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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The doctor tells RJ that his shoulder will be sore for a while but it was a mild concussion so he is a lucky young man. He will be fine. Brooke wants to talk to him alone. She thanks God that he is okay. But she wants to know how Coco crashed the car. Coco talks to Sally and Sally says they all missed her at her grandmother’s party. Coco says all is okay but she is at the hospital with RJ. there was a little accident. Thomas takes the phone and wants details. Coco admits that she was driving one of Ridge Forrester's cars. Sally asks if someone hit her and again Coco has to admit no and the accident should not have happened but she hit a tree. RJ tells his mom that Coco is not a bad driver but stuff happens. Lt. Baker shows up and says RJ is lucky but he needs a few details. Coco speaks up again that she was driving, not RJ. Thomas speaks with the doctor and tells Sally that RJ is going to be okay. She asks if they need to go there as she’d like to give Coco a good talking to. Thomas says no they have had a rough day and no need to add to it now. Sally hugs Thomas and says she is over protective but nothing must happen to Coco. That is not even an option.

Between the two of them, RJ and Coco try to explain what happened; how Coco lost control of the car. Lt. Baker asked if she were drinking and she replies no. He asks if she were distracted and Brooke adds something must have happened as you don’t just drive down the street and run into a tree. Lt. Baker says RJ is doing all the talking as if he is trying to protect Coco. Brooke suddenly asks if she was texting…….that could cause the accident. Sally cannot concentrate and tells Thomas that she cannot think about what might have happened and something like this can really screw up your life forever….everything can change. He says yes sometimes things happen in amazing ways to change your life. She certainly has changed his in way he did not expect. Coco finally answers that yes she was texting. RJ immediately says she admitted it so can they leave it at that. Lt. Baker gives her a small lecture of how many people are killed each year because of texting. He will have to file a report. When he leaves, Brooke points her finger at RJ and says when he is driving again, which will be a long time from now, no phone and neither for Coco. Thomas laments to Sally that she is always talking about endings and him beginnings and he wants her to know that he is not going anywhere. Except now; Saul calls and needs him in the sewing room. Sally gets a call for Thomas. It is Caroline, the mother of his son so says Caroline. She’s in town and needs to talk to Thomas so please tell him that she called. Coco cries to RJ that she could have been responsible for something stupid that could have been avoided. It is not over and maybe there is more for her to learn from this. She is so sorry. He says whatever the consequences she will not be in this alone.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny confessed that he killed Deimos. Justin and Adrienne tried to stop him, but he wanted to confess. Justin went with Sonny and Raines for questioning. Paul told Adrienne what Sonny said to him. She didnít think that made him guilty. Steve wanted to investigate Anjelica after a run in with her. He wanted Kayla to help him stop her. The immigration office showed up at Abby and Darioís place to see if their marriage was legit. They managed to convince him that they were married. Raines questioned Sonny about what happened with Deimos. Justin didnít want Sonny to answer his question, but he wanted to answer him.

Dario wanted to celebrate their news by getting a drink. Steve and Kayla broke into Anjelicaís room to search it. Adrienne told JJ she didnít want him to go to jail instead of Sonny.  JJ knew what she meant. Sonny continued to tell Raines what happened. Justin said his prints werenít on the weapon so Raines couldnít arrest Sonny. Dario and Abby told Rafe and Hope they got married. Hope took a call and overheard Dario on his phone with Myron. He talked about how the money came just in time. Steve and Kayla heard Anjelica outside. Paul told JJ what Sonny said. JJ said it wasnít enough evidence to convict Sonny. The cops questioned the waiter who drank the champagne at the party. Justin told Sonny that his version of the murder wasnít enough to convict him. Raines agreed and said that he wasnít going to be charged. Steve and Kayla hid under Anjelicaís bed so she didnít see them. They overheard her say that someone had to do their homework. She went to the bathroom so they snuck out of the room. Dario wanted to surprise Abby with a honeymoon, but Abby questioned where he got the money. The waiter suddenly remembered seeing Sonny with Deimos. Dario lied to her about his finances and she believed him. Hope wanted to talk to Abby alone. Hope warned her to be careful with Dario. She warned her that he could be like his father. Rafe warned Dario not to get carried away with Abby. Dario didnít want to be reminded that Abby didnít love him. He loved Abby and that was enough for now. Steve and Kayla talked about Anjelicaís conversation. Kayla wondered if she was talking about a child. Steve believed Anjelica was up to something and it wasnít good for Adrienne. The waiter remembered Sonny telling Deimos he got what he deserved. Raines asked the waiter if Sonny was the one he saw. The waiter said Sonny was the one. Raines placed Sonny under arrest.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

