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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Ridge to tell her that she is crazy….it couldn’t be him and Quinn. He says he will not lie to her. It was not an affair, just a few kisses. She is outraged. A few kisses with his father’s wife is enough. Ridge says it is over. She says still he betrayed his dad and she does not know how he did that. Caroline drops in on her Uncle Bill. He says he is never too busy for her or her son. He says he knows his last name is Forrester but he has Spencer blood and that is what counts. Bill says he knows Douglas is not the only one missing Thomas. He knows she is still in love with the guy. Caroline admits she blew it. Thomas came to New York and she had a chance to get her family back together but she stayed with her moms. Now she thinks she made a mistake and Thomas is now with Sally and they seem serious. Thomas and Sally confer on the fashion show in Monte Carlo. She says she knows they can go toe to toe in a fair fight but with Bill Spencer on the other side, she is not so sure. He says nothing gets more attention that competition with Forrester Creations. Now they will see a whole new Sally Spectra as he will be right there all the way. Quinn walks into her home and is scared to death by Liam walking around. She asks if he knows where Sheila is. She knows Sheila will be with Eric and if he knows something he has to tell her.

Bill laments to Caroline that if she needs his help then she has it. Caroline says she does not want her only involvement to be over a computer screen. She and Douglas need Thomas in their lives daily. But it will not be easy as there is Sally. Bill says Sally does not stand a freaking chance when it comes to her. Sally reminds Thomas that Douglas will always be his son so Caroline will always be there in his life. He says yes he knows, she is an awesome mom and woman but not the woman that he wants now. Quinn begs Liam to tell her anything, she has to find her husband. She knows Liam thinks she caused so many pain and does not deserve Eric but she cannot just stand there and do nothing. She has to do something. Steffy is in distress and says it has been this way all her life with Ridge screwing up. He says he has no more excuses for being stupid with so much on the line. He lost Brooke. And now he has lost his father. He hurts the people they love the most. Bill saunters into Spectra. Thomas states he will have to wait for an exclusive like everyone else. Bill says no he is just checking out his building to which Thomas says it is not his yet. Bill retorts that he is small time and he cannot think otherwise. Thomas says he is not going to let Sally down. Bill says that is what he does, sketching and disappointing. He is trying to show the world how big he is instead of being a good dad. Now it must be in the genes but this little walk with Sally will not cut it. He has responsibility and it is about time he shucks Sally and put it where it belongs, in the garbage. Steffy tells Ridge she does not understand. She thought he hated Quinn as much as she does. He says it started that way but he misjudged her. She loves Eric and does not want to lose him. Steffy says she does not blame Eric for taking off. It’s the way Ridge treated her mother her whole life. He is a great dad and designer but his love life sucks. She laments she fought against that relationship between Eric and Quinn but she never thought Ridge would be the cause of Eric’s pain.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad and Dario had a tense run-in about Abby at the park. Dario taunted Chad because he “won” Abby from him. Theo broke into the computer and found out that Dario hacked into DiMera Enterprises’ computer. Theo was going to download the proof when he and Abby heard Dario talking. Steve told Tripp that he suspected that Kayla was getting set up at the hospital. Tripp thought about how he switched the files. Steve thought Shelly set Kayla up. Steve told Tripp that he was going to find out who set her up. Later on, Steve ran into Anjelica and they argued over the Spectator. Anjelica let him know that she wanted to take the paper from Adrienne the way she took Alexander from her. Adrienne and Jennifer met with Mr. Helms (the loan officer) to save the paper. Dario conveniently didn’t see Abby, Theo, or the USB stick in the computer. Dario left the office so Theo copied the proof and they left. Steve tried to convince Anjelica that she didn’t need the Spectator and that she would be putting people out of work. Unfortunately, she didn’t care what he had to say. She was determined to take the paper. Mr. Helms agreed to pay off the loan for Adrienne and Jennifer. They left and Justin met with Mr. Helms. He thanked him for his help. Justin was the one who paid for their loan. Theo wanted to go to the police with the information, but Abby wanted to stop Dario herself. She took the USB stick and left. Theo called someone and asked for help.

