The TV MegaSite's Friday 6/30/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Everyone is buzzing around for the swimsuit shoot. Liam says Jarrett is thrilled and Wyatt adds that he is not going to be writing a bad review. Thomas reminds Sally they need to work hard as they need to really compete with FC. Steffy calls Thomas and asks if he knows about the Monte Carlo shooting. He says yes but he’s not going to make that. He tells Sally again they need to get going on this. They have to do something huge and he will take a page from her book. Eric tells Ridge that Quinn is the reason for the spring in his steps nowadays. And he started to offer to model some of the swimwear but he did not want to show up the boys. He remarks they got so far behind when Spectra stole everything but it has thrown them together again to design and that is a good thing. Quinn asks again why Sheila is there in her home. Sheila asks if is she feeling guilty and does she have anything to feel guilty about. Sheila remarks she only wants Eric’s happiness. Quinn says they are very happy so Sheila has no worry. Sheila says okay, it is Eric and Ridge. Quinn wonders what she is getting at. Sheila says likewise that Quinn has nothing to worry about. Charlie is shocked when he asks about Sheila and Pam shows him the picture and he sees it is the woman he has been speaking with about Eric. Quinn calls Ridge and tells him she needs to see him right away; they have a huge problem. Sheila searches the internet and says – Quinn and Ridge, how could she betray him.

Quinn fills Ridge in about Sheila and how she is asking so many questions about Ridge living in the guest house. She is afraid she knows about them and their secret. Jarrett tells Steffy she is a genius for this swimsuit in Monte Carlo showing. Steffy says she wishes she could take credit but it was Katie’s idea. Sheila corners Charlie and says they need to talk. He wants no part of her but she keeps hounding that she only wants what is best for Eric and Quinn is acting guilty as hell. They need to get back to the Forrester Estate right now. Thomas laments to Sally they need to get in there and make a splash at FC. Katie says they still have a lot to pull off and she asks Wyatt for his help. She tells him that she feels badly for taking all the credit. He tells her to stop it; it was her idea. Charlie drives up to Eric’s but stops and says he is very uncomfortable with this situation. This is Sheila’s worry, not his and he does not want to lose his job over this. She says if something is going on with Quinn then Eric has a right to know especially if it also involves his son. Ridge tells Quinn that she needs to get a grip on herself. Stop imagining all of this. Sheila has not been here long enough to know anything. Quinn says she is dangerous and there is no telling what she might do. Sheila keeps after Charlie while looking thru her binoculars at the house. She badgers Charlie if he knows anything then he better tell her…..something is going on between Quinn and Ridge and Charlie knows and needs to tell her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad thought about kissing Abby. Hope had convulsions at the hospital. Rafe wanted Kayla to tell him what happened to Hope. Tripp thought he could go through with his plan with Hope. JJ was in the interrogation room with Raines. Lani felt bad for throwing JJ under the bus. Eli tried to make her feel better when Abby showed up. She blamed her for telling on JJ. Lani explained that she did what she had to do as a cop. Abby apologized to Lani for snapping at her. Kayla told Rafe that Hope would be fine because the drug was different from the one that Lani got. Chad wanted to meet with Abby. Tripp noticed that Kayla gave Hopeís records to a nurse. Rafe went to Hopeís room so Steve and Kayla walked off. Tripp took Hopeís file and changed the treatment Kayla gave her. He thought he could do enough to make Kayla look bad. JJ couldnít remember what happened with Deimos. Raines went to find a way to jog JJís memory. JJ asked Lani if she remembered what happened. She only remembered the fight. She didnít remember him killing Deimos. Raines brought Marlena to the station.

Marlena hypnotized JJ. She wanted him to tell what he remembered. She asked him about Deimos. He remembered how he threatened to kill him. He said he went to find him. She asked if he attacked Deimos. He said he remembered attacking Deimos. Hope had convulsions again so Rafe asked a nurse to give her a sedative. Abby met Chad at the town square. Abby remembered holding flowers. Chad wanted to talk about it. He thought about them renewing their vows. Chad asked her if she remembered anything else. Tripp stopped the nurse from injecting Hope with the sedative. The nurse thought it was right until Kayla and Steve walked in the room. Chad and Abby didnít remember much. They talked about JJ for a little while. They wished each other the best. JJ remembered attacking Deimos and that there was a struggle. JJ got agitated so she took him out from hypnosis. Marlena told Raines that JJ didnít remember killing Deimos. He only remembered attacking him. JJ told Lani that he thought he killed Deimos. Hope woke up when Rafe went back in the room. She couldnít remember what happened what happened. Kayla couldnít believe she made a mistake with Hopeís medication. Steve tried to make her feel better about it. Raines told JJ that the blood on his shirt matched Deimos.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nelle and Michael wake up together in Nelle’s bed. Michael doesn’t want to get out of bed but Nelle has to get to work. Michael suggests he buy more ad space in Crimson. Nelle guesses that could possibly work. Michael wants to spend the entire day with Nelle in bed. Meanwhile, at Crimson, Olivia pays a visit to tell her that her office will continue to be hers for several more years. Nina guesses that is great but she starts to cry. Olivia spots Nina’s divorce papers and is so sorry she brought this up. Nina tells her that it is fine. Olivia realizes she is in a good mood and she isn’t. Nina tells her that it is understandable. She is happy that Olivia is getting married. Elsewhere at the Quartermaine Mansion, Dillon and Kiki are hugging. Kiki has to go into work. Dillon thought she wasn’t working and asks if she is going to see Ava. Kiki isn’t but will tell him about it later. Ned shows up and asks Dillon to be his best man. Dillon agrees. Michael walks in and tells them about Nelle. They all celebrate. Olivia then comes in and starts to cry because this is perfect and they are all so cute. Olivia informs Michael is he allowed to bring a plus one to the wedding. Michael calls Nelle outside and tells her that he wants to bring her. It should be fine because Carly and Sonny won’t be there. Inside, Olivia tells Ned she wants Carly and Sonny to come. Ned can’t think of what could possibly happen. Back at Crimson, Nelle has shown up for work and Nina wants to go and take her divorce papers to her lawyer. Nina gets a call and is shocked at who it is.

