The TV MegaSite's Thursday 7/20/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Today's episode will air tomorrow -- it was pre-empted by CBS News.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi talked to Dario about Sonny being in jail. Dario told her that Sonny didnít do it. Chad asked Abby if she talked to Dario about giving him back his money. Abby told him it wouldnít be easy to get it back. Chad wanted to go to the police. Abby asked him if he wanted to do that to the person he loved. She knew how much he loved Gabi. Andre talked to Kate about how they were hacked. Kate let him know that Chad knew the hacker. Eli told Hope that someone named Myron was tracked for hacking. He asked Hope if she knew Myron. She told him that she did know him. Hope told Eli (and Lani when she arrived) that the investigation led to Dario. Dario wondered if Gabi had a thing for JJ when he said he could have killed Deimos. She denied it and said they just danced. Chad told Abby he would protect anyone he loved. Abby thought about when they renewed their vows. Andre demanded that Kate tell him who hacked his company.

Chad and Abby talked about how they kept thinking about the night of the party. They looked like they were about to kiss when he told her that he was eventually going to Rafe about Dario. He left her room and ran into JJ. JJ wanted to know what was going on with him and Abby. Chad tried to downplay what was going on with Abby. JJ warned him not to hurt Gabi. Eli and Lani questioned Myron about the hacking. He refused to talk. Lani told Myron that they wanted to arrest his boss and not him. Abby went to Andre to tell him that Chad killed Deimos. She told Andre that Dario told her that Chad killed Deimos. Andre didnít want to believe it. She told him that Dario had proof. Eli and Lani told Hope that Myron took the deal for immunity. Dario asked Myron about being interrogated. Myron didnít tell him that he turned him in to the police. Abby told Andre the proof could send Chad to prison for the rest of his life. Kate overheard them talking.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Laura shows up at Sonny’s house while Carly is there and begs him to help her fine Spencer. She needs him to get in contact with his people to find out if they helped kidnap Spencer. Sonny promises to use all his resources. When Laura leaves, Sonny asks if Carly is ok with this and Carly is perfectly fine with it. Joss shows up crying because she thinks that it is her fault that Spencer was kidnapped. Carly and Sonny promise that this is not the case though. Meanwhile, at the PCPD Valentin is questioned and ends up getting arrested. Nina tries to get the truth out of him but thinks that he is innocent. Laura shows up and asks Dante if he has any leads. An old woman shows up claiming to have seen Valentin take Spencer in the park. She claims that she knew it was Valentin because she follows the news. Dante and Laura realize she is probably lying. Dante is sorry. Laura storms into the interrogation room and tells Valentin to tell her where Spencer is. Nina claims that Valentin isn’t lying about not abducting Spencer. Nathan shows up telling them that Valentin lied about his alibi. Dante has him booked. Valentin begs Nina to believe that he is innocent.

Lucy and Finn discuss where Hayden might be right now in the hospital as they wait to go and check on the house that is for sale. Hayden finds Obrecht in her office and tells her she needs to leave already. As Hayden escorts Obrecht out she thinks that everyone in the hospital is incompetent. Obrecht meanwhile, tries to do a search on Hayden and finds nothing. She then thinks to look at her past and finds another identity where Hayden was apparently married or engaged to a man named Jarrett. She calls Jarrett up telling them they should meet to discuss Hayden. Hayden and Finn show up at the house and Finn likes it. Lucy leaves them alone and Hayden admits that the house reminds her of where she grew up. The two end up having sex. Hayden decides she likes the house. Lucy shows back up and Hayden again says she wants the house. Finn asks for the paperwork so they can make an offer.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Mariah and Tessa meet at the Coffeehouse and Tessa is anxious to find out how things had gone between her and Devon. Mariah assures her that everything is fine after her and Devon had had a talk. Hilary and Devon watch the video footage of Nick and Victor arguing in the garage of the Newman towers. Howard wants to run the story but Hilary puts a hold on it. Nick visits Nikki to see how she is but Nikki is less than happy to see him after she had found out that he was just like Victor in trying to sabotage her concert. Ashley and Ravi meet at the Athletic Club dining room to discuss Dina and the changes that Ravi had seen in her. In her hotel room at the Athletic Club, Jack throws some slurs Dina's way which results in her slapping him in the face. Jack is surprised by her actions. They discuss how he had left her after the concert to take Nikki to the cabin. Dina warns Jack about getting too attached to Victor's wife. Ashley and Ravi discuss Dina and how she had acted after the concert. Ashley tells Ravi that she wants to observe Dina herself to see if anything is amiss with her. Jack apologizes to Dina for leaving her alone after the concert. Hilary gets a call from Victor, who tells her to run the footage and don't worry about the consequences. Both Howard and Hilary are surprised by Victor's orders. Mariah asks Tessa as to how her and Noah are doing. Tessa tells her that Noah doesn't want to rush things. Victor joins Noah at the Coffeehouse and Victor tells Noah how that Nick had tried to sabotage the concert by pouring water on the sound system. Jack tells Dina about how much he had lost as a child. Nikki tells Nick that Victor is through trying to win her back. Abby visits Dina to let her know what had gone on after she had left the party when she had poured a drink in Victoria's face. Dina is impressed by Abby's actions. Jack and Ashley have a meeting and Jack finds out that Dina had called him Graham when she had been left at the party. Jack tells Ashley that he had taken Nikki to the cabin. Ashley holds her comments to her self.

Jack tells Ashley about Dina slapping him. Jack and Ashley discuss Nikki and why he had taken her to the cabin. Hilary and Howard are discussing the footage of Nick and Victor when Mariah walks in and tells them that it is a bad idea to get on the bad side of Victor but Hilary tells her that she had Victor's permission to run the footage. They get into a disagreement about Devon, and Hilary lets her know that Devon is still in love with her. Mariah tells her to get over herself. At the Underground, Nick and Victor get into another argument and Victor tells him that he is no longer his son.

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