Mr. Helms wondered why Justin paid for the loan. He told him that he did it to help Adrienne. Mr. Helms was impressed with what he was willing to do for Adrienne. Anjelica ran into Jennifer and Adrienne at the pub. They told her that they had the paper back. Anjelica warned them that she would get the last laugh. Theo told Chad what he did for Abby. Chad wanted to know what he found out. Theo told him everything. Theo asked Chad to help Abby. Abby called Dario because she wanted to see him. Jennifer and Adrienne told Steve and Justin that they beat Anjelica. Steve told them how he and Kayla overheard Anjelica talking about someone doing their homework. Adrienne called Alex to see if he talked to Anjelica. Chad went to see Abby to confront her about Dario. They briefly argued about her protecting Dario. She begged him to let her talk to Dario. Steve paid an orderly to give him info about Shelly. Chad wanted to go to the police, but Abby didn’t want him to do it. He got fed up with her and warned her to be careful with him. Abby confronted Dario about the counterfeit money. Anjelica went to her office in New York. She was surprised to see Marlena sitting in her office waiting for her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ava shows up at the cemetery to see Morgan’s grave but runs into Carly and Sonny who spot her. Ava feels she has suffered enough but Carly and Sonny disagree. Carly informs her that her disfigurement is karma. The two leave. At the Metro Court bar, Carly has decided they need to give up on being hating Ava. It is the only way to move on. They just need to forget that Ava exists in the first place. Sonny can agree with that to some extent and decides they should have lunch. He looks at the menu when he receives a call. He says he cannot handle this right now and hangs up. Carly asks what that was about. She thought that he was getting out of the business. Sonny explains that it isn’t going to be that easy. Meanwhile, Ava shows up at her condo and Julian finds her. Ava gets her bandages removed and tells Julian to leave. She knows it is too hard to look at her. He leaves. Ava goes to the mirror and removes a sheet she had Julian cover it with. She looks in the mirror revealing her red blotched face. Ava cries and tells herself that Carly was right and this is karma for what she has done. She believes that she deserves it.

Curtis and Jordan meet for dinner. Curtis tells Jordan all about how Stella gave up so much to raise him and Thomas. She had a man in her life before he was alive but gave that up. Curtis feels so bad for how he acted when he was on drugs and Stella tried to help him. Jordon asks what he wants to do now. Curtis decides it is best that they stop dating as Stella doesn’t want it. Jordan understands. She doesn’t think it is fair but she does understand. Laura receives a call from Joss that Charlotte is not doing well. She shows up at the park and finds Charlotte sad on a bench. She tries to talk to her when Valentin shows up. He has a court order that allows him visitation. He takes Charlotte to the Metro Court to get ice cream. Joss reveals to Laura that Spencer is also missing. Laura realizes that he must actually be missing and not have run off this time. While this is going on Spencer is thrown in a basement. He finds a window but it is too high for him to reach. He finds some rope though and a nail and tries to climb it. Both end up failing and Nikolas is left on the ground. He asks himself what he can do now.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor is on the phone with Dr. Harris, who lets him know that Kevin took Chloe and left and he doesn't know where they have gone. Billy asks Victoria if she is certain that she is okay with Phyllis being here with him and the children. Kevin and Chloe are preparing to leave for Oregon when Kevin tells her that they will be happy ever after. Chloe is upset that Kevin has jinxed them by saying happily ever after. Dr. Harris wants his daughter brought back to him but Victor tells him that he is talking about Chloe. Victor demands that Dr. Harris find Kevin and Chloe. Victoria assures Billy that she fine with Phyllis being there. At the Abbott cabin, Jack and Nikki kiss but she soon pulls away and apologizes to him for kissing him. At the park, Mattie pours out her heart to Reed about the things that have been going on at home. Reed can sympathize with her because he has faced such things too. Cane sits alone at the bar at the Athletic Club when Juliet comes up and apologizes to him for all that is going on. Cane tells her that he broke down and told Charlie and Mattie what happened between them. Billy asks Victoria if she's all right after her fall at the party. Victoria assures him that she is fine.

Kevin is just preparing to put the suitcases in the car when there is a knock on the door. When Kevin asks who it is, Victor tells him that it is his worst nightmare. Kevin and Chloe just look at each other. While Chloe hides, Kevin opens the door to Victor, who lets him know that he left a paper trail which led him to them. Mattie tells Reed that she found out something that has thrown her for a loop. Nick visits Victoria and tells her about the fight that he and Victor had in the parking lot of the Newman Towers. Victoria just wants this farce to end. Kevin begs Victor to just let them go and they won't say a word about him, but Victor cannot take that chance. Billy and Phyllis exchange some very choice words with Cane and Juliet at the bar at the Athletic Club. Billy lets Phyllis know that Cane is all to blame for all this mess. Reed reaches out and touches Mattie's hand. Cane comes home and finds out that Lily talked to the children. Cane asks her if she is unsure about their future together. Victor allows Kevin, Chloe, and Bella to leave. Victoria almost passes out in front of Nick.

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