Anna is sitting outside of Kelly’s and Jordan walks over. Jordan asks how she is doing and assumed she would be in the Netherlands. Anna explains she wishes she never had to go to the Netherlands. This isn’t something she wants to do when it comes to Valentin. It is Alex’s fault but she still feels responsible. Andre shows up and asks Jordan how Curtis is doing. Jordan admits that they are not seeing each other anymore. She goes. Andre and Anna discuss Valentin further and Andre suggests something they can do to make things better. He takes Anna to a dance studio. He wants them to get all there stress out by dancing. The two end, up dancing to disco. In the end, they kiss. At GH, Monica, Finn, and Hayden are having a fake conversation to egg on Obrecht. She is listening in and getting suspicious. Curtis walks through an elevator and asks Obrecht where the lab is. Obrecht reluctantly tells him where it is and then follows. Finn hopes that Obrecht takes the bate. Kiki shows up and tells them that Obrecht is paranoid. Monica wants her to go play along with her. In the lab, Obrecht watches as Curtis pretends to look on a laptop for something. Kiki walks over and tells her that Monica is under the impression that something was left on the laptop a video file. Obrecht runs into the room and says she needs the lab for a medical emergency and to keep the laptop. She wants Kiki to look for the file. Kiki wants to know what kind of a file and after some pushing Obrecht admits it is a file of her messing with Finn’s drugs. Hayden, Monica, and Finn are standing at the door now and Jordan walks in to arrest Obrecht.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Hilary tried to raise Juliet's spirits about the pregnancy by predicting that it would help her case. Devon overheard, and Hilary took him up to her suite to discuss it. Devon worried about the impact of Cane's one night stand on Lily and the twins. Devon asked Hilary not to run a story about Cane's infidelity on her show. Hilary assured him that she wouldn't and told Devon that she'd always care about him. Devon left Hilary's suite, after which, the pair lingered on opposite sides of her door. Victor asked Tessa if she had any idea of Nikki's whereabouts. Tessa didn't have any information. Victor asked Tessa to be the opening act at Nikki's concert so Nikki wouldn't feel overburdened. She agreed. Tessa, who was wary of Victor, told Mariah about their conversation. Mariah opened up about her own past with Victor. Devon told Mariah about Juliet's pregnancy and Hilary's promise. Mariah suspected that Hilary would run the story, despite her assurances to Devon, but he disagreed. Devon and Mariah hugged. Hilary watched her secretly recorded conversation with Juliet about the one night stand. Juliet was ecstatic when Victoria agreed to settle, and she shared the news with Hilary.

Mattie canceled her plans with Reed because she wanted to spend her time on school work. Reed convinced Mattie to go out with him sometime. Reed and Charlie argued, while Mattie unsuccessfully tried to mediate. Victoria told Michael that they needed to settle the lawsuit because Juliet was pregnant. Reed let Victoria know he'd be going on a date, but not with whom. Victoria told Reed that she had to figure out how to handle one of her employees who lied to her. Cane told Lily that Victoria was settling the case. Cane apologized to Lily, and she let him know how much he'd hurt her. Cane begged Lily to tell him how to fix things, but she was angry that he expected her to fix it and admitted she wasn't sure how to. Cane and Lily disagreed about whether they should keep the truth from Charlie and Mattie. The twins arrived during the tense moment. Lily and Cane tried to reassure the twins by telling them that the lawsuit was being settled. Charlie was satisfied, but Mattie was worried. Cane and Lily managed to placate her. Cane thanked Lily for not telling the twins the truth, but Lily warned him that they couldn't lie to them forever, especially if Juliet agreed to the paternity test. Dina told Jack and Ashley that she was leaving the bulk of her estate to Graham. Jack and Ashley disapproved, but Dina felt that Graham deserved the money in exchange for being her companion. Ashley and Jack were concerned that Dina was being taken advantage of, but Dina said she made her decision. Gloria flirted with Graham. Ashley vented to Victor about Dina and Graham. Victor told Ashley that Nikki was excited for the concert. Jack asked Gloria if she was still interested in Graham. Gloria's said she was mildly interested, but she perked up when Jack informed her that Graham was in line to become filthy rich.

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