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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The doctor examines RJ when he comes to. He says there are no signs of bruising, bleeding or dizziness so all considered RJ is very lucky as it is not a concussion. Brooke wants more details and asks RJ if there was another car involved. RJ speaks up and says it was his fault. Coco admits she was driving. RJ says again it was his idea so he will take full responsibility. He does not want Coco to blame herself. Ridge says the important thing is for RJ now to rest and get better. Brooke follows Ridge and asks him why he is leaving so soon; their son is in the hospital. He says he must see his father now so he cannot stay. He relays to her that his father knows why he and Brooke broke up and his involvement with Quinn. It was meaningless but it hurt Eric and this coming from two people he loved and now wants out of his life. Ridge is not sure he can fix this. But he does call and leaves a message for Eric that he will be back home soon and explain why he had to leave so suddenly. Brooke repeats that Sheila told Eric but how did Sheila find out. Ridge does not know. Brooke says maybe Eric has kicked Sheila out so he needs to get back and find out how he is feeling now. Quinn marches over to Katie’s and rails into her that Eric now knows all because of her. Eric thinks she betrayed him over a few kisses and now everything is ruined. Katie says she probably needs to go over there so Eric is not alone. Quinn assures her that Eric is not alone; Sheila is there. He wanted Sheila there and Quinn to be gone. They argue as Quinn says it had to be Katie or Brooke or Ivy to give Sheila details. Katie agrees that Sheila is a terrible person but she did not make this up so Quinn only has herself to blame. If she has a chance yet with Eric then she needs to get back over there and talk to him and convince him that it was careless but not a full betrayal.

Katie tells Quinn that she pretended to be somebody she wasn’t. She made vows and now this is what happens and it is not about Sheila. Quinn cries that she is not going to lose her marriage like this. She hurt Eric and broke his trust but she never stopped loving him. Katie ends up hugging her. Before he leaves Ridge sits beside RJ and says he knows he does not want his parents to hover over him. He cares but he needs to talk to his grandfather. He loves him and will be back as soon as he can. Quinn goes back home and calls out Eric’s name. She looks at the mantel and her portrait is still there. Coco tells RJ she feels incredibly guilty. She was texting at the time. He has been so wonderful to her and now she goes and hurts him. Maybe she is just bad news when she is around. Ridge rushes home and calls out for Eric also, but only meets Quinn. He tells her he had to go see RJ at the hospital. She says Eric is not here. He wanted Sheila to stay but threw her out. She left as she had no choice. She came back to talk but the house was empty. They wonder if he is with Sheila. Sure he is hurt but surely he has not lost his mind. She cries did she do it again, did she ruin everything in her life again. She lost Eric’s love, his trust and now he is gone. Ridge bends down to his knees and looks up at her on the couch and he puts his hands on her shoulder in comfort.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Amy and Nathan have shown up at Crimson for their Man Landers interview. Nina had everyone go home early so they could have privacy. Nelle knocks on the door and Nina goes to see what is wrong. Nelle had paperwork for her. Nina thinks she should go put on her best dress for the wedding. Nelle is in her best dress though. Nina suggests she go take a look at the samples she has available. Nelle comes back in a red dress and Nina thinks she looks stunning. It makes her not think of Valentin for a moment. Later, back in her office Nina thinks that Nathan sounds like Man Landers giving Amy advice on what she should be doing with her free time. Amy agrees. On another floor of the Metro Court, Ned tries to make sure that everyone agrees not to tell Olivia that a photo of her in jail has made it on the front page of the paper. Olivia is freaking out in her hotel room. Laura, Lulu, Monica, and Kiki show up to help her get ready. Olivia finds out that supposedly none of them know what happened with her getting arrested. She finds out that her wedding dress is not showing up and then finds out about the photo. Ned shows up to do damage control and Monica walks in with a gown from Nina. Olivia and Ned are married and Ned sings a song as his vow. They all celebrate over fireworks.

