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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn says if Steffy could forgive her and Ridge, they never meant to hurt Eric. She would take back every single second that she spent with Ridge if she could. All she can do is stand before her raw now and beg her to forgive her. If Steffy can just give her that chance to make it up to her she will never forget it, she promises. Wyatt walks in and wants to know what is going on. He needs to see Eric. Steffy says he does not live here anymore; just ask his mother. Ridge tells Brooke that this thing with Quinn has lost him his dad but he will not lose his daughter too. They have to get rid of this Sheila. She’s a danger to his dad and the entire family. Sheila gives Eric his meds with a full glass of water as he needs and tells him to lie back and rest. He’s had a big disappointment by those he thought he could trust. He deserves more than that. Eric says his granddaughter is a woman of her word and she will keep his hiding place a secret. He is grateful for Sheila’s concern but he’d like to be alone now. Almost on her heels of Sheila leaving, Steffy comes back to Eric’s door, saying she could not stay away. Wyatt says he thought things were good between Quinn and Eric, so what happened? Quinn says she loves Eric and she is not going to take this lying down and she will not give up this easy. He says she and Eric need to sit down and have a good talk. She says she would but this is what scares her the most. She does not know where he is now.

Brooke sees the problem. Ridge says it is over with Quinn but Sheila got to Eric before they could tell him their side and that whatever they had was over. Ridge says they have to get rid of Sheila. Eric thanks Steffy for keeping her word and not telling anyone. He still does not want to see anybody or explain as he does not understand it himself. He was happy when Ridge and Quinn were getting close. He encouraged it but he can only imagine their conversations. Steffy tells him that Quinn is right. She never stopped loving him and still does. Wyatt wonders why Eric would just take off like that. It must have been a hell of a fight. Ridge comes back and Wyatt says he wants to be there for her. Ridge says they need to find out where Eric is and get him to come home and they can fix all of this. Sheila thinks of her wedding day to Eric. Steffy says she is not defending Ridge or Quinn, what they did was awful. But she knows they are remorseful and she hopes it is not too late. Eric opines that he needs more time to think what to do next. Steffy says she understands. She started off thinking Quinn was wrong for him and she understands him wanting to kick her to the curb, but she feels he is still in love with her and is just hurt now. Ridge tells Quinn that they need to stay calm. She says she can’t. Every minute her husband is slipping away and she cannot stop it. Eric tells Steffy goodbye and thanks her for keeping his secret. She says she needs something from him. Do not forget what Sheila has done to him in the past and she is still trying to do it. Keep her away. Sheila, just down the hall, sees Steffy leave and goes directly to Eric’s room. She asks if she can come in and he lets her. She says it must be nice to see his granddaughter. He says yes but she does not want him anywhere near Sheila. She says okay but she thinks he could use at least one person other than family for him to talk to. He needs someone who will tell him the truth even if it hurts. He says he knows she has told him the truth since she came back. She asks if she can ask one small favor of him. He grants it. She leans in and kisses him and smiles when he seems to enjoy it and does not kick her out.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ava gets drunk out of her mind and throws out all her makeup. She then runs out of vodka and calls for more. When the delivery man shows up she asks them to leave it at the door. They need her signature and to see her ID. She ends up opening the door and saying boo. Meanwhile, Sonny shows up at Jason and Sam’s house and Sam leaves claiming she needs to get Scout’s blanket to Molly. She runs off. Sonny asks if Sam is ok. Jason admits she is going through some medical stuff. Sonny wonders if Jason can take care of Valentin for him and help find Spencer. Jason is more than willing to do that. Sam overhears from the hallway what they are planning. She goes to Ava’s house in search of Julian but finds Ava drunk and passed out on the couch. She wakes her up and tells her that she needs to get herself together. She wants her to have Avery and for her to get the last word when it comes to Sonny. Ava agrees and Sam gets her to finally put her mask on.

