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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas spends time with Douglas who he thinks is growing up so much. Caroline says they must be keeping him very busy over at Spectra and then there is his new involvement with Sally. Grams senses that Sally is awfully quiet and asks if she is all right. She says nothing is wrong yet but she did get a phone call from Caroline, Thomas’s baby mama. Grams does not think she has to worry. She thinks Sally has the advantage. After all, Sally is here with Thomas every day and Caroline lives a long way off in New York. Charlie stops over at a motel room where Sheila is. He says he should not be here. She says she only wants to thank him for telling her the truth so she can tell Eric. He deserves the truth. Charlie says he has something at stake here. Pam will get mad if she knows and his head will be at stake. So he had rather not see Sheila again and this be the end of their relationship. She says before he goes would he be ready to make some money…..some big money. He is skeptical but says sure everyone can use a little more money. She says it would be working for her to keep other’s silence. She only wants to stay close so she can keep track of Eric. Thomas thanks Caroline for bringing Douglas and says he has been very busy as they have challenged FC to a fashion show dual. Later Caroline tells Steffy that she is resentful of Sally and all the time that Thomas spends and now works with her. Thomas laments to Sally that Caroline is in town and Douglas is getting so big. He knows she will like him. She asks how long Caroline will be here. She wonders what prompted her to show up all of a sudden.

Steffy says she knows everything now is about Sally. She actually was about to leave town and then Steffy opened her big mouth and it was Thomas to the rescue. He is making awful decisions concerning Sally. That is why she invited Caroline back. He really needs her now. Sheila reminds Charlie that they did a very big thing for Eric but Quinn went on and on after she was outed. She hopes her days as Mrs. Eric Forrester is limited. Eric is too special….warm, kind and compassionate. That is the reason he will forgive her. Charlie says he honestly does not know where Eric is now. She says she hopes he will reconsider her financial offer. It will more than pay off for him someday. Thomas laments that Caroline is impulsive, but it is partly his fault this time. He has been so busy with Sally that he has not seen her or the baby in a long time. Sally says she understands. So far she has only heard about her or seen her picture but now she is here and she will have to deal with her. Thomas says whether Caroline approves or not he loves Sally. Steffy confides in Caroline that there is no redeeming value in Sally but Thomas cannot see that. He even thinks it is love. Caroline says she wants Thomas. There is still something there. Steffy says they belong together and she is going to see that it happens. Sheila walks down the hall and runs into Eric. He wonders how she found him. She relays that she didn’t. She has been staying here for a while but wonders why he is here. He says he did not want to be around anyone or be found so he checked in here. Sheila says what a coincidence.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny was officially arrested for Deimosí murder. Adrienne wanted Justin to do something to help. Raines let JJ know that he was free to go. Lani, Hope, and Rafe investigated Deimosí murder. Lani found a key in the bushes. Rafe wanted to know about it and who had it. Lani told Rafe and Hope about it. Hope thought Deimos might have been the one who had the key. Kate and Marlena talked about her marrying Andre. Marlena asked her if she loved him. She hesitated with her answer, but she said she didnít. Raines told JJ that he couldnít work on the case because heís still a suspect. Raines walked off so JJ called Lani. He told her the news that he was let go. She told JJ that she found something at the Martin house. Justin told Adrienne that there were other people at the party that could have killed Deimos. Adrienne hugged him and Lucas saw them.

Adrienne saw Lucas after she and Justin expressed how they would be there for each other. Paul believed that Sonny was innocent. He wanted to stand by his side and wanted to save him. JJ met with Lani at the Martin house. He wanted to help with the investigation. Hope and Rafe asked the bellhop if Deimos was the one who rented the room. The guy said that the guy was six feet tall with brown hair. The guy said he wasnít working that morning so he didnít see the guy leave. Rafe and Hope knew it wasnít Deimos because he was already dead. Hope suspected that the person who had the key was the killer. Adrienne went to see Sonny in the interrogation room. She tried to convince Sonny that he was innocent, but he couldnít be sure of that. He hated Deimos and wished he were dead. Adrienne thought he could have killed him in self-defense, but he couldnít remember what happened. Justin wanted Lucas to get Adrienne out of the station. Sonny remembered fighting with Deimos over the amulet and Titan. Sonny felt rage when he saw Deimos and he was willing to do anything to make him pay. Adrienne thought the drugs made him that way. She asked him if he agreed, but he didnít answer her. JJ wanted to check with the bellhop again to find out what he remembered. Lani, Hope, and Rage didnít want him to ruin his career by getting caught working on the case. Lucas tried to make Adrienne feel better, but it didnít work. Sonny was officially booked. Justin and Paul hugged him before he was taken away.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Hayden runs into Elizabeth and the two discuss Finn and Obrecht. They end up going to the Floating Rib for dinner where Hayden admits that she is worried about her pregnancy. Elizabeth doesn’t want her to worry. Hayden feels a pain in her stomach and thinks it is the baby. They go back to GH, where it turns out to have been nothing. Andre walks in and talks with Hayden about her concerns with the baby. He thinks she will be a great mother. Elizabeth later talks with Andre and admits that she has grown closer with Hayden. Elsewhere at the PCPD, Finn has shown up and Nathan wants him to talk with Obrecht. Finn will make a deal with her but he wants to make it alone. They go into the holding cell where Finn offers Obrecht her freedom if she admits that she changed his drug test. Obrecht will consider it even though it means no more medical license possibly anywhere. Finn meets up with Hayden and the Floating Rib and they kiss. Obrecht tells herself in her cell that if Finn takes away something important from her then she will simply do the same to him.

