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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sheila speaks strongly to Eric. She is sorry she has to tell this to a very loving, trusting man but his wife and his son are having an affair. Quinn tells Ridge that they owe his father the truth and it will hurt less if it comes from them and not Sheila. He says Sheila is delusional and she can do no harm. Eric is livid. He says how dare Sheila come in his house and say such things about his wife and son. Coco tells RJ that Thomas really forgave Sally for what she did and now Spectra will flourish with him there. Thomas tells Sally that he thinks the ice is melting with Steffy and she is finally accepting his choice. And Sally will not embarrass them in Monte Carlo. They will be meeting all the greeters and shakers, it will be fabulous. Sally laments she is only worried about one thing as she can see that Coco is still not crazy that she has pulled another stunt on his family. Quinn tells Ridge that she was a pariah and Eric turned all of that around. She sees a new life that she has never experienced before. She cannot lose him the way he lost Brooke. Eric rants at Sheila that she dares to come into his house telling these lies. His wife and son would never betray him like that. He wants her to leave. He does not ever want to see her again.

RJ gives Coco a teeny bikini, all red, white and blue with stars and stripes for the 4th. She says not on his life will she wear that. Quinn keeps at it that Sheila is dangerous and they do not know what she is going to do. It will haunt them the rest of their lives and they will never know when it might come out. She wants to be the woman Eric thinks she is and the son he wants Ridge to be. They need to tell him now and he is the one man on this planet that might forgive them. Sheila says she wants to believe his wife is all he thinks she is. But she has talked to people who are concerned and she only wants his happiness…and then today she saw it with her own two eyes. They do not want to betray him but they have no choice. He laments she has not changed. She is evil and deceitful as she always has been. She says no, he is being played by the two people he loves the most. He roars that only in her mind, as sick and twisted as it is, would she come up with something like this. She keeps on and he stops her again and says Quinn is completely devoted to him and Sheila has not changed a bit. She is still the lying psychopath she has always been. He grabs her and is about to put her out when Quinn and Ridge come in and wonder why Sheila is there. Eric says she is leaving right now. Only Sheila speaks up and says there is nothing that get her to leave now. She wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad was upset at the idea of Abby and Dario getting married so soon after their divorce. Gabi was okay with them getting married. Chad and Abby started arguing because of the ceremony. Brady wanted to know what happened to Nicole during the party. She said that she didnít remember. They ended up talking about Deimos and how she was with him before. She also talked about Deimos being a monster. Joey talked to Tripp about when he met Ava. Joey told him how Ava tricked him to tear up his family. Tripp mentioned that Avaís actions were why ďSteveĒ killed Ava. Joey told him that it was a kill or be killed situation. Nicole thought about being with Eric, but she didnít tell Brady about it. Chad wanted to stay for Abbyís wedding because he knew it was a sham. Gabi wondered if he knew what he was doing. Abby put on a front as if she wanted to marry Dario. They wanted Abe to finish the ceremony.

Eric ran into Nicole and Brady so she made an excuse to leave. Brady wanted to talk to Eric about what happened at the party. He almost let it slip to Brady that he and Nicole were in his room, but he stopped himself. Abby and Dario continued with the ceremony. Abby and Dario were married. Dario tried to kiss Abby, but she turned her head. Chad refused to watch Dario kiss Abby. Brady demanded to know what happened at the party. Nicole showed up so Eric didnít finish what he said. Nicole told Brady that she remembered something. She told him that she went to Ericís room and they woke up together. Dario approached Chad and wanted to make things easier with Thomas. Chad refused to let Dario be around Thomas. Abby got into their conversation and she and Chad started arguing. Brady understood what happened between Eric and Nicole. Tripp talked to Jade and told her that he didnít want to hurt Kayla anymore because the family was being good to him. Dario and Abby wanted to make the pics for their wedding look legit for immigration. Chad realized that Abby was part of his past and Gabi was his future.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

ABC aired a rerun today.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

It is the Fourth of July in Genoa City. Everyone gathers at the top of the Newman Tower to help celebrate Independence Day. Sharon and Scott arrive which makes both Nick and Chelsea uncomfortable. Chloe demands to know from Dr. Harris when Kevin will be back, but he says Kevin will not be returning. Chloe demands to know what Dr. Harris has done to him. Nick welcomes everyone to the celebration. Dr. Harris calls Chloe "Maggie" which unnerves her. Kevin is driving along when something goes wrong with the steering. Mariah and Devon hug and kiss. Abby notices them and comes up to join them. She asks when became an item. Mariah leaves them alone to talk to some other people. Abby thanks Devon for buying Mergeron so she could get close to her grandmother. Chelsea joins Hilary and Jordan for just a minute, but Hilary begins to pry as to how close she and Jordan really are. They let her know that they were friends way back when. Jordan assures Hilary that she doesn't have anything to worry about. Abby lets Devon know that she has had issues with Mariah in the past. Scott tells Sharon that he feels that Nick has issues with him dating Sharon. Sharon tries to blow it off so Scott won't make an issue of it. Dr. Harris denies having anything to do with Kevin's car, but then he opens a drawer and pulls out a package. He tells Chloe to open it and calls her by his daughter's name. Chloe is reluctant to open it but Dr Harris coaxes her into it. Chloe opens it and it is a dress in her favorite color. Scott notices Abby's red, white and blue bikini and makes a remark that he doesn't know whether or not to salute it.

Tessa tells Mariah that Noah told her that he wanted to take things slow. Mariah tells Tessa what Noah has been through and that is why he was reluctant. Mariah offers to talk to Noah on Tessa's behalf. Kevin checks his car and finds a flat tire. He looks in the trunk for something to fix it. Dr. Harris urges Chloe to put on the dress. Devon watches Hilary with Jordan and feels a little envious. Neil asks Devon if their divorce is final. Devon and Neil join Hilary and Jordan. Neil gets a call and leaves them. Jordan thanks Neil for the party and for inviting them. Devon asks Jordan how he and Hilary reconciled so fast. Chelsea is uncomfortable with Sharon and Scott so close to them while they are watching the fireworks. Mariah asks Noah what he thinks he is doing when it comes to Tessa. Scott and Sharon arrive home and Sharon tells him that she hadn't pegged him as a party goer. Scott assures her that he is. They begin to kiss. Nick and Chelsea thank Neil and Devon for inviting them just ahead of Hilary. Chloe has changed into the dress as well as her cap and gown. Dr. Harris takes pics of her. The camera shows Kevin lying on the ground with flames in the distance.

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