Carly and Bobbie discuss how Sonny is helping find Spencer. Carly also is worried about Joss because she blames herself in terms of Spencer. She also doesn’t know how to deal with Joss seeing Oscar. Bobbie wants her to be gentle with Joss because she wasn’t when Lucas was growing up. Joss walks in and Bobbie goes to work. Carly informs Joss she wants to meet Oscar to get to know him on a more personal level. Joss doesn’t like the sound of it but Carly insists. Laura shows up at the police station where she finds out that Valentin has been released on bail. She runs into him and the police escort Valentin out. Nina admits she is the one who bailed him out. Laura goes off on her and runs out. Nathan informs Nina that he cannot help her out anymore. She keeps trying to find the next best thing when it comes to men but he refuses to pick up the pieces for her this time. At the docks Valentin is standing around and Laura shows up. She tells him that she wants to know where Spencer is. She grabs him and Valentin pushes her back telling her to leave. Laura hits him with a pipe and he threatens to have her arrested. Jason shows up and starts to choke Valentin until he passes out. Jason tells her to get out of here before she can be arrested. She needs to be there for Spencer. Elsewhere, Sonny gets a text message with a picture of Spencer in the basement.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Lily talked to Neil about how Charlie and Mattie took the news of Cane's one night stand. Lily confided in Neil and he supported her feelings. Devon was unhappy with Cane for lying to Lily. Cane admitted his mistakes, and he asked Devon for a job. Devon promised to discuss it with Neil. Devon and Neil mulled over Cane's pitch. Devon leaned toward hiring Cane, but Neil didn't think it would be a good idea to bring family drama into the fledgling business. Devon ultimately agreed. Phyllis was disappointed, but supportive, when Billy reluctantly cut their evening short so he could go back to work. Billy told Phyllis how much Brash and Sassy meant to him. Phyllis blamed Cane for Billy having to work overtime. Charlie started an argument with Reed and accused Victoria of unfairly firing Cane. Reed defended his mother, and Charlie ordered Reed to stay away from Mattie. Mattie intervened before things turned physical. Mattie confided in Reed about her thoughts on her family, and he gave her advice. Mattie theorized that fate had brought her and Reed together. Charlie looked unhappy when he saw Reed and Mattie share a moment. Abby confronted Jack about kissing Nikki. Abby didn't believe Jack when he told her that Victor walked out on Nikki. Jack was unfazed when Abby threatened to tell Victor what she saw. Abby refused to let Jack rekindle the Abbott/Newman feud. Jack told Phyllis that he was thinking of hiring Cane because he had inside information Jack could use to hurt Brash and Sassy. Jack thought Phyllis should be pleased because if Jack destroyed Brash and Sassy, Billy and Victoria wouldn't have to spend so much time together. Phyllis didn't appear to support Jack's plan.

Victoria wasn't having success finding a replacement for Cane. She was also experiencing pain from the fall Abby caused her to take. Billy told Victoria he was optimistic that they could quickly turn things around for the company. Billy told Victoria how Jack had offered to buy Brash and Sassy. Abby apologized to Victoria for making her fall and asked her to convince Nikki to stay away from Jack. Things went south when Victoria refused to help and told Abby to mind her own business. Victoria experienced severe ringing in her ears. Lily asked Billy for permission to hire an agent to find her some jobs in front of the camera. Billy said it was fine as long as she didn't model for anyone else or work for the competition. Billy was stunned when Victoria told him about Nikki and Jack's kiss. Victoria complained about Jack, and Billy noted that Nikki chose to kiss him back. Victoria accused Billy of defending Jack. Cane told Lily about asking Devon for a job. Cane was relieved when Lily said she still loved him and wanted to keep their family intact. They kissed. Cane began to undress Lily, but she rejected his advances. She said she didn't want to sleep with him knowing someone else was about to have his baby. Hilary and Howard made preparations to air Nick and Victor's fight. Hilary implied that Mariah was too inexperienced to know how Devon really felt. Mariah said she didn't consider Hilary a threat to her relationship. Tessa overheard Hilary trying to get under Mariah's skin. Mariah got in a verbal shot toward Hilary. Tessa told Mariah that Noah opened up to her. She said Mariah was the only one she could talk to about it. Tessa purposely irritated Hilary by gushing about Mariah's connection with Devon.

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