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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie and Steffy press their ideas for the Summit on Ridge and he likes them and is sure his dad will too. Charlie tries to pry Pam to go out to lunch but she is still cold to him. She says she thought he was going to drop this about Quinn and he is still at it. Eric comes home and finds Quinn preparing a celebration. He says he is so lucky and she says no, he is her husband and she is the lucky one. Please let him never regret that he is married to her. He says he never will. She says she struggled all her life to make ends meet but just look at her now. He says he hated living in this house alone but she rang the doorbell and brought in all this fun and laughter. He cannot imagine living without her. Sheila sits at the restaurant and thinks about Eric. She soon asks Charlie if she can sit at his table for a moment. She senses he is down and asks if it has anything to do with Eric. Wyatt joins the group and Ridge fills him in on what they were just discussing. He’d like Katie to inform him of her idea. Katie presents a swimsuit showing but instead of a runway, use the backdrop of Monte Carlo. Wyatt says he likes it and he will have to run it past his dad but he cannot imagine him objecting. Katie has hit a homerun in her first try. Eric tells Quinn that he cannot stay as Katie is presenting her idea on swimsuits and he needs to be there. Charlie asks Sheila how she met the family but she keeps skirting the issue and says it seems like she has always known them. But she has spoken to people who have their concerns about Eric and that is all she wants is his happiness. She asks Charlie what he knows. He says not everyone dislikes Quinn. She and Ridge are certainly a-ok with each other. She laments if Charlie is implying more then she needs to know so she can be there for Eric.

Alone Sheila thinks this over and wonders if it could be. She knows Eric and Ridge have shared a woman before but she cannot believe this. Katie thanks all of them for their vote of confidence and looks toward Wyatt who created the initial idea. Sheila shows up at Eric’s door and pushes her way in. She is glad Eric is not there so she can be alone with Quinn. Wyatt tells Katie that she has great instincts. She says he has no idea how much this means to her. It makes her feel alive. She thanks him. Quinn asks Sheila what she can do for her. Sheila says it must mean a lot for her to have her portrait over the mantel. The conversation revolves around to Ridge and Sheila thinks that is very convenient, all of them under the same roof. Quinn corrects her that Ridge does not actually live in the house, just on the property. She announces that she and Eric are blissfully happy. She tells Sheila that she thinks the conversation is over. Sheila laments that she was taken down to the police station and thrown in jail. She has done things wrong in her past but she is sorry for every one of her misdeeds. She is sure Quinn is guilty of some wrongs too. She offers that she is no threat to Quinn. She cannot hurt her as Quinn has not done anything wrong.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Most of the people recovered from the drug. They were confused by what happened. Chad saw Gabi and JJ on the couch together. She tried to explain what he saw. Chad told Gabi that he was with Abby. Sonny was worried about Paul, but he showed up. Paul told everyone that Deimos was responsible for everything. Paul told everybody what happened with Deimos. Paul wondered why no one else saw Deimos. Hope had trouble putting her thoughts together. They all figured out that Deimos drugged them. Sonny told them that Deimos took the amulet from him. Nicole didnít want Eric to touch her. Eric wasnít sure how they ended up together. He wanted to compare notes, but she wanted to leave. Chad wanted to know how Sonny got the amulet. Sonny explained how he got it, but Deimos had it now. Eric and Nicole arrived with the others. Hope and Rafe explained to then what happened. Gabi noticed lipstick on Chadís collar and realized that it was Abby. Gabi needed to get air and saw Deimosí dead body.

Rafe and Eli noticed blood in the living room and determined that Deimos was killed in the living room. Raines showed up at the Martin house and let everyone know that they would be questioned because they were suspects. Chad and Abby talked about who could have killed Deimos. Gabi walked in on then when Abby was about to say something to him. JJ told Lani that he just danced with Gabi. JJ asked Lani what happened to her. She admitted that she remembered kissing Eli. JJ wanted to know if Eli remembered kissing her. He said that he did. Lani made it seem like the kiss meant nothing. Eric wanted to talk about what happened. Nicole wanted to know where Eric went when he left the room. Raines questioned Rafe and Hope about Deimos. Raines thought Hope was the prime suspect. Chad and Abby let Gabi know why they were together. Abby assured Gabi that she was with Dario and not Chad. Chad thought it was too soon for Abby to get married, but Gabi thought it was okay. Paul asked Sonny if he remembered what happened when he was drugged. Eric couldnít remember what happened. He thought about telling Nicole that he did something bad. Nicole noticed the expression on his face and asked him if he remembered something. Hope had trouble coming down from the drug. She passed out. Gabi was glad that Deimos was dead. Chad wanted to stick together. Nicole wanted to know what Eric remembered. He couldnít tell her. Sonny lied to Paul and said he didnít see Deimos. Raines noticed blood on JJís sleeve. Lani remembered JJ fighting Deimos. She saw JJ attacking Deimos. Raines wanted JJ to go to the station to check the blood on his sleeve.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nathan and Amy wait for the photographer to show up when Quinn shows up with Nina. Amy stops them from coming into the room and Quinn goes to check on the photographer. Nina wants to know why she cannot speak to Man Landers. Amy claims that it is part of the secret. Nina ends up getting into the room and recognizes Nathan’s shoes. She catches him and Amy admits everything. Nina wants to do the exclusive because that way it can still remain a secret. Amy agrees. Dante shows up at Ava’s room and tries to get her to talk. Ava isn’t saying anything else. She feels she is suffering enough. Dante doesn’t think that is how that works. Scott walks in and Dante leaves. Scott asks if Ava said anything about him. Ava promises that she isn’t going to say anything about him involving his involvement. She also wants him to not come back. She is disfigured and he can’t want her after all this or want to be around her. Scott wants to be there for Ava though. Ava doesn’t want him to be though and Scott leaves. Outside, Bobbie runs into Dante and asks if Dante would just want to live his life with his family and move on from this Morgan mess. Dante would but Sonny isn’t going to do that.