Nina wakes up on the living room couch at Wyndemere. She finds Valentin standing over her and is shocked he is here and alive. Valentin explains that the charges have been dropped against him and he is free. Nina thinks that is great but they are divorced. Valentin tries to get her to stay but she leaves. She informs him that Charlotte is at the Metro Court though first. Nina goes to Nathan who wants her to remember all the bad things Valentin did to her. At the Metro Court, Dante has received a call informing him that Valentin has gotten off. Anna shows up at Dante and Lulu’s request and she finds out that the WSB wanted to sweep this under the rub. Valentin shows up and Dante and Anna confront him. Dante informs him that so long as Lulu has custody it is going to stay that way. Valentin says goodnight to Charlotte. He and Anna are left along and they decide to have a drink. Anna informs him that if he does anything stupid she will come after him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the carriage house, Nick and Chelsea are discussing the concert and Nikki and whether or not she is really able to do this. Nick lets Chelsea know that Nikki had been having a flare-up of her MS. Chelsea defends Nikki in that she thinks that Nikki will do just fine at the concert but Nick doesn't quite believe her. Jack is at the ranch with Nikki and he questions her as to why she hadn't told him where she was going and how long she would be gone. Victor has a meeting with Hilary and wants her to handle the story for the concert with Nikki. Hilary is flattered that Victor would want her to do this. Victor tells her that he will supply her a list of people to interview. Lily comes home to Cane. Lily inquires about Charlie and Maddie. Lily informs Cane that she still has a job at Brash and Sassy. Lily asks him if he has a problem with that. Victoria is upset over the figures from the West Coast men's line. Billy wants to blame all this on Cane and what had been happening with him and Juliet. Victoria tells him that he cannot put all the blame on Cane. Billy asks her if she is also blaming him for this. Abby meets with a sound effects man about the sound system for the concert so it will meet the inspector's seal of approval. Hilary and Victor discuss the lawsuit that was happening between Juliet and Brash and Sassy. Jack asks Nikki about her treatment and if it had helped. Nikki lets him know that she is more than ready for the concert. Nikki inquires about Dina. Jack tells her that Dina had left the bulk of her estate to Graham her boy toy. Nikki is surprised. Nick is more than a little worried about Nikki and her doing this concert. Cane tells Lily that he doesn't have a problem with her working at Brash and Sassy. Victoria asks Billy to help her fix things at Brash and Sassy and by all means for him not to let Jill know what had been going on. As Billy starts to leave, he meets Victor in the outer office and wants to know what he is doing here. Victor lets him know that he has come to see Victoria. Victor and Victoria discuss the family and the secrets that they are keeping from the public eye. Victor also mentions the lawsuit. Victoria lets him know that she had settled it out of court. Victor is impressed and tells her that now is the time for her to regroup and for the company to go in a different direction. Cane gets a call but Lily looks less than happy about it. Cane starts to hand it to her for her to check his emails, phone calls, etc. but Lily lets him know that she had already checked his phone. Abby works on the lighting and the sound for the concert so it will pass inspection. Nick joins them and offers to help so it will pass inspection. Jill is on the phone with Colin and they make plans for when he arrives home. Esther comes in and looks less than happy. Jill gets off the phone and asks how she is doing. Esther lies and tells her that she is fine but Jill knows better that she is miserable since Kevin had left for Oregon. Jill urges her to join Kevin and Bella but Esther has different ideas.

Billy joins Jill at the Chancellor mansion and tells her about the lawsuit but he leaves out certain parts which has to deal with Cane and Juliet. Victor offers Victoria his assistance but Victoria reminds him of what he had done to the family. Chelsea tells Nikki how worried that Nick is about her and her doing this concert. Nikki tells Chelsea to tell Nick that she is fine. Cane visits Jill and lets her know what all is going on between him and Juliet and that she is claiming that she is pregnant with his child. Cane also tells Jill that Victoria had let him go from Brash and Sassy. Jordan checks on Lily to see how she is doing. Jordan asks her about Cane. Victoria joins Abby as she prepares for the inspection with the inspector. Victoria and Nick discuss how they will be here for Nikki. Juliet joins Hilary but she is less than optimistic about the outcome of the paternity test and Hilary picks up on her uncertainty. Juliet gets a call concerning the paternity test results.

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