The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 7/12/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tells Brooke and Ivy that Eric did not spend the night at home last night and even some clothes are gone. She has no idea where he is. They both tell her they think he just wants to be away for a while and think. Meanwhile Eric tells Sheila it seems more than a coincidence that she shows up in the same motel and on the same floor. Some people would call that stalking. Bill listens to his sons and Steffy and says he has no problem with Katie being at the Summit but he draws the line with Spectra. He does not want them near there. Steffy disagrees and says it is time to put them out of their misery. Liam even throws it in that it will be great publicity and for a good cause. Bill chides him for his good causes. Quinn tells them she understands Eric wanting to be away but the least he could do is call and let them know he is all right. Sheila says she would not have been above stalking Eric in the past but that is not who is she now. He wants to be alone and rest and starts to go in his room. She politely asks if she can come in for a minute. His brains must be lost as he allows her to. She says this is a great place to get lost. She cares about him and cannot imagine what he is going through being betrayed by his own wife and son. She does not want to cause him any more pain. She laments that he is such a kind, loving, trusting man but he deserves to know the truth so she had to tell him. Katie says it does not matter who told Eric, the damage has been done. Bill says he is a pretty good judge of character and he does not like Sally. How did he know that nitwit Jarrett would write his own great review and give her hope. Quinn calls Eric again and leaves a voice mail to please call and let his whole family knows he is okay. She tells Ridge that she broke his heart. She broke her vows and he may not look at her again but she just needs to know he is okay.

Sheila asks Eric if he has his medications. He says no, he left too soon and he does not want to go back home and get them. He bragged about Quinn and then he defended her and now this. He rails that even Brooke knew. She should have told him. So there is no one he can trust now. Sheila says yes; he can trust her. He needs his meds and she will go to the house and get them. She will be very discreet and try not to see anyone. He finally agrees. She bends down to where he is sitting and tells him that he is not alone. Bill says he trusts Steffy but not her father, the dressmaker. He is a wild card. He is hoping he can count on Spectra being a huge belly flop and he can topple that building for his own beautiful skyscraper. Brooke tells Ridge that Sheila is Eric’s ex-wife and now she blows into town and he is relying on her. Ridge says all for a few kisses he may lose his dad. Eric remembers his wedding vows to Quinn. He starts drinking and kicking his suitcase of clothes around. Sheila sneaks in the Forrester manse and makes her way upstairs. She is caught when she comes down. She tells Quinn that she came for Eric’s medicine and he does not want to see anyone. Quinn grabs her by the arm to restrain her from leaving. Sheila gives her that cold stare and tells her to never touch her again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe and Hope thought they should interview the housekeeper at the Martin house. Gabi and Chad brought Arianna to see Sonny. Sonny promised her that they would spend time together. It was going to be hard for him to leave Arianna. Gabi didnít think he did it. Sonny asked her if Chad was okay with her hooking up with JJ at the party. Rafe and Hope were going to talk to the maid. Rafe suggested that Lani talk to the janitor. JJ wanted to go with Lani, but Rafe and Hope didnít think it was a good idea. Lani was okay with JJ going with her. Later, Lani and JJ talked to the janitor, but he only found a charger. Rafe and Hope talked to the maid. She said that the person left a nudie magazine and his charger. Gabi denied hooking up with JJ. She said she and JJ were over. She blamed it on the drugs. Sonny brought up killing Deimos. Gabi said he was innocent. Abby told Dario that Sonny was the one who got arrested. Dario thought they could go on their honeymoon. Abby wasnít comfortable with him spending a lot of money. Dario told her that he had the money. Abby thought about what Hope told her about Dario.

Abby looked at Darioís computer and he caught her. Rafe called JJ and told him about the two things the maid found. JJ and Lani confronted Chuck about the magazine. They remembered that Xander had the same magazine. Theo told Chad what happened with Claire. Chad tried to explain to Theo how his relationship with Abby was going. Abby lied to Dario and said that she was checking her work email. Dario was suspicious of that at first, but he ended up apologizing to her. Lani and JJ met with Rafe and Hope and told them about Xander possibly killing Deimos. Hope wanted to check to see if Xander was in jail. Victor visited Sonny at the station. He didnít think that Sonny should have confessed to the police. Hope found out that Xander was still in jail. Rafe, Lani, and JJ were upset that Xander wasnít the killer. Hope didnít think they should give up on it yet. Victor believed he could get Sonny out of his situation.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

At GH, Carly runs into Bobbie. She didn’t have a chance to speak with her that morning. Carly explains that the wedding went well but Michael was there with Nelle. Carly needs to get Michael away from Nelle. Bobbie thinks that all she will do is anger Michael. She does have a plan though and suggests they found out more information on Nelle and give it to Michael. Bobbie calls up Felicia and asks her to start looking for more information. They want the full story on Nelle. Nina shows up at Crimson and Nelle explains that she has someone waiting in her office. Nina assumes she knows who it is but discovers it is Julian. Julian admits that their numbers are doing well. Valentin shows up while Nina is in her meeting and when she gets out is not happy. Valentin has put a nonprofit together for race horses under Nina’s name. Nina doesn’t care and tells him to leave. Valentin will figure out a way to get her back. Nelle asks Nina is she still loves Valentin. Nina does.

Sonny shows up at Jason and Sam’s house to discuss business. Sam tells them she has to go somewhere while the Sonny in her head tells her to get rid of Sonny. Sonny offers Jason a deal to be his partner in a building deal. Jason doesn’t want to though because it could be connected to his old business. Sonny understands but is going legit. He calls up Diane and hopes for good news. At the Metro Court, Julian informs Laura and Kevin that Valentin is back. Laura realizes they have to go and get Spencer from camp before Valentin gets near Spencer. Sam finds Julian at the bar and needs to find a way to keep Jason away from Sonny. Julian says that he would have to die probably. Sam tells him not to tell anyone about this and calls someone up. When she goes back home Jason goes to check on Scout. Sonny in her mind tells her that she has to get rid of him. Sam informs him that she will finish the job and takes out a gun. In the park Spencer is practicing for Hamlet and Joss walks over. Oscar soon does as well and Spencer tells them that he wants vengeance for his father. Oscar assumes he is talking about the play. Spencer means for real. Joss and Oscar go to get something to eat, when Valentin shows up to talk with Spencer. He tries to offer him a ring but Spencer doesn’t want it. Laura and Kevin show up and tell Valentin to stay away. Meanwhile, Joss and Oscar continue to talk when Sonny shows up. He has good news for her. Oscar tells Sonny if Joss doesn’t want to talk then Sonny needs to leave. Sonny doesn’t want to listen to him. Oscar thinks they are going to have a problem.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor, Nikki, and Victoria are all interviewed by Hilary about how MS has affected them as a family. Nikki does her best to pretend they are a happy family. Chloe tells Kevin that she helped Victor frame Adam and put him in jail. Later when everyone found out, Victor brought her to Dr. Harris' house so he could take care of her. Chloe tells Kevin she is scared that Victor will find out she escaped Dr. Harris, and he will find her and put her in jail. Kevin tells Chloe that he will protect her from Victor and they will live as a happy family in Oregon. Juliet gives Cane and Lily the test results that confirm he is the father of her baby. Juliet makes it clear that she can raise the baby on her own and they can all go back to their lives. Lily insists that Cane go talk to Juliet and take responsibility for his child. Nick tells Chelsea he made sure that the concert would be canceled, because he messed up the soundboard and it will take a while to fix and the building inspector will make them cancel the concert. Victor and Abby do their best to persuade the building inspector to give them time to fix the soundboard, but he tells them the concert must be canceled.

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