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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tells Sheila that she does not intimidate her so do not threaten her…and now get out of her house. She tries to grab Sheila’s purse to get Eric’s meds but Sheila grabs it back away from her. She says Eric needs those meds yet does not want to see Quinn, so do not threaten her again. Caroline interrupts a little meeting between Steffy and another gal. Steffy says she is not interrupting at all; they were just talking about Thomas and the swimwear fashion show challenge. Sally and Thomas get lovey dovey at the office when they should be working. She says she cannot keep her peepers off of him with his pecs showing. Ridge grouses to his Logan that this is not the way he wanted it to happen but he is glad it is out about him and Quinn. Sheila and Quinn start arguing over Quinn’s betrayal and that Eric is washing his hands of her and never wants to see her again. Yet he is seeing Sheila as she actually cares for him. Steffy tells Caroline that she does not want to meddle but she knows how important it is to Caroline that Thomas remain in her life. She thinks it is important that Caroline tell Thomas exactly what Caroline has told her and perhaps get her out of the clutches of Sally.

Brooke tells Ridge that she ran into Sheila the other day but she said it was by accident. Ridge says she is too calculating so nothing is by accident with her. Quinn says she is not going to take Sheila’s word. She has left too many bodies in her wake. Sheila reaffirms again that she has changed, she had paid her time. She does not think Quinn has. And fine but at the end of the day it is still Eric that will chose if he wants Quinn back in his life. They end up screaming at each other. Sheila says she was married to Eric too and he is still so important that if anyone tried to hurt him like Quinn did…..well she would never let that happen. She is not the only one with a past. When she first came back to town and saw Eric with Quinn she was happy that he was happy. But then she kept hearing things about Quinn and Ridge and she will never let up on Quinn. She starts to leave and tells Quinn do not even think about following her or Eric may run and she will never see him again. And Quinn will be sorry if she tries to do anymore. Caroline stops by to see Thomas and brings her trump card, Douglas. She introduces herself to Sally. Sally is cordial but says she has some things to do so she will leave Thomas to visit Douglas. Quinn reveals to Ridge that Sheila just paid her a visit. She had a key from Eric so she knows where he is but won’t tell. She does not know what is in her mind but clearly Eric is at his mercy. Sheila finds Eric sleeping or at least passed out on the bed. She kisses him……all with a sly look on her face. Sally drops in on Steffy who wonders how she got by security. Sally says she charmed them. She knows Steffy must feel very satisfied by sending Thomas’s baby mama over to see him. They spar back and forth with both saying they love Thomas. Steffy makes no bones, she will always believe in family. She laments that Sally is lucky she is not in jail so do not interfere with Thomas and his son and if that includes Caroline, so be it. She declares that she will see that Sally is out of his life one way or the other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jade got upset with Joey when she told him about her grandmother dying. He told her she should go see her mother. Jade reminded him what she did for him and realized he wasnít worth it. Tripp talked to Kayla about his career when Scott (a chairman at the hospital) wanted to talk to her. Nicole met with Eric because she remembered something. She remembered that he said he did a bad thing. Eric remembered that too. He wondered if he killed Deimos. They went over what happened that night. Brady found out that Dario and Abby were married. Brady warned Dario not to hurt Abby. Jennifer warned Abby about getting out of the marriage. Dario walked in and heard them talking. He assured Jennifer that he wouldnít hurt Abby. Scott told Kayla that another one of her patients died because of her negligence. He told her that she was on paid leave until further notice.

Kayla understood that she had to go on leave. She was going to get a replacement. Nicole and Eric went back to his room and went over what happened. Nicole realized she thought she was kissing Daniel. Eric realized that the bad thing he did was kiss his brotherís girlfriend. He wondered if they should tell Brady. Brady and Jennifer got back from a meeting and talked about Abby and Dario being married. They also talked about Jennifer not seeing Eric anymore. Nicole wanted Brady to know that she and Eric kissed. Abby admitted that she was having second thoughts about everything. Nicole knew it was just a kiss, but she wanted to tell Brady about it. Abby wasnít sure if it was a good idea to go through with the marriage since itís a fraud. She did remember that he was a good friend to her so she wanted to help. He promised to do right by her. Jennifer thought Eric was a great guy, but heís not for her. Brady wanted her to give Eric another chance. Nicole didnít want to lose Brady over kissing Eric. Eric wanted to know if she was telling Brady or not. Abby went through Darioís gym bag and found money. Steve assured Kayla that she would be vindicated. He wanted to clear her name. Jade told Tripp she was leaving. Tripp thought Jade was going to help him with Kayla. Jade didnít think that he wanted to go after her anymore. She told him that he shouldnít go after Kayla anymore. Tripp wanted to know what she meant by that.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Someone knocks on Scott’s door at the Metro Court he opens it to discover Lucy. She has some bad news. His father, Lee Baldwin has passed away. Serena called her up and informed her. She wanted Scott to receive the news in person and not over the phone. Scott starts to drink but Lucy begs him not to. It would be disrespectful to the memory of Lee who suffered from alcoholism. Scott doesn’t care. He thinks he was a failure of a son. Lucy feels that Scott is wrong and believes that Lee was proud of him. Lee decides to go into his bedroom when someone knocks on the door. Scott doesn’t want to talk to them. Lucy opens the door to find their daughter Serena. Lucy tells Scott to come see who it is. Scott smiles when he sees it is Serena. Elsewhere, Nathan and Felicia are talking at the Floating Rib. Felicia is offering Nathan the chance to spend time with her and Mac on Saturday and Sunday’s. She knows it must be hard having Maxie out of town and Maxie is worried that Nathan is hiding something. Nathan claims he isn’t as he gets calls and texts from Amy. Nathan goes to the hospital where Amy tells him he needs to go on a podcast as Man Landers so she can get more money to take care of Chet. Nathan reluctantly agrees.