After Olivia and Ned’s wedding, everyone is watching the fireworks that Ned arranged for. Sonny tells Carly that they need to talk in private. They go inside and Sonny tells Carly that Avery’s nanny just called. Joss isn’t home. Carly tries calling Joss. Elsewhere on the bridge in the park, Joss and Oscar continue to share a moment together. Joss then realizes what time it is and has to get going. She admits she is grounded. Oscar suggests he come with her and take the blame. Joss doesn’t want him to do that. Back at the Metro Court, Carly and Sonny tell Ned and Olivia they are leaving. Sonny and Olivia share a moment before he leaves over how happy he is for her. Sonny and Carly show up at Carly’s house and Sonny goes to check on Avery. Carly yells at Joss and the two argue about Sonny. Sonny comes back downstairs and tries to take the blame for what has happened. Joss doesn’t want to hear it. He leaves. Meanwhile back at the Metro Court, Olivia and Ned get a toast by Monica and Dillon. Ned introduces them to the second Mrs. Edward Quartermaine after his grandmother Lila.

Kevin shows up at the reception and informs Laura that Spencer went missing again. He left a text saying that he went to prove that Wyndemere is his. Laura assumes that he is at Wyndemere. Meanwhile, Nina is at Wyndemere and is there to get her things. Spencer walks into the room and tells her that he has found a box that will prove that Nikolas was the true heir which makes him the true heir. Laura and Kevin show up and Spencer opens the box. The will is in Greek however. Kevin knows Greek and reads it. The will confirms that Valentin is the rightful heir to Wyndemere. Nina promises Spencer that she will make sure that he can visit the house whenever he wants. Laura reminds him that he has a new home with her and Kevin. Later, Spencer promises that he will prove he is the heir as he rips up the will. Back at Wyndemere, Nina falls asleep on the couch and is awoken by a man hovering over her. Ned carries Olivia off to their suite where they make love for the first time as a married couple. Meanwhile, Michael and Nelle have sex in the lobby of Crimson. Dante receives a call and finds Lulu to tell her that he has bad news.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane tells Lily that he and Juliet are waiting on the results of the paternity tests. They agree not to tell Mattie and Charlie Juliet is pregnant until they find out. Cane also tells Lily that Victoria fired him and then asks her to forgive him, but Lily doesn't know if she can trust him again. Victoria tells Lily she still has her job if she wants it. Lily is happy that she can keep her job. Cane tells Mattie and Charlie that Victoria fired him because of the lawsuit. Kevin says emotional farewells to Paul, Gloria, and Esther before leaving for his future with Chloe, and they will finally be a happy family. Nick asks Victor to cancel the concert but he keeps his promise to Nikki and doesn't tell Victoria about the flare up of her MS. Chelsea notices stiffness in Nikki's hands when she is fixing the hem of her dress and tells Nick that he was right, Nikki is trying to hide her pain to prove to Victor that she can do the concert. Victor tells Nikki that if the concert is causing her too much stress, they can cancel it. Nikki says no that she will do the concert for herself and for charity but makes it clear that this won't change their relationship. Nick tells Chelsea that he will do whatever he has to to stop the concert, because he is worried that it will trigger another flare up of Nikki's illness.

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