The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/3/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The swimsuit shooting is hot, hot, hot and going well. Thomas and Sally are behind the scenes watching in the wings. Sheila forces Charlie to drive her to the Forrester estate and commands him to tell her if he knows anything about Ridge and Quinn. Eric needs to know. Ridge tells Quinn that she needs to pull it together. She says she thinks Sheila knows something and maybe they should tell Eric first. She definitely needs some air now. Jarrett is emceeing the shooting event and Steffy says this is just a little preview of their Spencer Summit showing. Thomas and Sally come out of hiding and surprise Steffy. He says he thought maybe they could offer them a fashion dual. What a great deal for charity….and a little healthy competition among rivals. Pam asks Eric if he has seen Charlie. They have had a few little spats lately but it’s not like he sneaked off to see another woman. Well…….yes he has. He sits with Sheila in the car, her with binoculars waiting to see something. He wants to go but she won’t let him. Finally she sees Ridge and Quinn talking on the balcony……aha. Sheila tells Charlie that she can read the body language and Quinn is acting like a guilty mistress. She knows she is having an affair with his son…….so disrespectful. Steffy reaches out her hand and shakes Thomas’s and says she is in. He says he is all about taking risks nowadays. She says he better get ready as Spectra Fashions is going down. Sheila seethes and says this is so wrong. Then she says she thinks they are heading to the guest house and Charlie can argue all he wants to and just go but she is staying here. Quinn continues to say she cannot keep quiet anymore. She is going to tell Eric.

Eric enters the house and calls out Quinn’s name but finds Sheila instead and wants to know what she is doing there. Steffy tells Thomas that he cannot win. He is just trying to latch onto the Forrester name. He reminds her that his name is already Forrester. Quinn tells Ridge they have to stop minimizing it. It was enough kisses to be wrong but she thinks Eric will forgive them. Ridge says they will say nothing….Sheila knows nothing. Eric tells Sheila that he was under the impression that she left L.A. so again why is she here. She says she wishes she had been a better wife but she is a better person now. She knows Stephanie was difficult in their marriage and he deserves someone who appreciates him. She adds that she gets no pleasure out of this but he deserves honesty. Eric is clueless and she says it is about his son, Ridge, and Quinn. She thinks they are having an affair. She repeats it twice. Eric throws his glass of drink to the floor shattering it and glares at Sheila.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe and Gabi talked about whether JJ killed Deimos. Gabi was convinced he was innocent. Rafe wondered if she had feelings for JJ. Jennifer and Abby were talking to JJ about what happened with Deimos. Dario showed up at the station to see Abby. He said it was a matter of life and death for him. Dario told Abby that immigration was going to check on him soon. He believed that it would be beiger if they were already married. She thought the timing was completely wrong. She didnít want to marry Dario while JJ was in trouble. Dario thought it would be good for JJ if she got married now. Dario wondered if Abby was getting cold feet about getting married. He told her that he wanted her to marry him that day. Gabi explained to Rafe that she felt like she was in love with JJ when they danced. Jennifer ran into Hope at the station. Jennifer wanted Hope to go back to the hospital, but she wanted to help JJ. Sonny thought about fighting with Deimos. Sonny believed that he couldnít have killed him. Paul wanted to know what he meant. Sonny blamed what he said on work. Sonny told Paul that he remembered arguing with Deimos and he took the amulet. Paul thought that it was a coincidence. Paul didnít want Sonny to tell anyone else. Gabi assured Rafe that she was building her life with Chad. Chad showed up at the station. Jennifer asked him to stop Abby from marrying Dario. Chad reminded her that Abby divorced him and that heís with Gabi. She still thought he could help her. Dario continued to push Abby to marry him. Abby tried to stall to keep from marrying them, but Abe showed up at the club. Dario asked him to marry them.

Abe wanted to make sure that Abby was doing the right thing. Rafe told Gabi that he proposed to Hope, but she turned him down. Chad and Sonny ran into each other and talked about the amulet, Deimos, and JJ. Hope talked to JJ about his case. Justin showed up at the station to see JJ. JJ still wondered who killed Deimos. Rafe wanted Gabi to help him pick out an engagement ring. Sonny told Chad that Justin would get JJ off. Sonny said none of them may figure out who killed Deimos. Chad was glad that Deimos and the amulet were gone. Abe told Abby that he wouldnít perform the ceremony without calling Jennifer. Abe was ready to perform the ceremony after all. Dario wrote his own vows for Abby. Abby recited vows for Dario. Hope told JJ that there were new charges against him. JJís DNA was found under Deimosí fingernails. Hope told JJ he was getting charged with murder. Hope read JJ his rights. Sonny remembered seeing Deimosí dead body. Chad showed up while Dario and Abby were getting married.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

ABC aired a rerun today.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Noah and Tessa decide to take their relationship slowly and not rush things between them. Jordan and Hilary get back together after he makes her understand that he doesn't want to be placed in a position to have to choose between a friend and a girlfriend. Hilary continues to use Jordan to make Devon jealous and it seems to be working, because even though he is at the athletic club on a date with Mariah, Devon can't take his eyes off what Hilary and Jordan are doing. Consequently, Mariah is hurt because she can't help but notice how distracted Devon is by Hilary. Nick continues to feel protective of his ex wives and tells Sharon he thinks her relationship with Scott is moving too quickly. Sharon tells Nick she had the same thoughts but then she realized that her relationship with Scott doesn't feel rushed, it feels right. Kevin and Chloe make a secret plan for him to return to Genoa City and get Bella and then leave Dr. Harris' house. Dr Harris allows Kevin to leave, but he doesn't let him take his cell phone with him. Kevin agrees but finds it strange that the doctor would make such a request. Dr Harris shows Chloe a picture of his daughter Maggie who looks like Chloe and says that Maggie and her mother were killed by a drunk driver and that is why he identified so much with Chloe's grief over Delia. Dr. Harris tells Chloe that taking care of her makes him feel like he has Maggie back in his life. Dr. Harris also tells Chloe that he knew Kevin would have to leave the house sometime, and he came up with a plan to keep her safe. Dr. Harris tells Chloe that Kevin is never coming back because he is gone. A worried and stunned Chloe asks the doctor what he has done to Kevin.

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