Spencer shows up at Sonny’s restaurant and wants to hire him to take a hit on Valentin. Sonny doesn’t think he actually wants him to do that. If he did it he would regret it. Spencer doesn’t think so. He wants revenge for his father. He hasn’t been able to get it yet and no one will help him. Sonny believes that if he were to kill Valentin for him he would have the opposite of peace. Spencer hugs Sonny and cries and later the two eat dessert. Laura and Kevin show up and Sonny explains they talked things out. They take Spencer to Kelly’s where Laura is going to send Spencer to a boarding school in Montana if he keeps running off. He is also going back to Lila’s Kid’s tomorrow but today he will help clean the porch. Meanwhile, Joss confronts Carly. If she decides to stay with Sonny then Joss isn’t going to live with Carly. She will go live with Jax. She cannot live in the same house as Sonny after what he did. Joss storms out after Carly tries to take back the power. Carly goes to Sonny and tells him what has happened. She is going to get Joss and Sonny to make peace.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria is in her office at Brash and Sassy on the phone with Joan of the West Coast office. Joan is upset that an order hasn't arrived from Brash and Sassy. Victoria eases her worries and tells her that the order was placed. At the hospital, Juliet offers proof to Cane and Lily that they slept together, because she is pregnant with his child. After Juliet leaves, Lily tells Cane that he lied to her and leaves him at the hospital. Graham tells Dina that Ashley and Jack need to know her decision as soon as possible. Devon joins them for just a second before his lunch date arrives. Dina asks him if he talked to Neil about giving Graham a position at Mergeron. Devon tells her that he hasn't yet. Devon leaves them alone to go meet his date. Dina is surprised when Devon's lunch date is Jill. Jack tells Ashley about Brash and Sassy being sued for sexual harassment. Ashley immediately thinks that it is Billy but is really surprised when she finds out that it is Cane. Billy and Phyllis make love all over their apartment. Jack lets Ashley know that he is thinking of hiring Juliet for Jabot. Ashley is against the idea. Jack fills Ashley in that Dina made a deal with Graham. Jill and Devon grab a table and she begins to question him about the lawsuit at Brash and Sassy. At the Athletic Club, Juliet runs into Hilary and tells her that it has just been confirmed that she is pregnant. Hilary is surprised. Dina joins Jill and Devon, but there are instant hostilities between the two women when they bring up each other's past. Graham joins them to take Dina away. Jack is dead set against Graham but Ashley, on the other hand, takes up for him.

Juliet lets Hilary know what happened at the hospital. At home, Lily fills Neil in on what's been going on between her and Cane and that he's been lying to her all along. Cane joins Victoria in her office at Brash and Sassy. Victoria asks him about the projections from the West Coast, but he tells her that something came up. Victoria apologizes to him for being so hard on him, but Cane tells her that she may change her mind about not settling the lawsuit when she hears what he has to say. When Cane informs her that Juliet is pregnant with his child, Victoria lashes out at him for lying to her and immediately calls Michael for them to settle this lawsuit. Jill visits Billy to see if he is happy living like this, but for once Billy stands up to Jill which makes Phyllis happy that he would choose her over his mother. Dina and Graham visit Jack and Ashley to let them know that she's changed her will and is leaving Graham the bulk of her estate. Both Ashley and Jack are surprised. Devon joins Hilary at the bar at the Athletic Club and is surprised that Hilary is airing Brash and Sassy's dirty laundry on GC Buzz. Hilary tells him that she's finally gotten a conscience, thanks to him. Devon is impressed by her news. Juliet is surprised when Hilary vows to stand by her. Devon listens to Hilary and Juliet discussing the pregnancy.

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