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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Zende tells Nicole not to look or listen to Julius…..just look at him. Lizzy needs her yes, but just to know how Nicole gave her life. Julius says just look at Lizzy as she is the only one that matters here today. Look at her eyes. They want Nicole to claim her. And while all the rest of them have their opinions no one is speaking up for Nicole. Maya speaks to Nicole and says if she needs someone to tell her she is not wrong then let it be her. She says she is not wrong. Perhaps she was wrong in asking Nicole to do what she did. She was too young and too trusting and deep down Maya said she probably knew that. She admits she can be selfish and she had always fought for herself when no one else would. So she has messed up and she hates how this situation has become so badly mixed up but please do not take her daughter away. Zende tells Maya no one blames her for wanting her family so do not blame herself. And Nicole has always said how good it was when she came to L.A. and met Maya again and they became close. Julius says Nicole thinks Maya walks on water and to deny her this baby she gave birth to is wrong…..just plain wrong. He turns to Nicole and says she is not signing those papers. He holds the papers and says they are nothing but garbage. And no court or no signature is going to change the facts of Lizzy’s birth. Maya says she is not ashamed of it nor is she trying to cover it up. Vivienne tells them they can both be right but still wound each other. Both girls say they do not want that. Zende reminds them that the woman he calls mom is not his biological mother. She did not give him life but in a way she did as he does not know how long he would have lasted in that orphanage. Her heart and soul is what he is made of and he believes that Lizzy can have that with Maya.

Maya tells Nicole that the one thing she wanted all her life was to be a parent in a way that she had not been parented. Nicole cries that she does not think that Maya is a bad mother. She remembers when Lizzy was born and she has never felt such love in that moment. Maya says Nicole is not guilty of anything but being human……they both are. And if she goes to court she knows Nicole would win…..because she would not fight her. With Julius saying yes tear up those papers and Vivienne saying no, Maya cries that she knows how much Nicole loves Lizzy so this is strictly her decision. Wyatt shows up at Katies’s door squatted down to floor level as he brings one of Will’s trucks that he found in the executive elevator. Katie profusely thanks him as Will had been having an epic meltdown over this. She invites him in and says she will even cook lunch for them. He jumps at the chance not to have to depend again on take out. They discuss business and she thanks him and says she knows she has mighty big shoes to fill. Nicole goes to Zende and says she is sorry for what she is putting him through. He tells her that she is strong and she does not have to be afraid. He’s on her side even if the doctors tell her she cannot have another child. Miracles do happen or they could even adopt. Do what his own mother did for him. He will be behind her whatever she decides to do. Slowly she takes the papers and sits down to sign them with everyone looking on. Julius is the first to speak and says he hopes no one in this room will ever regret this day. Maya thanks her and both she and Rick give Nicole a big hug. Nicole says she is sorry she hurt them and Maya is Lizzy’s mother and always was. She believes Zende that they will have their own child someday.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Everyone reacted to the drug that Deimos gave them. Most of them seemed out of it while the others kept forgetting what they were going to say. Hope tried to figure out Deimosí motivation for what he was doing. Rafe wanted to change the subject, but she wouldnít change it. Abby saw the engagement rings on the table and thought she and Chad were renewing their vows. Chad thought they were too. Hope and Rafe were kissing on the ground when people saw them. Rafe ended up proposing to Hope. Gabi saw JJ and Lani kissing and didnít like them rubbing it in her face. She reminded him that he cheated on her with Lani. JJ told her that she quickly moved on with Chad. Chad told Abby that she left him. She apologized for leaving him. Eric felt funny but couldnít explain why he was feeling the way he was to Nicole. Eric looked up and Daniel suddenly appeared.

Eric told Nicole that he saw Daniel. Nicole saw him too. Eric wanted to trade places with Daniel. Daniel advised him not to feel that way. Hope told Rafe that she couldnít marry him yet. Sonny told Gabi and JJ to make up. They hugged a little too long so Lani didnít like it. Abby and Chad decided to renew their vows. Chad and Abby kissed each other. Eric didnít understand how Daniel could want him to have a good life. Daniel wanted Eric to forgive himself for what happened. Daniel wanted Nicole to forgive him too. Lani was mad that JJ hugged Gabi the way he did. Sonny passed out and Deimos found him. Sonny and Deimos ended up fighting once he recognized him. JJ and Gabi danced together. Eli made Lani feel better about what JJ did. They ended up kissing. Nicole found it hard to forgive Eric because of everything that happened. Daniel told Nicole that Eric was a good man who made a mistake and that she needed to forgive him. Nicole was willing to try and forgive Eric for Daniel. Nicole thought she was kissing Daniel but she was kissing Eric, Nicole walked away from Eric. Deimos manhandled Sonny and took the amulet from him and left. Chad and Abby were kissing until he heard a noise. Chad saw Deimos run off. Chad wanted to work look for Deimos alone, but Abby went after him. Eric wasnít in the room anymore when Nicole came out. Hope wanted Deimos to pay for what he did and then she would marry him. JJ threatened to kill Deimos if he found him. Deimos had a knife plunged in to his heart.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny and Bobbie run into each other at the hospital. Bobbie assumes that Sonny is going to go through with the divorce now. Sonny tells Bobbie that she needs to talk with Carly. At Carly’s house, she returns and Joss tries to pretend that last night didn’t happen. She goes upstairs to change and Carly finds a beer bottle. Carly confronts her about it and Joss reluctantly admits she had a party and boys were there. Carly grounds her and takes away her phone. Joss blames Carly for all the stress in Carly’s life. She goes to her room. Bobbie comes home and tells Carly she always planned to tell Carly but she had to go to work. Bobbie asks what is going on with her and Sonny. Carly admits they are getting back together. Joss overhears this. Back at the hospital, Julian is talking with Ava about allowing her life to moved forward. Ava wants to be punished though. Sonny shows up and wants full custody of Avery. Ava isn’t going to fight. Then later on Dante shows up. Ava knows that he wants to talk about Morgan.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Lulu and Charlotte meet with Olivia who show her the wedding dress that has been in her family. She wants to wear a new dress though. Olivia tells Charlotte that she can call her Nonna. Charlotte enjoys her new family. Olivia wants her as her flower girl. Charlotte accepts. At Kelly’s, Spencer and Laura meet with Alexis to discuss getting Wyndemere back from Valentin. Alexis explains that Wyndemere belongs to Valentin until he dies and then it would go to Charlotte. Alexis could possibly argue that Spencer get it instead of Charlotte, but Valentin would have to die first. Spencer’s driver Chandler shows up and takes Spencer to Sonny’s restaurant. Spencer wants Sonny to off Valentin.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jill gets a clean bill of health from her doctor. She tells him that she has a few things to do in town before she resumes her bucket list trip with Colin. Jill tells Victoria that Billy still loves her and she better hurry up and get him back or she will lose him. Billy and Phyllis have a romantic time in the kitchen after they return home from work. Phyllis wonders if Billy wants to go on a romantic vacation with her, but he tells her he can't leave work right now. Jill accidentally lets it slip to Jack about the Brash and Sassy lawsuit, so he goes to visit Victoria and tells her to fight the lawsuit. Jack is surprised to learn that Cane is the one named in the lawsuit and not Billy. Chelsea tells Jordan that she doesn't think Juliet is running a con to get money out of Brash and Sassy. Chelsea asks Jordan to help her create a look book to help persuade Jack and Lauren to let her design an exclusive line for Fenmore's. Jordan thinks Chelsea should be the model for the look book, and she accepts the idea. Juliet shows Cane and Lily a pregnancy test that confirms she is pregnant.

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