why he was back in jail. Hattie told Bonnie that she could get her out of jail. Hattie told Bonnie that they could get revenge on Maggie. Maggie showed Nicole and Brady pics of Holly. Nicole got sad because she was missing so much of Hollyís life.

Marlena talked to Adrienne about Sonny. She thought Sonny would be free. Xander refused to help John and Paul until they did something for him. Bonnie and Hattie recapped what Maggie did to her. They were determined to get Maggie. Maggie told Nicole that she would get Holly back. Nicole got upset because she didnít want strangers raising her child. Hattie and Bonnie talked about how Maggie moved on with Victor. They talked about what would happen if they get their revenge. Paul asked John if the ISA would agree to give Xander immunity. John didnít think the ISA would go for it. John wanted a full confession from Xander in order to get immunity. Xander hoped Sonny got the electric chair. Hattie told Bonnie that she had to be Adrienne for her freedom. Bonnie wondered what Hattie got out of it. Hattie told her that their freedom was a package deal. Hattie wanted Bonnie to go through with the plan. Bonnie agreed to help with the plan. Nicole went to the community center and found Ericís letters to her. Eric walked in on her holding his letters.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Dante and Valerie interview Oscar who has uncovered evidence on Spencer’s case. He found flash cards for a game that belonged to Spencer. Dante thanks him and then Dante and Valerie look up information on where the cards were found. They find security camera footage that tracks a car down a specific street that is in a neighborhood. Dante figures out there is an abandoned house and goes to look into it. Sonny receives a text message showing him a picture of Spencer inside a basement. He wants to know what the kidnapper wants and they text to bring 20 grand alone to a location. Sonny shows up and Garvey shoots at him. Sonny ends up shooting him in the arm though. Sam shows up and Sonny is confused. He tells her to go call Jason in his car. Sam ends up pulling a gun out on him telling him that Jason isn’t doing anything else for him ever again. Jason meanwhile, holds Valentin hostage. Valentin informs him that he just got out of prison. He wouldn’t risk not being able to see Charlotte again over something like this. Jason chooses to believe him and lets him go.

Nathan ends up at the Floating Rib where he runs into Mac who has bought lingerie for Felicia. He admits that he wants Felicia to feel special. He asks if Nathan wants to go to the gym. Nathan realizes that he clearly was an Ask Man Landers client. Mac on his own admits to using Ask Man Landers for advice. Nathan has to go home and get some sleep though. Mac will see him later and he walks off. Nathan calls up Amy to tell her about what has happened and Maxie ends up showing up. Joss tries to sneak out of the house when Carly catches her. She wants to meet Oscar today. Joss doesn’t think that is a good idea. Carly insists upon it. Joss texts Oscar and he comes over wearing a tie and has a billion flowers all for Carly. Carly puts them in water and then grills him on his drinking with Joss. Oscar is really sorry and promises not to do it again. He clearly impresses Carly with their conversation and then has to leave because his mother texts him. Carly says that is fine and he leaves. Carly thinks that is an ok guy. She goes to Sonny’s house to tell him about it where she finds Jason. The two of them don’t know where Sonny is.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria tells Nikki and Nick that she misses Victor, and she may consider forgiving him. She hopes that their family can heal and forget the past. Nikki and Nick tell Victoria that they can't forgive Victor, but they won't give her anymore speeches about continuing to give her father the cold shoulder. Nikki tells Victoria that Victor decided to tell her goodbye and now she is ready to live her life on her own terms. Ashley decides to invite Dina to a spa day with her and Abby to see if she notices any confusion like Ravi noticed when she called Jack Graham. When the spa day ends, she concludes that Dina has been under a lot of stress running her company and is glad that her mother decided to sell it to Neil and Devon. Dina advises Ashley to pursue a romantic relationship with Ravi and shouldn't focus on the fact that he is younger than her. Sharon gets a call on the crisis hotline from a young woman named Crystal who says she is being forced to sleep with men for money. Sharon tells Paul who advises her to let the police handle it. Sharon tells Scott the circumstances that led to the birth of Cassie and Mariah and why she put Cassie up for adoption. Graham and Gloria have a wonderful date, and he assures her that Dina knows he isn't a monk. Jack makes a tentative job offer to Cane, because he wants him to help take down Brash and Sassy, a plan that Cane figures out right away. After Hilary runs her scoop on Victor and Nick's argument after the MS benefit, Nikki, Victoria, and Nick wonder how Victor will react and what effect this will have on their family.

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