Bobbie meets with Felicia to discuss Felicia looking further into Nelle’s life. Felicia isn’t so sure she wants to but if Bobbie still thinks she needs to then she will. Bobbie sees Michael and Nelle who had already ran into Carly earlier at the Metro Court. Bobbie confronts Michael and he says it is his life. Bobbie calls Felicia and tells her that she wants her to snoop. Felicia had a feeling she would. She needs Carly to get in contact with HR so she can have Nelle’s resume. She wants to see if Nelle was lying about anything. She bets that whatever there is on Nelle it can be discovered in Florida. Meanwhile, Sonny shows up at the park to tell Joss something when Oscar threatens to post a video of Sonny being a pervert and trying to talk with Joss. Joss admits that Sonny is her step-father. Oscar is sorry. Sonny respects his actions for not knowing who he was. Sonny tells Joss that he was able to get Jax the ability to come into the country. Joss still doesn’t think that this changes anything. Sonny leaves. Joss and Oscar talk. Oscar hopes they get to hang out more. At the Metro Court, Sonny tells Carly what happened and about Oscar. Carly doesn’t want Joss around Oscar because he was the boy who was drinking with Joss. Sonny likes the boy. Carly doesn’t want her around him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Everyone begins to gather for the concert which Nikki is giving. Abby and Victoria argue over the sound system which results in Abby telling Victoria that is she isn't going to help, then she doesn't need to be backstage and Victoria angrily walks away. Tess tried to talk to a frustrated Abby who just walks away. In the hotel room, Dina expresses to Graham that she wished that he was joining her about the time that there is a knock on the door. It is Jack. Jack tells Graham that he is sorry that he isn't joining them, but Graham thinks he isn't. Sharon comes downstairs and is impressed with how Devon and Mariah are dressed and insists on getting some pics. Mariah and Devon oblige her. Nikki lets Victor know that she cannot play without sound, but he assures her that everything will be all right. Nick tells Nikki that Victor cannot possibly pull this off. Mr. Pittman will not issue the permit, since the sound system will not work. Victor asks him how much would it cost for him to stay. Mr. Pittman takes that as a bribe. Abby steps up, apologizes for Victor and tries to explain the situation but Mr. Pittman still leaves. Victor tells Abby not to ever apologize for him and for her to get this done. Hilary interviews everyone who is anyone in Genoa City such as Reed, Victoria, Ashley, and Ravi. Mariah takes pics of Sharon and Scott together before they leave for the concert. Nick tries to help Victor calm down but without luck. Nick and Chelsea tell Tessa to keep an eye on Nikki. Tessa asks Nikki about the technical difficulties and suggests she not play. Noah joins Abby and offers his assistance in fixing the sound system. Abby lets him know that everything is going wrong. After looking at the sound system, Noah tells Abby that he will be right back that he needs to go to the club. Ashley fills Hilary in on how much Ravi has helped her. Hilary also joins Chelsea and Nick for an interview and asks Chelsea about the dress that Nikki is wearing.

Victoria and Reed join Victor and ask him about the technical difficulties. After talking to Victor about Abby, Ashley joins her to find out what is going on. Ashley offers Abby some help but she refuses. Mariah finds out that Hilary is showcasing the event but hadn't let her know anything about it. Hilary then interviews Devon and Neil about the new projects for Hamilton-Winter. Victor is surprised to see Scott and Sharon together. He offers to fix Victoria up with Scott, but she refuses. Abby sees Nikki with an ice pack on her hand and wonders what's wrong. Dina commends Ashley on her new "boy toy" but Ashley assures her that they are only friends. Noah manages to get the sound system to work, so Mr. Pittman will sign off on the permit. Nick starts to call off the concert, but then Tessa walks onto the stage.

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