As Carly gets ready to leave for the wedding she offers Joss the chance to go with her. Joss doesn’t want to go if Sonny is going to be there. Carly wishes that she would change her mind because Sonny isn’t going anywhere. Joss isn’t going to change her mind either. Joss answers the door for Sonny and plays angry. Carly comes over and hopes Joss is ok with watching Avery later on. Joss claims she will be. Joss later texts with Oscar and he asks her to meet up at the bridge in the park. The two do and learn more about one another. They then see the fireworks from the wedding. Meanwhile, Sonny and Carly show up at the wedding before anyone else and are shocked to find Michael and Nelle together. Michael isn’t going to let Carly speak badly of Nelle. Sonny tells Carly to let it go for the day. He suggests they renew their vows. Carly wants to as well once Joss is ok with the two of them.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Mariah asked Sharon if people ever got over the love of their life. Sharon opined that you could have more than one great love. Sharon asked if Mariah was worried that Devon was still in love with Hilary. Mariah stammered no. Chelsea arrived, and Mariah seized the opportunity to rush off, ending the conversation. Chelsea asked Sharon to come back to work for Chelsea 2.0. Sharon graciously declined. Chelsea was disappointed because she didn't know where to turn. Sharon gave her a pep talk. Nick questioned Tessa about Nikki's abrupt trip out of town. Tessa reluctantly revealed that Nikki had an M.S. flare up before she left. Tessa begged Nick not to tell Victor, and he promised not to. The guilt ridden Tessa told Mariah that she'd betrayed Nikki's confidence. Tessa was worried about Nikki's reaction, and Mariah's reassurances didn't ease her fears. Esther and Michael were alarmed when Kevin informed them that he and Bella are moving to Oregon for a new start. Kevin insisted that the move would be good for him and his daughter. Michael suggested that he and Kevin take Bella to the park. Once there, Michael suggested that Kevin was being impulsive. Kevin said he didn't want Bella to grow up and be judged by her parents' past. Kevin and Michael reminisced about Kevin's arrival in Genoa City, years ago. They talked about Kevin's growth and the strides they'd made as a family. Michael made an unsuccessful attempt to convince Kevin to stay, and they shared an emotional goodbye. Chelsea apologized to Kevin for showing up at Chloe's funeral. Chelsea was taken aback when Bella said she and Kevin were going to see Chloe.

Abby and Scott were able to be civil as they worked to prepare the venue for Nikki's concert. Abby revealed that she loved event planning. Scott admitted he'd be too nervous to perform in front of a crowd. Victor arrived to check on their progress. Nick contended that Victor pressured Nikki into doing the concert so that he could play the noble benefactor. Victor explained that the concert was a celebration of Nikki's determination to overcome her M.S. Nikki returned from her secret trip and arrived at the venue. She thanked Victor for arranging the concert and said she was looking forward to performing. Abby privately told Victor that she'd noticed distance between him and the rest of the Newmans. Victor told her that finding out Chloe murdered Adam opened some old wounds. Victor noted that he wouldn't have been able to host the fundraiser without Abby and Scott's help. Victor longed for the family rift to be repaired, and he hoped the concert would bring them together again. Scott griped to Sharon about Nick's attitude after Nick didn't offer to help with the fundraiser. Sharon explained that Nick had distanced himself from Victor. Scott told Sharon that he felt for Abby, because it was clear that she didn't feel secure about her place in the Newman family. The discussion about Abby's relationship with Victor made Scott and Sharon think about their own fathers. Neither grew up with a father, Scott's father died when Scott was young, and Sharon's father walked out on the family. Nick told Nikki that he knew about the flare up. He was concerned, and she assured him that she felt great after her stay at a wellness center in Colorado. Nick had reservations about Nikki's decision to perform at the concert. She put his mind at ease by playing the piano for him, and she played perfectly. Later, Nick secretly watched Nikki practice, and he noticed her frustration as she hit the wrong notes.

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