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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy takes a call from Quinn who tells her that Eric is gone. He took off and has not been home. She thinks he is with Sheila Carter. Sheila finds Eric in bed and tells him that she brought back his medications. And if he needs anything else she can always go back. He asks how it went when she ran into Quinn. Sheila says not well. Sheila says Quinn begged her to say where Eric was but she would never betray him. Steffy and Liam rush over to talk to Quinn who fills them in on all she knows. All that matters now is how to get Eric back as he is surely in the clutches of Sheila. Thomas and Caroline share some play time with Douglas. She says it was not that long ago that he cared about her and wanted a family with her and Douglas, he needs that. She did not mean to leave for so long but she needed to see her moms. Thomas says he understands but he thought they were going somewhere. She says she cared about him but it was confusing and she did not want to be with him just because they had a child together. And then he started dating someone and that hurt. Sally walks in and sees Caroline flirting with Thomas and offers to come back another time. Sally asks Caroline if she has her flight plan with her; surely she must be wanting to get back to the Big Apple. Sheila tells Eric that she had to fight off a confrontation with Quinn but everything ended okay.

Quinn tells Liam that Sheila is so territorial that it is scary. Sheila will not leave Eric’s side if she has anything to do with it. She cannot just stand here; she has to go do something. She is not sure but she felt Sheila’s purse and she thinks she may have a gun in it. Liam tells Quinn she can go and they will stay and try to track Eric by his phone. With Quinn gone, Steffy comes back and has a gun in her hands which shocks and scares Liam. Steffy says they may need it with Sheila involved. Liam has a lead on Eric’s phone so they take off. Eric tells Sheila that he needs time to wrap his brain over what happened between Ridge and Quinn but Sheila has to know there will never be anything between them. Sheila replies that she knows and she will keep him away from his family and he never has to see any of them again. She offers to get him something to eat and drink; just let her fuss over him for a little while. Suddenly there is a knock on the door and it is Steffy and Liam. Sheila answers the door and they push past her to find her grandfather. Alone Thomas tells Sally that he loves being around Douglas. She admits he is adorable and Caroline wasn’t terrible. Thomas says he is glad she feels that way because she is the mother of his child and she will always be in his life. Sally says she knows Caroline has more on her mind than that. Thomas says maybe but like it not it is Sally he is with now. Steffy and Sheila get into a shouting match. Sheila says they are not shacking up together. She has a room down the hall and is only here to take care of Eric and bring him his medicine. She is not going anywhere and Steffy says Sheila has no right to tell her she cannot see her grandfather. Sheila goes to her purse to retrieve Eric's razor and Liam alerts Steffy who thinks Sheila is going after a gun. She pulls her own gun and shoots Sheila.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Valentin has setup a picnic for him and Alexis. Alexis takes out papers and explains that he is being served for the death of Nikolas in a civil suit that Spencer has filed. Valentin doesn’t think anything will happen because no one has any evidence against him. Alexis points out Ava. Valentin thinks all she saw was that Nikolas fell out a window. That is not enough evidence. Alexis tells him to bad and is taking him to court. She leaves. Valentin calls his lawyer and demands that they get this thrown out. Valentin guesses he will have to take care of Spencer on his own. At the Floating Rib, Spencer explains to Laura his plan. Laura does admit it is a better plan than his past ones but is worried it might be dangerous. Spencer wants vengeance. Laura gets a text learning about Lee Baldwin’s death. She has to go and see Scott. Spencer goes to the hospital to see Ava. The two have a heart to heart and hug one another. Ava will testify in court if he has to for him. Later on, Laura and Alexis meet Spencer in the park and Alexis promises him that the papers have been served.

Sonny meets with Kiki and informs her that he has full custody of Avery now legally. Kiki understands. Sonny wants her to know that she is allowed to see Avery whenever she wants though. Kiki thanks him and goes to see her right then. Dante shows up and tells Sonny that the case against Ava has been dropped due to lack of evidence. He would rather they go to court with enough evidence to convict otherwise she cannot get tried again. Sonny admits he is trying to go straight. Dante is happy and wants him not to let this get to him. Sonny will try. Kiki shows up in Ava’s hospital room and has Avery. Avery looks at Ava but is scared so she leaves. Ava doesn’t want Kiki to come back. She wants to be left alone. Meanwhile, Amy and Nathan do the Man Landers podcast and it goes so well that Nathan is offered a full time position with more money. Elsewhere, Serena shows up at Scott’s hotel room after his father Lee Baldwin passed away. Serena was with him when it happened. It was as if he went with the sunset. Scott doesn’t think he told Lee he loved him. Laura shows up and gives them all her condolences. She feels that Lee knew that he loved him. She leaves. The three toast to Lee’s life.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Cane and Lily decided that he would tell Charlie about Juliet's pregnancy, while Lily separately broke the news to Mattie. The family came together after the twins learned the truth, and Cane apologized and promised them that things wouldn't change. Mattie argued that things had changed forever. Cane told them that he had to take responsibility for the baby. Cane insisted that everything would be okay, but Charlie and Mattie stormed out of the house. Lily walked out of the room, leaving Cane alone. Several of Nikki's friends and relatives gathered in the park for her recital. Victor did his best to calm Nikki's jitters, and he gave her a kiss on the cheek. Tessa found Nikki doubled over in pain, but she refused to cancel the performance. A technician told Victor that someone spilled a soda in the soundboard. Nikki gave a perfect performance, then she rushed off the stage. Victor found Nikki in agonizing pain, and he was shocked that she was having flare ups again. She confessed that she hid her flare ups because she didn't want to admit she couldn't perform. Jack came to check on Nikki, and Victor asked him to leave. Jack looked to Nikki, who asked him to go and promised to talk to him later. Nikki thanked Victor for making her do the concert, and she took his hand. Nikki told Nick to stop being so angry at Victor about the concert. Victor watched, from a distance, as the rest of the Newmans surrounded and congratulated Nikki. Abby was surprised when Scott complimented her for doing a good job.

The after party started. Dina, Jack, Ashley and Ravi attended the event together. Hilary and Howard covered the celebration for GC Buzz. Devon, Neil and Mariah watched Hilary with Howard. Devon said it made him miss the days when he'd just purchased the show. Mariah chatted with Noah and Tessa. Mariah was uncomfortable when she saw Devon talking to Hilary. Tessa was unhappy to run into Zack at the party. Nick asked Abby how she saved the concert from cancellation. Abby told Nick that Noah loaned her some equipment from The Underground. Noah was startled when Nick scolded him for borrowing the equipment without asking Nick's permission. Abby introduced Zack to Ashley, Dina, and Ravi. Ashley and Ravi told Dina they were just friends, but she thought they were fooling themselves. Jack told Nikki that Victor forced her into the concert, but she insisted that she did what she wanted to do. Ashley took Victor to task for being so tough on Abby. Victor admitted she was right, and he noted that Abby did a wonderful job. Dina lamented that Graham wasn't invited. Zack and Victoria met, and he asked if she was there alone. Abby walked over, and after Victoria left, she asked Zack to stay away from her sister. Scott and Sharon assumed that Zack was the new man in Abby's life. Victor announced that the contributions raised tonight had exceeded expectations. Reed was unable to reach Mattie by phone. Nick seethed about the concert as he headed out to his car. Victor followed Nick to the parking garage and confronted him.

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