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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn begs Eric to forgive her. He wants to know if this was sex until Ridge says no, it just happened. Eric wants to know how many times there were…was it that many that they cannot remember. They have made a fool out of him…..even after saying her vows. He rants that she betrayed him with Ridge Marone! He will not tolerate this. Eric says Ridge always told him that Quinn would betray him but he never knew it would be with Ridge. Ridge laments that it involved other things but they never slept together. Everyone knew he was an egotistical bastard. Even his mother knew it but she thought it was her fault. Eric took him on and treated him like his own. And yes he wanted to disgrace Quinn and prove he was right. But he found a person who is more devoted to him than anyone in the world. Eric admits he is good at losing, you can ask anyone. Brooke sits up from her lounge chair and says she does not know what it is but she felt like someone was here. Bill says he will check with the security guard. He comes back and says all is fine so he will try to settle her nerves.

Coco has run off the road and when she looks over she sees RJ is not responsive. She calls for help. The paramedics arrive and they take him to the hospital. Coco calls Brooke and says RJ is at the hospital. The doctor tells her at this stage they have to wait until RJ is alert to find any more answers. Ridge gets a phone call and Eric insists he take it. Ridge listens and then bolts out without a word. Eric tells Quinn there goes her rock, like he was really going to stand up for her. Ridge rushes into the hospital and wants to be filled in. He wants to know about the car; did the brakes fail. Quinn cries that it felt normal to her to have a big secret and she knew it would be too much for Eric. She then turns on Sheila and asks why she is still here. Sheila says Eric will not take what Quinn is saying as her responsibility. Eric only says that he likes Sheila here as she is the only one who is telling him the truth. Quinn says they would have forgotten all about this and she knows that she cannot go back to the woman she was before all this shame but they can fix this if he will only forgive her. He is shaking with contempt. RJ finally comes to and Brooke asks if he remembers anything. Coco cries that she is so sorry. Eric tells Quinn that one little kiss means more to her than their marriage. She cries again they can get over this. Eric says no, he wants her to leave, not Sheila. He cannot stand to look at her. What a look on Sheila’s face when Quinn turns to leave. Eric looks up at the portrait of Quinn over the mantel. Sheila slowly walks up and puts both hands on Eric’s back and lays her head on his shoulder. Satisfaction!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Olivia has made a buffet of food for Ned’s bachelor party. Ned wants her to have a nice night as well and suggests she have a bachelorette party. Olivia really doesn’t want that but Laura and Lulu show up and give her one. However, after four martinis she is drunk out of her mind and they bring her to a hotel room where she is still hammered. Laura gets her to sleep. Back in Ned’s room, Dillon brought cigars but Michael and Dante point out that they are in a nonsmoking hotel. Dillon throws a lit match into the trashcan. The fire department shows up and has to check every room to make sure that everyone is ok. He ends up in Olivia’s room where she thinks he is a stripper and throws him to the bed. She ends up in jail and Dante gets her released. She is so embarrassed. Meanwhile, Stella suffers a stroke and Jordan manages to get her and Curtis to GH. Griffin mentions that this is not her first one. Stella admits that she had her first one right after her sister died. She didn’t want Curtis to worry about her. She thanks Jordan for saving her. Jordan admits outside to Curtis that she isn’t sure she can do this with him anymore.

Sam imagines stabbing Sonny but then wakes up from her fantasy and asks Sonny not to tell Jason about this. She leaves and goes to the Metro Court to have dinner with Jason. Jason admits that Sonny is giving up the business. In her mind Sonny tells her that Jason is going to take over the business for him. Meanwhile, Carly tells Joss that she cannot live with Jax because he is spending six months in the middle east doing business deals. Joss cannot believe this. Carly leaves to go deal with the fire alarm at the Metro Court. Joss texts with Oscar. Carly shows up at Sonny’s restaurant. She tells him that she still wants to make things work for the two of them. Sonny later calls someone up. He needs to do something for Sonny.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael and Paul are at the Coffeehouse and they are discussing the fact that Kevin was supposed to be back at work but he hadn't called or anything. At the top of the Tower swimming pool, Reed and Maddie talk about her being a model for Brash and Sassy but all Maddie wants is to have an internship at Brash and Sassy. At Brash and Sassy Victoria and Cane argue over the fact that she won't take him back to work there. Juliet is in her hotel room and she remembers telling Cane and Lily that she is pregnant with his child. Hilary comes to join her. Michael makes a few calls and finds out that Kevin had never check into the resort where he was supposed to be staying. Kevin and Chloe are in the car somewhere between Louisiana and home. Chloe is worried that they will be caught up with before Kevin can get Bella and they leave there for good. Kevin tries to assure her that everything will be fine. Reed offers to help Maddie get an internship at Brash and Sassy but she wants her Dad to help her. Lily pours out her heart to Jordan that she cannot get past the fact that Cane was about to have a baby with another woman. Lily also wonders how she will tell Charlie and Maddie that Cane had sex with another woman. Reed asks Maddie to go for a swim but she refuses. Hilary asks Juliet if she thinks that she and Cane could raise this baby together. Juliet insists that a baby can change things. Hilary gives Juliet some helpful advice about Cane being a devoted family man. Cane begs Victoria to give him another chance but Victoria refuses. Cane brings up Billy and all the things that he had done. Victoria becomes angry and tells Cane to be out of the building by the time she gets back. Kevin promises Chloe that he will be extra careful when he is back home. Hilary asks Juliet does she have feelings for Cane. Jordan lets Lily know that she had not caused this mess and it wasn't her place to try to clean it up.

Kevin brings Chloe something to eat but she refuses to eat. At the swimming pool, Charlie and Reed have a run in which leads Maddie to defend Charlie. Hilary and Juliet are discussing Cane when there is a knock on the door and it is Cane. When Hilary leaves, Cane and Juliet exchange some very choice words with Cane accusing Juliet of doing this before. Juliet is insulted by his words. Gabrielle tells Charlie that she will see him later which Reed and Maddie asks him as to who that was. Charlie tries to make them believe that nothing is going on between them. Hilary joins Jordan by the pool. Kevin tells Chloe that he understands why she had killed Adam and he is here to protect her. Michael goes to the Chancellor home to tell Esther the news about Kevin and them not hearing from him. Esther begins to panic as to where Kevin is when Kevin walks in the door. They both hug him. Jordan and Hilary discuss Lily and how she could be looking for someone to have an affair with in order to get back at Cane for what he has done. Cane tells Juliet that he wants a paternity test.

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