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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric yells at Steffy for what she has done. Steffy says Sheila had a gun in her bag. Liam wants to call someone but needs to know what to say. He shows them the bullet hole in the door, the bullet could not have hurt Sheila. Then Sheila shows them her purse and they find the razor. It was not a gun but a razor in her purse. Eric says it is not Steffy’s judgment if they call the police or not. He asks Sheila what she wants to do. Quinn questions Ridge if his dad has returned to work. He says no and there is no way of knowing if he is with Sheila or not. But if she shows up again just give her what she wants. The police knock on the door and all quickly hide Sheila and make up a quick story that nothing happened here. The police want to look around. The bathroom door is locked but one policeman sees the bullet hole in the door. Sheila comes out dressed in a robe and explains she was ready to take a shower, so the police apologize and leave.

Steffy thanks Sheila for not reporting her. She tells Eric none of this makes sense. He should not be here shacking up with Sheila. She had to force her way in the door and then ended up shooting another human being because she thought Eric was in danger. He ought to be home. In a foul mood, Ridge dumps Quinn's designs on the desk and says they have a deadline and these are not good enough – back to the drawing board. She says she knows he is not feeling good right now but she is not the enemy. Sheila tells Steffy that she knows she has no credibility with her but Eric would not lie to her. This is where he chooses to stay. Steffy asks him to come home but Eric refuses again; this is where he chooses to stay. He appreciates her concern but this is the way he wants it. Sometimes it is just space one needs. Steffy says how do they know that Sheila is not holding him hostage. He says she is not and no one must know where he is staying. Steffy gives Eric one last hug before she goes. Eric apologizes to Sheila and says this never should have happened but he has come out the better for it. Eric tends to the graze on her arm and she says she is okay and can handle a little pain. She knows it was Quinn’s idea who put the idea in Steffy’s head that the razor was a gun. He says Quinn has a history of being a little erratic. Sheila retorts that she cannot judge as she has her own past history. She fantasized while she was in prison of being alone with him like this. But she does judge Ridge and Quinn and he deserves better than that. He quips good guys always finish last. She says he is not finished yet. Ridge tells Steffy that his Jedi tricks are still working. She is the one person he wanted to see and here she is. His dad is not here and is not at home either. Steffy informs him that Eric is with Sheila after a disagreement with Quinn. It must have been a bad one to take off with Sheila. She wants to know what is going on. She feels like it involves him…….but with Quinn. She does not want to think they had an affair.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny talked to Paul about whether he killed Deimos. Justin asked Marlena if she could help Sonny jog his memory. Abby went to Andre for help with Dario. She didnít want Andre to say anything. She told him that Dario has been counterfeiting money and doing something else. She wanted his help to stop Dario. Hope and Rafe talked about Xander possibly killing Deimos. Rafe wasnít sure if Xander was the killer. Hope thought it was possible. Paul told Sonny about talking to witnesses about what happened. Marlena arrived and prepared to hypnotize Sonny. Andre wanted to know why Abby went to him for help. She wanted to stop Dario from getting in trouble. Abby wanted to use Andreís resources. Andre knew someone who could hack into Darioís computer. The hacker turned out to be Theo. Abby didnít want Theo to be involved. Andre thought Theo was the most trustworthy employee at DiMera Enterprises. Marlena questioned Sonny about Deimos while he was under the hypnosis. Sonny didnít admit to killing Deimos. He did say that he was scared to get in trouble when he saw his body.

Sonny still believed he could have killed Deimos. Andre told Theo about hacking into Darioís computer. Abby didnít want Theo involved, but he wanted to help. Theo needed to get into Darioís computer so Abby called Dario so he could be out of the office. Sonny was ready to give up, but Paul and Justin wouldnít let him. Hope got the results from the lab. Abby and Theo went to Darioís office to use the computer. Hope found out that Xanderís prints werenít found at the crime scene. Rafe apologized because he knew she thought Xander killed Deimos. Paul overheard what Rafe said. Theo found something on Darioís computer. Hope and Paul talked about how Xander could have killed Deimos. Paul called someone to ask for help. Xander was in a cell looking at a nudie magazine.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason and Sam go to GH where Elizabeth explains that Sam can have her follow up appointment with doctor Bench today if she wants. Sam didn’t want Jason knowing and gets angry at Elizabeth. Jason tells her to calm down and gets her to agree to it. Sam agrees and later it turns out Griffin will be doing the tests as Bench was called into surgery. Sam goes with him. Meanwhile, Ava is being released but refuses to leave. Griffin pleads with her that she has to go home. Ava reluctantly agrees. She asks Felix to stop somewhere first though. Curtis is in Stella’s room when Jordan calls. Jordan doesn’t want to disrupt Stella getting better though and wants him to stay with her. Stella later admits to Curtis that she was once engaged but gave it up to help raise him and Thomas. She wants him to be with Jordan if it makes her happy. She just wants what is best for her family.

In the park, Spencer and Charlotte are with Laura about to be dropped off for campy. Valentin shows up and Charlotte jumps into his arms. Laura asks a councilor to take Spencer and Charlotte to camp where Spencer informs Charlotte that Valentin killed Nikolas. Charlotte runs to Valentin where he claims that it is too complicated to discuss right now. Charlotte doesn’t want to believe Spencer. Spencer sits alone going over his lines when someone puts a black bag over his head and gags him. Anna and Jordan discuss Anna possibly dating Andre. Anna thinks they make better friends though. Anna wonders about her and Curtis. Jordan admits that things might not work out because of Stella having a stroke. Anna doesn’t think that is her fault. Jordan guesses she is right. They have to remember they are friend and talk more than they have been. Carly and Sonny meet up at his house where they put their wedding rings back on and promise to each other their commitments. Sonny admits that Ava is not going to be prosecuted. Carly cannot believe this. Sonny doesn’t want to take revenge because he doesn’t want Avery to realize what has happened. Carly wants to visit Morgan’s grave. They go and talk with him and tell him how proud they were and promise that things are looking up for everyone. Ava shows up.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mariah admits to Tessa that she knows Devon still loves Hilary. Even though it hurts, she will have to break up with him, because she deserves better than a man who is in love with his ex-wife. Abby gets in an argument with Victoria and throws a drink in her face, which causes Victoria to lose her balance and fall. Then Abby apologizes for what happened and tells her that she didn't mean for her to fall. When Billy introduces Phyllis to his kids, at first they give her the cold shoulder, but later they play a video game with her. Victoria arrives home to see Billy and Phyllis kissing after they have put the kids to bed. Nick and Victor get into a fight at the Newman Tower parking garage, because Nick tells Victor that he cares more about himself than how this concert affected Nikki's health. Victor punches Nick after he admits he messed up the soundboard. Hilary and cameraman Howard are there hiding and filming everything. Nikki arrives to break up the fight and Victor forces Nick to tell his mother what he did. She is hurt and tells him he had no right to ruin something that she wanted to do for charity. After Victor tells Nick he is no longer his son, Nick takes off in his car as fast as he can get away. Jack arrives and Nikki tells him to get her out of there.

Kevin gives Chloe a new identity as Helen Jones then asks her to marry him. Dr. Harris calls Victor to tell him Chloe escaped with Kevin, and they tied him up and stole his car. Dina gets agitated after Ashley tells her Jack left the party and asked her and Ravi to take her home. Ravi notices that Dina calls Jack Graham when she wonders why he would just leave her at the party. Ravi later tells Ashley about her mother's confusion, but Ashley thinks her mother might have had too much to drink. Jack takes Nikki to the Abbott cabin where she gives him a small thank you kiss for being her rock. He takes the opportunity to return the kiss with a longer one.

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