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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tries to put Sheila out of the house but she won’t budge. With a smug look on her face she tells Ridge and Quinn to fess up and tell the truth. She can see the guilt all over their faces. Eric says it is ridiculous but Sheila has said they are having an affair and that is crazy. Quinn says that is ridiculous. They would never do that to Eric. Again he tries to get Sheila out the door. She won’t so Eric tells them to just spill it out what they came to talk to him about. He insists when Ridge wants to wait until Sheila leaves. Ridge starts slowly by saying that Eric knows he hated Quinn and wanted her out of Eric’s life. He planned this. He kissed her and that was it. Sheila won’t let him stop there. She even mentions the hotel room and Quinn takes over and says yes there were a few innocent kisses in San Francisco when tequila was involved but that is all that happened and they wanted to tell him but knew he would be hurt. Ridge admits it was all his fault, this dark streak in him - Quinn had nothing to do with it. Eric is appalled.

RJ surprises Coco by taking her on a joyride in his father’s prized classic convertible. They enjoy the sights and taking their selfies. Bill and Brooke relax by the pool and he still questions her about why she broke up with Ridge. She says just believe her; it wasn’t worth all the fuss. Quinn explains that she and Ridge were both so happy and they met once more to say goodbye and did not know Brooke was watching them. Eric suddenly remembers that day when Brooke tried to tell him but they had convinced her to keep quiet. Ridge says Quinn is right for Eric and he is not right anymore for Brooke so that is why they broke up. Ridge says again this is all his fault; do not throw away what they have over a few kisses that were a mistake. If Eric needs to hate anyone then let it be him. He will move out and leave them alone. Coco and RJ trade places and she takes the wheel of the car. As she races down the narrow canyon road she meets a car that she doesn’t see coming. Eric is livid and asks them if there is another word for affair that they said did not happen. This has been going on and he had to find it out from Sheila. Quinn panics and says she never stopped loving Eric and Sheila knows that. She does not care about her job or the house or anything but Eric. Eric says he is supposed to know how she cares so much for him that she cannot resist Ridge. She says it is over, it will never happen again. Please tell her that this will pass and he will forgive her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe surprised Hope with a romantic day. He poured his heart out to her until Julie showed up. Mr. Burns and Shelly (a nurse) accused Kayla of malpractice. Shelly told Mr. Burns what happened with Hopeís situation. Kayla told him that Hope was fine. She denied doing anything wrong. Mr. Burns told her that Hope could have died if it werenít for Tripp. Tripp tried to defend Kayla, but he didnít want to hear it. Claire wondered if Theo would want to get back together. He didnít want to get back together with her. She told him that he lied to her when he said they would be together forever. She let him know that he hurt her. Julie was surprised that Hope and Rafe werenít at work. Julie felt bad that she and Doug werenít at the party. Hope left to get drinks so Rafe tried to get Julie to leave so he could propose. She told Rafe that he couldnít propose to Hope now.

Julie told Rafe that he had to get permission from Doug to marry Hope. Rafe found Doug and asked for his permission to marry Hope. Doug gave his blessing, but he told him to get Victorís permission too. Doug told Rafe that Victor was fond of Hope. Kayla questioned whether she was the problem with her patients. Steve convinced her that she wasnít responsible for what happened. Tripp told them that the autopsy report was back. Claire ran into Hope and Julie. She told them what happened with Theo. She wanted to make Theo fall for her again. Hope thought she should respect Theoís wishes. Rafe went to Victor to get permission to marry Hope. Victor liked the idea and gave Rafe his blessing. He told him that he needed to get Romanís blessing too. Mr. Burns told Kayla that she wasnít responsible for what happened to Mr. Morales. He intended to keep a close eye on her now. Roman gave Rafe his blessing to marry Hope. Hope figured out that Julie knew something and she was about to tell her when Rafe showed up. He wanted to ask Hope something. Kayla thanked Tripp for what happened wonít happen again. Claire helped Theo with his resume. He told her that he wanted a job to get his own place. Rafe asked Hope to marry him.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam and Jason go to the hospital where Sam has a doctor’s appointment with Doctor Bench. Jason gets a text message from Sonny asking if he is free and when Doctor Bench shows up, Sam tells him to go and talk with Sonny. Bench would prefer that he let them speak alone as well. In the examination room, Bench tells Sam that she has an iron deficiency and wonders if anything else is wrong. Sam claims nothing else is meanwhile Sonny appears in her head again to tell her that things won’t be ok until he is eliminated. When the appointment is over, Sam grabs a knife from a table. At Sonny’s restaurant Jason shows up and Sonny informs him he is getting out of the business. Jason doesn’t want to take over. Sonny knows. Jason asks who is going to get because it could be a mob war. Sonny is aware but he will figure something out. Jason leaves later on and Sam shows up. She has a present for Sonny and stabs him three times in the stomach.

Nina gets a phone call from Valentin explaining that the WSB isn’t going to take him to trial but will be getting rid of him. He loves Nina and wants her to know that. Nina demands that Anna show up to Crimson which she does. She wants to know why Valentin is going to be killed. Anna doubts that Frisco would ever do that. Nina doesn’t understand why Alex was able to escape but Valentin has remained locked up. She feels it was Anna’s doing with Frisco’s help. Anna promises it wasn’t and suggests that regardless of what happens, she needs to just not take Valentin’s calls anymore. It is for the best. Meanwhile, Valentin is sitting on the ground of his cell writing Nina a love letter. A WSB agent shows up and handcuffs Valentin. Elsewhere, Jordan and Curtis end up having sex and Curtis informs Jordan he doesn’t care what Stella thinks. He is going to date Jordan because he wants to. At the Metro Court, Molly and TJ have Stella and Alexis meet. Afterwards, Alexis and Stella talk when Jordan and Curtis walk in. Alexis excuses herself and Curtis tells Stella he isn’t going to listen to her when it comes to him dating Jordan. Stella ends up passing out.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mattie and Reed talk about their dreams for the future. Surprised to learn the identity of each other's parents, they are happy that they work together. Hilary and Jordan have a romantic day together. Hilary is upset that Jordan rushes off when Lily calls asking if he can come over and talk, but she hides her anger well. Jordan tries to persuade Lily to leave Cane, but she tells him that she still loves him and needs time to think before she break up her family. Jordan helps Lily check all of Cane's e-mails to and from Juliet. It doesn't seem like he was sexually harassing her, so Lily is even more confused about what she should do about her marriage. Juliet tells Hilary that she is sure that Cane is the father of her child, because she hasn't slept with anyone else; but she reminds Hilary that Cane never sexually harassed her, and she feels guilty about lying about that part and suing Brash and Sassy. Hilary tells Juliet that she just fudged the truth a bit, and she needs the money if she decides to keep the baby. Juliet tells Hilary that she wants Cane to help her raise the baby if she decides to keep it. Chloe continues to pretend to be Maggie Harris to try to make her away and find Kevin. She finally gets a chance and hits Dr. Harris over the head with a vase, but not hard enough. He grabs her and drugs her before Kevin bursts through the door. Dr Harris points a gun at Kevin. They struggle for the gun and a shot goes off but nobody is hurt. Kevin points the gun at Dr. Harris so that he can get Chloe out of the house and they make their getaway in Dr. Harris' car. Cane apologizes to Victoria for everything he has done and wants a chance to prove to her that he can help the company move past this mess. Cane is surprised when Victoria fires, him because she doesn't trust him anymore.

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